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While the canary is perhaps the most popular domestic favorite, very few are properly cared for. A Harz mountain canary, which is the very best songster. will retain his voice for tea or fifteen years wilh the right kind of care. In the first place, the cage should bo of steel or brass wire and kept i erfeetly clean. Painted cages aro bad, for the reason that the paint is apt to peel off, and may be eaten by the bird. Papering the bottom of the cage is equklly pernicious, and the perches and swing should be cleaued olt' every other day, as a protection aainst sore feet. Hang the eage in a touipered sunlight, protecteel froni drafts, and sprinkle the iloor with sand. Any kind will ansvver, and is considered more bencliciiil than cuttJebone. Many succeed vvell by haring the sand mixed in with the sced. Let the food eonsist ohiefly of rape and canary. two-thirds of the latter with oae-third of rape. Sugar is a bad thing, and if used at all should be in very small quanüties. Feed with a bit of hard boiledegg once a week; not oftener, as it is too í'atcning and will injure the s mg. Birds, like featherïess blpeds, requirc n occasional laxative, for whieh a small piece of ripe apple, one berry, an inch of lettuee, parsley or celery leaf may be given twicu a week. When used more frequently, or when the fruit is unripe or decayed, the result is a light forïn of cholera and general derangement. In such a case tlie bird ' will sing loss thaii usual, and should be ! fed on sced alone, and should bo kept in a warm ulace. It mav bo mentionod a-m. w W li ¦ J i i fj AltVVI ''t ' i J- l L l i ¦ ' J_ J .i right here mat ice-cold water can nover bu given witb irupunity. jNever try to diet the eanary in the moulting season,' whioh usually oceurs froiii June to September, and lasts about two months, during which time the siuging is verv imiifl'erent. The uther ten months will find tbe binl in good voioe unless allowed to catcli cold, or, as before mentioned. his foud disagrees vvith him. Canarios cost trom 82 to -SJ-. The best singers come t'roni Gertnany, tliouo;li line warblers are found L cvery variety. Tlie femalos are seldom possessed of gojd voioe. There is no way of tolling a lino singer from apuoaranoes; the only way is to buy on probation, and "givethe binl a chance." ¦ li Boor Salmón Boiulin. -Ingredients: One pound of salmón, two ounees of butter, two ounces of oread-cnimbs, seasoning, half a piiit of stock broth. a littlc ancho vy sauce, i glass of sherry, two eggs. Put the salmón in boiliug water with a littlo salt, and let it boil thirty-iive minutes; when cooked lot it g-et eold, then take the meat trom the skin and bones and pound it in a mortar with the butter; when quite smooth add the breadcrumbs,soine seasoniug.a littlc anchovy sauce, and the eggs; puund well together. Well butter a plain mould, put in the mixture, twit paper over the mould, stand itin astew-pan with water half way iip the mould, let boil forty minutes. Into a stew-pan put the stockbroth, a little anchovy sauce, and soine seasoning; let boil and then simnwi1 ten minutes; add the sherry, theu strain the sauce. When cooked turn the boiuliu on a hot disb, pour tho boiling sauce over it, and serve directfy. Pigeons Witli Green Peas. - Ingrediente. - Föur pigeous, tijree ouhces of butter, one pint of young green peas, a little salt, pepper, two tablespooufuls of any kind of stook. Roast four pigeons for ten minutes, then take them off the spit and split theni; lay tliem in a sauce-pan with the butter; as soon as the butter is melted pour in the peas, seasoning and stock. Shake the pan while cooking, and stew for twenty minutes. Serve pigeons in the muidle, surrounded with the peas and sauce. Chieken Cállete. - Ingredients. Three chickens. half a pound of loan ham, one quart of raushrooms, one quart of stock brolh, two ounces of gelatine, one onion, one carrot, thyme, o blade of Mace, half a pound of breadcrumbs, four eggs, seasoning, handful of paisley. Cut the chickens into jom s, piace m a stew-pan with the broth,.onion and carrot cut into thin slices. some seasoning.thyme and mace; letitboiland simmer tíiirfv niinules; thon remove thc meat froní the joints of the chicken, place the bones back in i the gravy, with the mushrooms and gelatine, let boíl together twenty minutes; strain off the gravy, add sufïïcient water to raake in all three pints, whisk in the vrhites of three eggs, let it boil gently two minutes, then strain through a flannel bag, pouring it back two or three times until quite olear. lYmnd the chieken, ham and mushrooms toarether in a mortar, add seasoning, chopped parsley, bread-crumbs, and the yolks of four cggs; mix well together and fashion into small sizcd ontleis, place them in a pan witn a little of tho broth and some seasoning; cover with buttered paper, then lèt them simmer on a g'íntle lire for twenty minutes; when cooked t.-ike uut with a slice, and let drain on a hairsieve until uoiu: caKo me ciarinea gravy and put a little ovor the bottoru of a pan, allow it to set, tlien place in the cullets; pour sufficient more ovor them to cover, allow them to set, then 'with a sh&rp knife dippëd in hot water cut out the cutlets, place them in a bed of salad ia the form of a cirele overlapping oae another; chop up finoly the feniaining olarilied gravy, place ft in the center of the cutlets. garnish wit'n beet root,olives and cucuinber. Cream Sponge Cake. - Ingredients. - One pound of sugar, twolve eggs, ten ounces of flour. Beat the eggs separa tely, thon aad the sugar and flour, pour into shallow pans half an inch deep, and bake in a quick oven. For the iilling; Incredients - Fouroun ces of sugar, fourejigs, tw-o ounces of llour, onejuart of milk boiling iict, vauilla extract. Mix well together, and stir until it tliickens, then spread upoa the cake, having two layers of cake or three and one of cream. Quickly M:ile Pndding.- Ingrediente - One üint of milk, qaarter of"a pound of butter, half a pound f silgar, quarter of a pound of flour. live eggs, rind and juice of half a lemon. Heat the milk, stir into it the qaarter of a pound of butter, -half a pound of sugar; when eool add gradually the ilonr, live eggs well bealen (omiting the whites of two) flavor with the grated rind and juice of half a lemun, beat well. Butter somo small ciips, pour in the mixture to rather more than half full, then bake about half an hour. Serve with stewed fruit, boiled custard or sauce. Lemon Syrup. - Ingredients. - Lemons, sugar. Squeoze the lemons, strain the juico carefully lest any pulp should remain; to one pint of juico add two puunds of SUgar, sot it away until eompletely dissolved, stireing it occasionally, then bottle it. One or two teaspoonfuls of this syrup stirred ittto a glass of water will make deliclous lemonade. Cheese Fondu. - Soak one cup of dry bread-crumbs in one and a huif oups of milk, rich and, or it will curdle. Beat three t'írír-í very Yight, add to tbe crumbs one tablespoonful of molled but ter, seasoning to taste; beat all togettoer; lastly, add om; pound of (inelygrated old cheese. Butler a bakiBjf dish, pour in the fondu. slrew dry brt;:itlcrumbs over the top, and bake in it 'rather quick oven until lirown. Serve immediately in the baking-dish, as it soon falla Four Bay (Jiiy yuuu uT n have pone Í to San Pedro, Honduras, to engage in miuing.


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