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It is stated that Supervising Architect Hill has determined to resign if he is aequittfd on the present charges, as he expects to be. He saye hc ie tired of beiug the target of every fooi In the country, aud prefors to take the chances outside. The name of Samuel Hannaford, of Cincinnati, present architect of the Cinctnnati Post Office, is mentioncd as a possible 8ueeessor. The place is a yery comfortable ouc, paying $4,500 a yenr. A circular has been issued from the postoftice department direccing po6tmasters througnout the country to prepare for the reduetiou in letter postage, which goes into effect October lst. It is officially stated that no cases of yellow fcver have appeared in this countrv be youd quarantine limits. Henry W .Lord, Jr. son of ex-congreesman Lord, committed suicide a few days aso by drowning himself in the Potomac riTer aboutsO miles below Washington. HU body was found bv some oyster men, who reportad the case to the authorities in Washington. The young man has forseveral years held a position in the patent office, but the first of this monih was laid off tor his dissolute habite. He became very despondent, and spoke to several friends about the manner in which h. had spent the best years of a promising nmnhood? He made threats of t,aking his life, but his friends did not helieve he had become ro recklese. He frankly aeknowledged that whisky was at the bottom of .all his misfortune. According to the report of the eugineer of the river and harbor in,provement eommisslon, $21,213 were spent the past ycar and It is estimated that. $57,000 could be profitably expended duriug tho fiscal year 1886 In eontinutng the work. The department of state has received an announcement of the death of thellon. James M. Priest, justice oí the Supreme court of Liberia. Judge Prieit was born in Paris. Ky., and went to Liberia in Ib35, in which repüblic he has held important and respomible positions, be ing at different times vice-presidènt, senator, jadjre of the Quarterly and Comuion PleiB court, aud, as stated, assoclate justice ol the Snpreme court at the time of his death. A circular has been issued by ihe National bureau of education relative to the co-cducation of the sexes. F rom this report it is shown that in n arly aü the cities and towns of the Uniied States eo-education of the sexes in the rule, separation the oxception. The sjstem is heartily endorsed as emiuently practicable, and of more liisting beueiit toboth sexes than where the eexes are educated sf para tely, The department of stato has received Information th:it the report telegraphed to the funigu prcsR that Spain had pmhibited theiinportation of American pork is unfounded. Issue of standard silver dollars from mints for the week ending July 21, $324.000; the coireiponding perlod last year $186,499. The immigration into the United 3tates in this fiseal year just ended was over twenty-five per cent. less than that of the precedinir year anJ ten per cent. below that of the year still beyond that, The total number :i uniiiijsrauts arrivinif in the year ius. closed waa 599,114 against 770,42 last year ana 669,131 the year before. Over two millions have thus arnved in this country and taken up their aboue here within the last three years, since the census of 1880 was taken. The total for the past ten years has beeu less than four millions. and in no three years wbich preceded these has theiiumigration run very mach beyond one million. The largest uumber of immigrants arrivingin any one vepr Dreceding the three in which the present boom has been running was 459,803. These came in 1873. M. A. Dauphin, of the Lousiana lottery company throua;h his attorueys has brought sultajg i'iuss Postrniít?r-g.:neral-Greshim for $100,000, because of the decisión reently reudercd by that gentleman din cting lostmasters not to pay any money ordor to the omplalnant iud to otherwise refusc him the irivilcge of the mails. The socrotary of tho troasurv has deldcd that the eommlssioner of interna! revnue may return to the owners thereof dies, lates and rollsuselfor printing private die tamps. Sueh dies, rolls and platee will be urrendered to owners up u application made ,o the eommissioner and upon the payment by lem of all expenses of alteratious or obliteraions required by law to ba made. GUCNKRAL ITKM8. Gov. Hamilton, of Illinois, refuses to ardon Chas. W. Angelí, who embezz'.ed many housands of dollars from Ihe Pullman palace ar company at Chicago in 1879, gave himself up iu Portugal, aud returntd $SO,000 of his illgotten gaius. He has sis years longer to serve. Rev. J. C. Nobles of Atlantic Highand,N. J.,who sent his obituary to the N. Ï.Tri june the othí-rnight, has been found. aud placd under restraiut. He said to a reporter that ie rode on a ferry boat all night with a stone wtighiug seveu pounds secretud on his peron, and seveu times attempted to jump into he water, but caih time thevoiceof the Savior restrained htm. Ton much budge is what was the matter with Nobles. President Arthur ha changed his mind and will take his trip to Ye'llowstone 'ark. The party start August 3d. It is de lied on the beet authority that the trip is taken at the expense of the gavernment. It is tlso epeciticaliy denied that telegraph ines will be ereeted which willeost a thousand lollars, and that 180 horses are being provided 'or the party to be paid for with public funs l'he fact of the President being a member of he party will not add a single dollar to the exlenses o'f the trip. There was a heavy frost at Davenport, Iowa, on the morning of July, 18. Vfllue of breadstufls exported from the United State6 in the 12 mouths ending June 30, 1883, $03,971,491 ; in the 12 months ending June 30, 1882, $177,001,396. Adviccs receiyed from Jefferson, Texas reports that a state of terrorism yet exista in tbat neighborhood. The lawless class who planued aud participated in the assassination of Juiige Haughn, July 3, are jet in open deflance of t'je ï'ederal autho-ity. And the euggestton is made that troops should be ordered to protect the court offleers who are threathened with death. The Attorney-General has been again appealed to for aid, and the charge is made tbat the mails are being tampered with at Jefferson. A graphic deseription is given of the murder of Judge Hanghn. His horse was first shot, the rider being dragged out of tbc ssddle and placed on hls Enee6 in the road until a match could be ligl ted to see if the right man had been secured. In the midst of earnest entreaties for merey for the sake of his wife and child tha ruffiane fired at the Judge with shot-guns unMl he wis silenced. A Sre occurred at ths wharyes in New York a few days ago, and destroved property to the amount of over $1,000,000. Aspark from an engine feil Into a pile of jute which had just been landed from a snip, and soon the whole doek was on flre. Twelve firemen were fearfully surned, some it is theught, fatally, Andrew Mercer died at Toronto leavlng $250 000 in property and no will. The privj councfl of England decides that the Ontarie govern ment represent the erown in Cida and th propei ty escheats to it. The dispute as to which of the two parties owus tnetownof Eureka Sprinei, Ark., has beendeciërd by the land office at Wa.hingtnn In fayorof those who eettled there and made that place what it is as against those whe preempted a Uree portion of its territory for ipcculative purpoies. Charles Fisherman, a patierít at the second hospital for the Insane, at Rochester Mlnn., committed suicide. by jpmping into tht furnaee in the boiler room. The fireman dit not ri'cognizc him as a patiint, and before he could stop him tne deed was committed. After n-.-Hnir iuside the furnaee he stood with his iek to the red hot brick wall until insensible wtiu ho feil forwardinto the glowing coals. A dispatch to the Galveston News from Laredo, says : "Dr. Campbell, the American Consul at Monterey, Mexico, arrived in Laredo, on the Rio Grande, on the 15th inst., leaving the Consulate in charge of the Rev. Mr. shaw. A few days ago dispatehes were received addressed officially to Dr. Campbell, informing him that the American Consul's office wae entered by a ínob of Mexicana, and that Mr. Shaw was attacked and beaten ucarly to death. The furniture and papers belonging to the Consul were destroyed. An employé of the Mexican National Baiïway, says that Mr. Shaw, alter being beaten seneeless, revived sufficiently to crawl to one of the public hotels and give an account of the outragc. Uut in a few momente he again became insensible, and at last reports was still unconscious. The information has created inuch excitement at Laredo. Citiiens deplore a pocsible rupture between the two governments, butcongider the insult so bold that the United States must reeent it." Monterey is a city of about 25,000 inhaitants, and is the capital of the State of Nuevo León. It is on a small river, Santa Cataliua, at the head of a large vallev. The city ia about 250 miles from the Río Grande and about 700 miles from the City of Mexico. Chief Justice Waite while rklinir with friends in the Yellowstone Park, a few days ago, was thrown from hls horse, and seriouriy itijured. Several ribs were broken. A south bound passenger train on the Louisville and Nashville railway collided while coming into Birmingham, Ala., with a fast freight train. Both engines were wrecked. The tender of the passenger engine telescoped the baggage car and one freight car was demolished. Fireman Gabriel Logan of the passenger engine was küled and engineer D. Rosser was severely injured. The cause of the accident was a mistake by the operator at Warrior ntation, north of the city. In a drunken brawl atBraddock, Pa., Miehael McAfee, an old man, was kicked to death by John McGraul and Mike Wray. The oppqsing parties in the telegraph Imbroglio are 6traiuing every nerve to maintain their several positions. In many respects the service of the Western Union company shows improvement; but, on the othcr hand, the complaints of business men on account of delays are growing louder, and the strikers are getting numerous recruits. Swainman, who was arrested at Nashville, Tenn., forstealiug the ledger that is so important in the trial of ex-treasures Polk, has confessed that he took it at the instlgation of ex-Treasurer Polk; also that he received $175 ior the deed. At Portsmoulh, N. H., the burning of a hotel and a livery stable involved a loss of $118,000. Twenty-sU horses perished in the flames. The Citizens' League of Chicago, has begun suit against a flrm of prominent saloon keupers to determine the validity of the lieense issued by the city at $103 per jear to July 1, when the state law fixing the lieense at $500 went into effect. This flrui has a large number of places distributed about the city, and the question will be te6ted whether one firm may legally keep more than one dram shop. A terrible accident took place at the blast furnace at Geddes near Syracuse, N. Y., a few davs ago. Eight men entered the furnace to construct a new lining when the old hume feil upon them, killing all instantly. A hundred tons of brick and mortar feil upon them. The victims were marrled and had families. George Kane.Harry Suffer and Worthington McCulloch, young unmarried men from Frostburg, Md., while rowing on the Potomae were all drowned by the capsizlng of the boat. 0 Those who make cordials, bitters, tonics, etc, to be sold as alcoholic beverages, will be classed by revenue officials as rectifii-rs, and sellers of the same will be considered quor dealen. Statements as to the status of the teJegTsphers' strike and of the companies' service in ttie great and small cities of the country are soinenhat conflictiug. At nearly every point the Western Union reports an improvement of its facilities for transmitting news, and the general iuipression gained is that the company ba strengtheued its position since the strike. On the other hand the striking operators claim their ranks are unbroken and in many cases they say rtcruits are coming to them. A rumor was current that the cable operators had left their posts, but this was denied irorr. New York, and the subsequent reeeipt of foreign news fully dlsproved the story. Judge Blodgett of the United States court at Chicago holds "that stockholders in a natioual bank are Hable for the debts of tht bank to the amount of tbcir stock, and that individual suits to recover on this liability can be commenced without the intervention of a receiver." Willie Myers, son of A. W. Myers, of Denver, Col., was drowned in Island lake a few days ago. He was an aceomplished Kwirnmer, and had gone out to the middle of the lake for his sport. Turning a boat over, he eommenced divlng. A number of younger companions at the shore saw him throw up both hamls aud sink after haviug recovered f rom a plunge, and swam out in a body to his assistauce. He was dragged to the shore senseless. All efforts to restore respiration were vain, althuugh the thoughtful little fellows rolled the body and resorted to other well known lnstruetiöns. Meniphis, Tenn., had a $200,000 fire the otter dav. Last spring some leading dealers in butter in New York and Boston sent asrents throueh the west and bought up all the butter obtainable at An average price of 21 cents, and placed it in cold storage in Chicago to the amount of 10,000,000 pounds, it is said, in the belief tbat the product would go up in July. But owing to plenty of rain and continued good graing, cows have continued giving plenty of lich milk aud thus far in July therehas been a large production of butter, equal in quality to June butter, with the result that it is for sale at 19 to 20 cents. The cold stored butter has in the uu-an time been depreciating in value, and it is said will have to be sold at 10 to 12 cents. The estimated aggregate loss on the deal is betweeu $500,0!)Ö and $1,000,000. James Owens and Richard Longstaff went to sleep on a railway trestle near Minersvi'.le, O., and were cut to pieces by a train. The New York dress andcloak-tnakers who went on a strike have returnedto work at an advance of 25 per cent. St. Louis, Mo., is greatiy agitatnd over the scarcity of water in that city, The mayor has issued orders stopping all street sprinkling, washing of s'.dewalks and the use ef the hand-ho6e. Capt. Webb, the noted Englishjswim mer who arrived in this country a few months ago, attempted the fooi hardy feat of swim miug the whiilpoool in Niágara river, and me his ueatn in the rapids. He leaves a wlfe ani two children in England. Capital vs. Labor. All telegraph operators at commercial een ters throughout the country, belonging to tb telegrapher8' brotherhood received instruction to strike nt noon on the 19th inst. The orde effected all companies belonging to the tele graphers' brotherhood, as follows : In Cata da - The Great Northwestern and the Mutua Union; in the United States- The Western Union, the Mutual Union, the American Rap id, the Baltimore & Ohio (commercial only) the New York American district, and the New York Mutual district telegraph compaDies also the Metropolitan telephone com pany of New York and the Chi cago telephone company of Chicago Promptly at thehour destfnated every key a all of the offices of the companies mentionec waê silent. The brotherhood (which belong tothe Knights of Labor, and will be support ed by tbat organización ) demanda abolttlun o Sunday work as compulsory service, unies corapi-nsated as extra service; eight hour6 as regular day's work, and seven hours as a regu lr night's work ; tnd an increase of 15 per een on all salarles as now paid. ThÍ5 for American nterests. For Canatlian Interest! the demande are the eame, exeept thatSeo. 1 asks fora fixecl compensation of 40 cents per hour for Sunday work, &.nd Sec. 8, whicli asks foi $655 einplovie 0 per cent increase, for $45 to $f'4 employés 5 per cent increase, for 135 to $45 employee 20 per cent increase, and uo salary to be lea han 45 per month. The members of the brotherhood claim tuut heir organization is the result of the tyrannial and unjust treatuient meted out to tbem durlDg the past 10 years, and that their demands are not unreasonable in view of the ystematic reductions tbat have been forced ïpon them at different Unies by the Western Jnlon telegraph company. which fixes the tandard of wages for the United States and tenada. It is claimed by the operators that in tb? matter of promotion as well as pay they have een unfairly treated. They allejjc that the oinpany will not promote men or raise their wages, and that the only war a man eau obtain betler position is by throwïnguphis job, and un the chances of securing another. All this lie managers oí the company deny. In Detroit the strike was general. Every oprator quit work and left . the ollices. The trike does not extend to the smaller interior ,owns, hut the ef eet is practieally the same ag 1 it did, for the force at the chief offices is so gut that it cannot handle work to and from ie interior. Communication between the inerior towns, where it is direct and doe6 notave to go by way oí Detroit, is possible in most cases, however, and the state telcphone xcbangewill help out a good dea.1 In nearly 11 the cities affected by the strike public sjmlathy seems to be with the strtkers, even the usiness men whose interestE will 6utter the DËOst, frankly admitting that the operators laye just cause for gricveauce. DOWJi TO DEATH, n Appalllii" Accident (o au Excursión Party. A terrible calamity occurred at the 'orth Point Tivoli, an excursión resort on the atapco 10 miles from Baltimore, Md., by hic!. inany lives were lost, the numter bi ing stir.ated at between 00 and 70. The aceideiii as occasionea by the giving way of the outer jortion of a pier on which sevVral hundred )ersoiis were congregatcd, asaiting the boat o return to the city. localiiy is on a mail bay a distance of about two miles from iorth Point lighthousc. It was formcrh nown as Holidaj" Grove and was the flrst reg lar excursión place fitted up near the city bout 15 years ago, and was the most popular esort at that time and for several years atterard. ün the day the accident oeeurred an xeursion was given to Tivoli under the mandement oL the Mount Rnyal btneficial societj f thh Catholic church ot Corpus Christi, ét which Father Starr is pastor, Mount Royai venue and Moeher Btreet The excursión went own on the burge Cockaüe City, whkh was owed by the tug Amanda Powell. T.iie baijre was forcierly an old C;tnal boat wiiieh tiaü been tted upwith several deeks for excursión puroses and used as such for several years. Durng the dav she had taken down abuut 500 perons, and on the last trip about 1U0. A larye umber of those who went down during tüe av had remained, intenüiug to return on the ast trip. WOen the barge approached all hose on shore made a rush for Uic end of the wbarf, wLich is several hundreil eet, luug, and ere elosely packed together at the ga' e, bout 25 feet irom the end, lmpativntly awanna admiitance t'jrough the eate. As thetiurge ame alongside aud struck the wharf it simenlyand without warLiug gave way unii a arge portiun of the crowd wt-re preepitateu nto the water, which is about lu feet dei p. lany were able to save themselvcs by fleeluu oward the shore as the outer end of the pier rumbied and feil. Darkness added tothe conusíon and terror and little eould be doue at, nee to reseue the drowning, must of whiim ere women and children. About 70 boJkt. vere taken from the water, all hut four of whom were at once identitied. It is uut known eiiuitely how many lives were lost, but it is elieved tnat the list will reach more than a ïundred. PÜLITIC A.L TJtB TWENTT THIED ïallott in the New Hampshire legislaure gave Harrv Bingham 113 votes and Wru. E. Chandler 52. THE XEW HAMPSniKE isenatorial contest still hangs fire, and rom the complications that surround it, there 8 very little probabililv that a candidate will e agreed upon yery poon. Harry Bingham is till ahcad, while Win. E. Chandler comes eit. SOIÍELY ITZZLED. The tax-payers of New Hampshire re grumbling becausë the dead-lock in the ienatorial conte-t remains so l'jng uubroken 'he ballott taken on the lSth resulted in 116 otes for Bingham and 74 for Chandler. TWO VOTES were taken in the New Hampshire legislature n the 19th inst. .'u the firbt 160 votes were uecessary to a cholee. Chandler t ad 7t), Bingjam 114. In the eecond 153 vote6 were neceary to a chotee, Chandler had 74, Bingham 10. The remainder of the votes ou each ballot were distributed amoug a dozen other candidates. BiLLOTINO or 8enator from New Hampshire grows mor and more unsatisfactory. Ou the aotli in6t. 80 ballots were cast, and of this number Jrigham received 89, and Chandler 56, while he rest were divided between 14 other eaudidate. _ OTHER, LANDS. Emigration is rapidly deci'easing at County Mayo. Pere Hyacinthe is on his way to America. Tbe Irish situation is improving. Urops look well ; there is more appearance o content among the people, and the 6hot gun is not so boi8terous as it was. Th executive council of New South Wales has forwarded a memorial to Earl Derby, secretary for the colonies, urging the government to reconsider the decisión to forbid the annexation of New Guinea lo Queensland and mviting them to take steps to provide a federal jovernment for Australia. The Egyptian governruenthas accepted the offer of Ensland to send 12 doctors to the cholera infected districte. The death rate for the 18th. inst w i i A Danmtta-lh Mansurah 44, Menzaleh 42, Samanoud 23, Chobr 11, Cairo 61, CWrbin 5 and Talka6. Sir Charles Michacl VVolseiey, baronet, was married the ot'ier day in the proeathedral at Kensington, England, to Anita There6! Murphy, daughter of D. T. Murpqy of San Francisco, Cal. The ceremony was performed by Cardinal Manniug. Ariioug th'jse present was Mr. Lowell, UnitedStates minister. The Pope sent his blessing to the weddeu pair. Six infected eities of Egypt repo a total of 197 deaths from cholera in the 24 hours ending Thursday Ju!y 19th. A dispatch from Earl Derby, colonial secre tary to the government of Queensland, in reirard to the supposed annexation of New Guinea, is publiehed. Lord Derby 6tate6 that official inquiry at Paris and Berlin show6 tha1 fears of foreign annexation of New Guinea ar' groundlesn, and he emphaizes the objection - of the home government to the annexation oi that islaud by Queensland, whose parliunui. he says represenls the interests of whites whc_ are suspected of desiring to acquire a supplj" of colored labor for the sugar iudustry. Seven cities and eight small village of Egypt report a total of 300 deaths fron. cholera on the 21st inst. Correspondente o) the I.ondon papers say the "official" fiijuri sare too 6mall . Number of bodies of victirus of thi Daphne disasier near Glasgow thiis far tonnd 123. It is believed there is but onc bo to be recovered. The Spanish Senate ratifies the C( n.mercial trêatty betweon Spain and Germany. A Cairo dispateh of the 24th says the cholera is spreading cverywhf re, and tíif mortality is increasing houriy. Added to tliis,lepru(y bas appeared in maüy of the Tillages and is 6preading rapidly. In somc of the vilíages there is npithcr physieiaus nor medicine, and when death comes the remains are thrown into a grave, aiid m many instances ODly six laches oí earth covers them. The report of deaths f rom cholera on the 23d is as follows : Damietta 17, Mansourali 10, Samanoud 23, Taneah 17, Chobar 17, Chibiu 33, at nine othcr places 78. There -ere 295 dcaths from this illsease at Cairo during the same time India has sent 40 íiative physicians to Egyirt. The Priace oí' Hohenlohc-Langerburg, president of the Germán colonial society, is about to start on a jouruey through tíie United States and northwest Canada. Gladstone saj's he wil] not ask parliament, at the present eessiou, to sanction the Kovcrnment's agreement with De Lesseps ín regard to a sccoud Suez cana!. Gen. Ord, of the United States army, died of yellow fevcr in Havana, a few days ago.


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