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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thls powder never varíes. A marvel of purlty,strength and wholesomeness. Moreeconoraical than the ordlnary kinds, and cannot be sold in competltlon with the multltude ot low test, short welghl, alum or pliosphate powders. Sold only In cans. Royal Bakino Powdek Co., 106 Wall St.. N. Y. i Elnfants and Ch i ld ren Without Morphine or Narcotjne. What gives our Children rosy cheeks, What cures their fevers, niakes them sleep; 3) b 'Tl Citatoria. When Babies fret, and cry by turas, Wljat cures their colic, kills their worms. t Hut CsuttnTfa. JWhat quickly cures Constipation, Buur Stomach, Colds, Indigestión : ÉIÚÍS' - ' Uní (':¦.! orl;i. wgs - " Farewell then to Morphlne Syrups, vCastor Oil and Paregoric, and Aü ¦"¦ Hall Cantoria. .Centaur Linitnent.- An %- olutocuro for Rheumati sm, Pyilmi, Bnrns, Oalls, &c., and an fcMtanteneoua Pain-reliever. "CONQUEROR OF ALL KIDNEY D1SEASES. THE BEST, KIDNEY and LIVER MEDICINE NE VER KNOWïi TOFAIt " 1 hart suffered twenty years with severe disease of the kidneys ; before usiug Hunt's Kemedy two days 1 was relieved, and am now well. JOSHUA TÜTHILIaÍ, "My physicians thought that I was paralvzed on one side. I was terribly afflicted with rbeuniatism f rom 18Ca to 1880. I was cured by Hunt's Reiuedy." STEPHEN G. MASON. My doctor pronounced my case Bright's T)isease, and told me that I could live only fortyeight kours. I then took Hunt's Kemedy, and , was speedily cured.' M. GOODSPEED. , " Havlng suffered twenty years with kidney disease, and employed various physicians without beine relieved, 1 was then cured by Hunt's Remedy' SULLIVAN FENNER. " I have been greatly beneflted by the use of Hunt's Remedy. For diseases of the kidneys and urinary organs thero is nothing superior " A. ü. N1CKERSON. Albeht Holt, Esq., paymaster Boston and Albany Railroad, writes : " I have used Hunt's Remedy, and my experience with it has been such that I can cheerfully say that I am satisfled that il will do just what it proniises to do." " I was unable to arlse from bed from an attack of kidney disease. The doctors could not relieve me. I was finally completelv cured bv using Hunt's Remedy." FRANK R. DICKSON. "I have snffered extremely with kidney disease ; after using Hunt's Kemeily two days I was enabled to resume business." GEO. F. CLARK. One trial will convince yon. For gale by all Druggistg. Send for Pamphlet to HUNT'S EEMEDY CO., Providence, B.I. Prlce 75 cent and 81.25. o... "¦ ¦" rvKTABlE BOOK CABE. jMtf 01 tlt ii wtlnui. UfsoUj S -' V L flnltlied, idiI bÍD( od cftiÜt Ür-Kffi M tersi prwticltj & HO BH Bfc5H ÍW Tolvtn Ilook C. V3! ljMlL ÜÊIHBBE I-awyrri, miniíUr, dooVBarlni "CraM 9 m ton mi icholmrt hm Vifl ¦CCTfSEjT. with íew" bookl' flud " ilnPiHEIEi u 'm'íIe ltuuk ií -IKtf MJI-, H '''' ttuchment Tor hold " 9 w ' " m" ' K1IC í II Sb U ¦- 9 Machine which rcmoreí vnSHv ' M? ' H tb1 embfKo on reutiag, t " J-BWljlMBB thc uk of hüMing up . V'-y-HiM PPjL, " JB hfavy bouk by the hour. NHngHKM ¦ ud mkk readlcc and jPör V3PQ itujj io ij thftt thert ii .', ¦ Th"e "Üchloe" hold Ue ÍSSS -"' EcíÍfr"rS There is nothing ÏÏke a moïassëTcandypullinfr to make young people candid when giving tuffy. r.-""íDr-.,Benson'8 Celery "d Chamomile Pilis for the cure of Neuralgia are a success. - Dr. G. P. Holman, Clnistianbur, Va. 50 ets. at druggista. "I am not soing to pay yon for that horrible music." Organ-grinder- " I doii't ask you to pay for the miisic. I t.hrow that ni for nothing, but I want pay for working the handle of the organ." F. J. Cheney & Co., proprietors Ilall's Catarrh Cure, ofler $100 reward for anv case of Catarrh that can't be cured with Ilall's Catarrh Cure. For sale by Eberbach & Son. "Yes, ' said Mis. Towser, as she expatiated upou the beauties of her flower garden, " I have given it great care, and if yon come over in a week or two, I expeot to be able to show you some beautiful scarlet pneumonias."- Sommerville Journal. U. S. Surgcou Recointnends. Dr. J. M. G. Pheeton, is a U. S. ex-surgeou, residing now at Blooinington, Ind 1 he Dr. writes, to say : " I recommend 8amaritan Ncrvine because it cures epilepsy." Pliyaicians, generally, are its fnends