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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY, WILL SEE BY EXAMININC THIS MAP, THAT THE Chicago, Rock Island & Pacïfic R% Being the Creat Central Line, affords to travelers, by reas of lts unrlvaled geolouth a tP h h' w 8ho"e8t and best rout betwaen the East, Northeast and Southeast, and the West, Northwest and Southwest. It is literally and strictly true, that lts connectlons are all of the DrlnelDal linos of road betweer. the Atlantic and the Pacific. principal Unes By its maln line and branches It reaches Chicago, Joliet, Peoría Ottawa La Salle, Ceneseo, Molino and Rock Islancl, In Illinois ; DaveñpoT MUsca?ine' Washington, Keokuk, Knoxvllle, Oskaloosa, Fairfield, Des Mofnes West Liberty' VïnwCity'rt!?n,?ClTVOOai Audubpn, Harten, Cuthrie Center and 'concllS; "GREAT ROCK SLASD ROUTE MOST MAQNIFICENT HORTON RECL.N.NC OHa"Ï Lf.!s Sêr " PULLMAN-I latest designed and handsomest PALACE SLEEPINC CARs' and DININC CArI R0aÍrrNaTkHE0WCOUgNTPvyPrT,and PeP'e tO b" the F'""T RüS SpOMS? towatf SEVEyIf'vE ÏtSVao" r'Of mea'8 " "' 3t ALBERT LEA ROUTE, A New and Direct Lino, vía Séneca and Kankakeo, has recently been om„h between Newport News, Rlchmond, Cincinnati, IndlanapoMs and I Ln ÍS and Council Bluffs, St. Paul, Mlnneapolls and Intermedíate polnts Fae"e, All Through Passengers carrled on Fast Express Trains For moro detalled Information, see Mapsand Folders, which maybe'obtaind well as T,ckets, at all principal Ticket Offices In the Unltèd StateTand Canada o'r of R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN V.ce-Pres't & C.n'l Manager, Gen'""? Pass'r Ag't mmmmm_, CHKCACO.