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Wantod - By a practical printer, foremanship of a good country office. Can give best of references. Address, Thos. F. Nelson, Nortliport,Leelanav Co.,Mich. T) EPORT OF THE COXDIT ION -OF THE- F.1I1' & EIWÏÏ WL AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, At the o'ose or Business Juli 2, 1883. Made iu accordance wlth the General Banklug Law of Michigan. RESOURCES. Loans and Dlscounts $ 72,681 50 Overdrufts _ 70 47 Dae from Banks and Bankers 28,680 68 RevenueStamps 19 00 Fiuniture and Fiztures 3,273 16 Expenses 1,050 22 Bonds, U.S 4 per cents 1,400 00 Premiums Paid 267 25 Cash on haud 9,860 86 $117,203 20 LIABlLITlES. Capital Stock $ 50.000 00 Due üeposltors 5.154 82 Discount, Interest and Exchange 2,048 38 Ï117.203 20 Idosolemnly swear that the above statement Is true, to the best of iny knowledge and belief. William A.Tolchaed, Cashier. Subscrlbed and sworn to before me, thls Third day of July, 1883. Wil. W. WiiEDON.Notary Public. PROBLEM. TAKE ALL THE Kidney & Liver Medicines, Purifiers, RHEUMATIC Remedies, Dyspepsia nd Indigestión Cures, Agüe, Fever, And Billious Specifics, Brain & Nerve Forcé Revivers, Great Health Restorers. 1 ii Short, take all tlie Best quallties of all these, and the best qualitles of all the best Medicines of the World and you wlU flnd that Hop Bitters have the best curatlve quallties and powers of all conceDtra'ed In them, and that they wil! cure when any or all of these, singly or combined, fall. A thorough trial wlll glve poslt've proof of tuis.