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Widc i wake Pruggisti. Messrs. II. J. Brown & Co. are lways alive totheir business, and spare no pain to secure the best of every artlde In tbelr line. Tlicy have Bocured the ijfncy for tlic celebrated Dr. Kinr's New Dtocoyery tor Coiwumption. Th only certaln cure known for (,'onsumpton, Coughs, Colils, HoaneneH, Asthnia, Hay Kever, HroncliitK or any aHeclion of the Throat and Luiifr.-. Sold on a posilive goarantee. Trial Bottlei free. Regular si.e, $1.00. "These," said Splcer, when lie was slmwn tbe Venetlan dungeon, "these must be the relies of the darU caget."- Boston Commercial. 50 Fits in 24 Hour! '¦I employed some of the beft pliyslelans here," wroto Win. K, Tanner, of Dayton, Ohio "They all said my child could not live for 3 weeks. It had 50 fits in 24 hours. We gave it Sumaritan Nervine and the medicine effeeted a permanent enre." Druggists. When a man, while tryingto remember somethlng, aoratebei his liead, heisnot lmntingfor Insplratlon. Hw Ig flljrglng for the missing tl luk.- Phlladelphla ilerald. Tliousands are being cuied of' Catarrh every year wlth Halls' Catarrh Cure, that the doctors had .riven lip and said Oould not be cured. 75 cents a bottle. Sold by Eberbach & Son. Mary hadalittle lamfo lts fleas were snowy wlille, And every time that lamh woulcl move The fleas were sure to blte. -New York J' urnal. - " 1 had Salí liheum for 19 iears. Four paekages of Dr. Betuoirs 8ein Cure entirely curedme." F. P. Lavelle, Merced, Cal. $1. at druggists. What did the paper w'elght for?- Ex. And why did the ink stand t - Boston Star. And the pen rack? Flies and Hugi. Flies, loaches, mits, bed-bilgs, mts.inioe, gophers, chipmuuks, cleared out by " Kough on liats." 15c. Expert bicycle riders now cali theinselves seainen, because they serve a trick at the wheel.- Philadelphia Ilerald. Cause and Eflect. At times symptoms of indigestión are present, uneasiness of thestoinach, &c, a moisture like perspiration produeing itching at night, or when one is warm, cause the Piles. The effect is inimediate relief upon the appücation of Dr. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which costs you but 50 cents and is sold by Eberbach & Son. When is a man like a brick f When he Is hard pressed.- Baltimore Every Saturdaj'. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is the most effective blood-purifier ever devised. It is recommended by the best physiciaus. Swayne's Pilis- Comforting to the Stek, Tliousands die f rom neglect to properly treat Impura blood, constipation, dyspepsia, malaria, apoplexy, liver, kidney, heart diseases, dropsy, and rheuniatiym. But to the debilitated burdened with such serious sickness, we confcientiously recommend "Swayne's Pilis,'' which contain medicinal properties possessed by no other remedy. Sent by mail for 25 cents, box of 30 pills; 5 boxes. $1, (in stampa). Address Dr. Swayne&Son, Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by Diufrists. Daughters, Wives, and Mothers. We emphatically ïuaranteeDr. Marehisi's Catholicon a Female Remedy', to cure Female Diseases,such as Ovarían troubles, Inflammation and ulceration, Falling and Displacemeuts or bearing down feeling, Irregularities, Barrenness, Changeof Life, Leuconhoea, besides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, Bloating, Spinal weakness, Sleeplessness, Nervous debility, Palpitation of the heart, etc. No cure, No Pay. For sale bv druggists. Prices $1.00 and 11,50 per 'Bottle. Sendto Dr. J. B. Marchisi, Utica. N. Y., for pamphlet, free. For sale by Eberbüfth & Son, Druggists. Positlve cure for Piles. To the people of this County we would say we have been ;iven the Agency of Dr. Marchisi'sItalianPileOintment - emphatically guaranteed to Cure or money refunded- Internal, External, Blind, Bleeding or Itching Piles. Price 50c. a box. No cure, No pay. For sale by Eberbach & Sou, Druguists. PATENTS Obtained, and all other bnwinees In theU. S. Patent Office atteuded to for MODRKA'I E FEKS. Our ofllce is oppoeite the U. S. Patent Üfflco, and we can obtain Patente in less time thau ihose remote from WASHINGTON. Send MODEL or DKAWINQ. We adviseasvj pa'entability free of ctvirge; and we makH NO CHARGE UNLESS WE OBTAIN PATENT. We refer here, to the Poatmaster, the Supt. o MoneyOrd Div., and to officiuls of the U. S. Patent Office. For circular, advice, lerms, and relerences to actual cliënt; io your own State o r county, address O. A. SXOW & CO. 1119 tl OppositePatentOfflce,Wft8üington, D.C. THE NOYES POIiTABLE BOOK CASE. Holdi Duton1y30to50 volumei. but the [nubrldtfd IMctionrjr, the latter eltbtr 0eued oroloied. It i made of darkchcrry gp-pllav or black walnul, elogutly 0ÊSk „ finish ed, and being oacaiEKK 4f TESE tera ' P'iallv a ILe. B&jJBl f Tf volvlns Honk Cune. 1Mra LTttlS JBi BB Lawytrs, miniïters, docVvrW vnflHaW tora Ql1 holri bare IWaavQrKsSr found that it fltli "the long Vff:n WWP Wlth U'KCT bookx. fiad it .llWWBSMCSWr n ampie Buük Ca. ïr f JUjJKayMMD i"1'1 ltchnjout fur hold- lfcSSpjÉwB ¦ illR Urs'" ¦tl't""iai"1 iiiií P?UBwHWé. i SU heavy book by tht buur, VL j ¦%-gBWSBBS H aiil1 nialt;a rêailing anJ jflfwiíwVaJ tuJy so eaaj that u fZKtSêJgLtiSÊ D0 excut fT ignoranct. Wh4P'' -WÉS B Tlie "M&chlue" holdi tlic SldibVisflH 9 tloijk l the covrrt; the _ T -iTT leavei are held open with Lirr.V?lder wbich' T touch, can be removed or replaced. 1 he book tilt to any angle and l pi voied to turo to aDy poeition. A Clamp attaohes it to a table or dek. Au Kxtemïon Arm oonnect. it with the book case or your easy ohair, for wh ¦as; fcSdíi-rsss&íssss 1151 -5 1