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POWOER Absolutely Pure. Tliis powder never varíes. A marvel of purity strengt!) and wholesomeness. Moreeconomiéal than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bc sold in competí tlon with the miiltitude oi low test, short weighl, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans. RiiyalBakisg PowDisn Co., ÏOIS Wall St.. N. Y. The Geese is the name of a Brookiyn club of young ladies. It wlll no doubt have quite au eventful his-sstory - Boston Transcript. Thousands Say So. Mr. T. W. Atkins, Qirard, Kin., writes: "I never hesitale to reconimend your Electric Bitters to my customers, they give entire satsfaction and are rapid sellers.'1 Electric Bitters are the purest and best medicine known and will positively cure Kidney and Liver complaints. Purify the blood and recúlate the bowels. No family can aflbrd to le witliout thein. They will save htindreds of dollars in doctor' bilis every year. Sold at fll'ty cents a bottle by EL J. Brown & Co., There is seldom any danjrer in uitrusting- a secret to a distiller. He knows how to keep still. - Somerville Journal. F. J. Cheney & Co., proprietors Hall's Catarrh Cure, oil'er $100 reward for any case of Catarrh that cau't be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Be careful in your con versation with the steeple chase rider - he takes a felice easily. - Boston Commercial Bulletin. Mojstezuma, CayugaConnty. I JJ. Y., April, 18S2. f liheumatic Syrup Co, : Gents - I feel it niyduty toletyouknow how rnuch I have been benefitied by the use of Kheumatic Syrup wlthin the last three weeks. I have been a greatsufferer for the last six years - much of the time my limbs and hands were so swollen that I was unable tohelpmyself or move without help. I have used many external applications and llniments, which were warranted to cure, and sonie of which did afford temporary relief, but the pain soon returned, more accute and aggravating than before. I am f ully convinced that, to effect a permanent and lasting cure for rheumatism, the liver, and kidneys must be regulated. This, the Rheumatic Syrup has done for me, and now I am as well as ever, and am indebted to you for this invaluable remedy, which is sure to have the largest sale of any medicine in the market, as soon as its merits are known. I am truly yours, Mrs. Sarah Dennis. The Phoenix must have been recovering trom the measles when she rose from her rashes. - Somervllle Journal. "Buchnpaiba." Qutck, complete cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Diseases. $1. Druggist. Scène painiiug is nut a contagious dlsease usually, but its sketchin' all the same. - Cincinnati Merchantand Traveler. - Dr. Benson's Celery and Chamomile Pilis contain no opium, quinine, or other harmful drug and are highly recommended for heádache, neuralgia and nervousness. 50 cents, at druggists. Dld you ever hear birch bark ? Well, it wasn't up the wrong tree, anyway. - Boston Star. Hull's Vegetable Sicillian Hair Renewer never fails. in restoring gray halr to its youthful color, lustre, and vitality. Dr. A. A. Hayes, State Assayer of Massachusetts, endorses it, and all whogive it a fair trial unite in gi-ateful testimony to its many virlues. The reason we are proud of summer is because pride goeth belore a fall.- New York News. Catarrh of the Bladder. Stinging irritation, lnflamation, all Kidney and Urinary ComplallUs, curcd by "Buchu-paiba." $1. l'ed is the natural of a young baby, but afterward it becomes yell-er.- New York Journal. W Faded articles of all kinds restored to their original beauty by Diamond Dyes. Perfect and simple. 10 cents, at all druggists. Whatarethe dimensions of a little elbow room ? Want of Falth. If Eberbach & Son, the Dsuggists does not succeed it u not for the want of faith He lias such faith in Dr. Bosanko'sCou-b and Lung Syrup as a remedy for Coughs Colds, Consumption, and Luncufiëctions that he will give a bottle fieeto each and every one who is m need of a medicine of this kind. A Cincinnati woman testified that her husband got so full of Hquor that he had toffasp for breath. A demoralizing case of tight piints.- l'hiladelphia Herald. 'Mollier Sivan's Worm Syrup." Infallible, tasteless, harmless, cathartle for feverishness, restlessness, worins, constipation. 25c. "Twlnkle, twlnkle. little star How we wonder wliat you are' " Wand'ring traekless t pace abóut Does y, ur inother know your route? Decline of Man. Nervous Weakness, Dyspepsia, Iinpotence, Sexual Debility, cured by ' Wells' Health Renewer." $1.