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The Cat Hole

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Kor the Courier. Formerly the pond in the Oth ward near the Old Cemetery commonly known as the Cat-IIoIe.was comparatively liarniless. It was then covered with water and had little vegetable matter in it. But of late years the water hasgreatly dimlnished, so that it now annually bears a large erop of swamp weeds, and cat tails. These during the warm season are in a constant state of decomposition and decay while a new erop is growing. The little water is covered with a green scum, From the whole poisonous exlialations continually arise. The effect is jast what might be expected. There are dwellings on every side of the cat-hole except the north. It would be difticult to find one in its vicinity which has not suft'ered more or less from rnalarial diseases. Two years ago, the city impelled by a petition to the Board of Health prayingfor the abatement of this nuisauce, ated fifty dollars for that purpose. But the season was permitted to pass and not a dollar of the suin appropriated was speur. Last year impelled by a similar petition flfty dollars was again appropriated for the same purpose. Late last November the day before the final freezing of the ground for the winter twolaborers, superintended by an Alderman, might be seen digging a hole at the marLln of the water on the north side of the cat-hole. "VVhen suflïciently dug out they placed in it two hogsheads. This is a true history of all the expenditure of the one hundred dollars which our city govcrnment have appropriated during the last two years for the abaternent of this nuisance. There is no difflculty in draining the cathole. It is fed by no spring. A few feet beneath its bottom is a bed of sand as has been shown by actual experiment. If the clay and scum above it were removed and kept away, and the water in its vicinity preyentcd f rom running into it, the cathole would be drained, and this unsightly nuisance and cause of disease removed. The inhabitants of the sixth ward are anxious to know whether this season is to pass like the two preceding,- a great deal of talk, and perhaps an appropriation, and nothing done to abate this standing nuisance and disgrace to the city. The majority of our Board of Health are practicing physicians. They are all honorable men and it is sincerely hoped that they will discharge their duty in the premises though it diminish the number of their patients and the profits of their practice in the viciniry of the cat-hole.


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