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The follwing resolutions were adopted by the Circuit Court and Bar of Wexford county on July 18, 1883, and are inserted as a matter of interest to the many f riends of the bereaved husband, a native of this city, and of the deceased, who spent last suinmer here undcr treatmentfor the disease that subsequently proved fatal. In the Circuit Court for the county of Wexford: Whereas it has pleased the Divine Ruler to remove froin aineng us, Ella Mclntyre, the iaithlul and beloved wife of Donald E. Mclntyre, Esq., Prosecuting Attoruey of this court. In token of the respect and esteem in which we hold sacred the memory of the deceased, and of our sympathy for her relatives and friends. Therefore be it resolved by this court, and the offlcers and attorneys thereof : 1. That while by her death, she has attaíned ;hat perfeot peace which passeth understauding, yet we lament the early death of one so gifted in every true excellency oí heart and character. 2. That, while we cannot fully express our sorrow at the untimely demlse of so true and devoted a wife, cut down after long suffering in the flower of her woraanhood, yet we tender to the relatives of the deceased, and especially to our bereaved Brother our sincerest syrapathies in this hour of deepest sorrow. 3. That as a frall memento of her personal worth.andof herman'y and noble traits ol ïeart and soul, we request that these resolutions be spread upon the Journal of this court, and copies of the same furnished to her sorrowing husband and family. 4. That we attend the funeral services of the deceased, and calliug to mind her earnest sympathy and active help to the sorrowing and unieled while she was in health, and the patience and reslgnation of her long sickness and fiual death, commend her spirit to that world beyond the veil, where sorrow is no more.


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