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CWWNES Puls ' Known to Men of Fme and Science for Removino ALL IMPURITIES OFTHE BLOOD. Acknowledgil i Oraal, Pleisaat, aai Efficiënt Cue for PnUCTIDATiniÜ Bresa at stool, bad bre&th, bUWOl IrAl IUH, duU face, heuinen. nVQPPPQIA known by irregular appeuiorLroiH, tUC( sour belcningr weTght and tenderness at pit of stomach, despondency. I IVFR BilionancBi, Malaria, Chilla and ï-l VCri jeve].t causing floreneaö in back and ida, also bottom of ribs; weariness, irritabüity, tongue coated, skin yellow, hot and cold sensations.eyes dull.dry cough.stifled and obstructed feeling, irregular pulse, bad colored stools. APflPI FYY KpllepHy,Iaralyii,dira nrurLLviKlVht sound in ears, giddiness, confusión in head, nervousness, flashes of light befare eyea, loss of memory. Diseasea of Bladder and 1 1 n Ñ F VQ urine dark or light, red deposit; ixiuiiu. i O) burning, stinging.bearingdown Bensationa, frequent deaire to urinate, uneaainess. inflamed evos, dark oirclea, thirat. Dlaeaise of HF" ART Mvere pains, tluttering or weight near "Lnn I f heart, more bo on moving qaickly and wheo lying on left aide ; out of bre&th on eiertion. UpAnÁPHP llu11 or BQ&rP rins in temples, ilLWUnvliL; eyea or bead; faintness, nauaea. Dropir is causad by watery fluid. Rheatnatisin, Ac, by unc aold in blood. Botrel !!- orders by oorrupt matter. Worm by the peats within. Cold by ohoking of the aecretiona. IWATHE'S PIULS, by geatle actioo, remores the cause, makinR a permanent euro. Sent by mail foc 25 centa box of 3U Pilla; 5 boxea, $1.00. (In poatajretamps.) Addreaa, DB, SWATNE A SON, Philadelptiia, Pa, Sold by Druggists, 1129-1180 Rev. Father Wilds' EXPERIENCE. The Rev. Z. P. AVilds, woll-known city missionary in New York, and brother of the late eminent Judgc WJlds, of the M8Rachusetts Supremo Court, writes as folio ws : 11 78 E. 54ÍA St.. Xew Ym-k, Mag 16, 1882. Messrs. J. O, Aveu & Co., Gentlemen : Last winter 1 was troubled with a most uncomfortable itching humor atfecting more especially my limbs, wbicli itched so intolerably at night, and burneil so intensely, that 1 could scarcely bear any clotliing over them. 1 was also a suíferer from a severe c:itarrh anti catarrbal oough ; my appetite was poor, aud my system a gooti deal run down. Kuowing the valuo of Ayek'h Sarsapakilla, by observation of many other cases, and from personal use informer y ears, 1 began taking it for the above-named disonlers. My appetite improved almost from the íirst dose. After a short time the feverand itching were allayed, and all signs of irritationof theskiudisappeared. My catarrh and cough were also cured by the same means, and my general bealth greatly improved, until it is now excellent. I feel a liundretl per cent stronger, and I attribute these results U the use of the Sarsapakilxa, wbich 1 recummend with all eontkleuce as the best blood medicine ever devisad. I took it in snuill doses three times a lay, and natnl, in all, les.s than two bottles. I place these facts at your service, hoping tbeir publication may do good. Yours r'cspectfully, Z. P. Wilds." Tlie above instance is but one of the many constantly coming to our notice, whicb prove the perfect atlaptability of Ayer'3 Sarsaparilla to the cure of all diseases arising from impuro or impoverished blood, and a weakened vitality. Ayer's Sarsaparilla cleanses, enricbes, and strengtbens the blood, stimulates the action of the stoinaoh aml bowels, and tnereby enables the systom to resist and overeóme the attacksof all Scrofidotts Diseases, Eniptions of the Skin, IHit-umatism, Catait-fi, General Debility, and all disorders resulting from poor or corrupted blood and a luw state of the system. TIÏEPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Loweil, Mass. Sold by all Druggists; prïce 61, six bottles for J. 9 CATHART1C - Best Purgative Medicine - cure Constipation, Indigestión, Heatlaclie, and all Bilioua lisorders. Sold everywhere. Always rellable.