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A base ball nine went froin here to play at Tecumseh yesterday. Tlie American Bar Association meets at Saratoga this year August 22, 23 aud '24. GoodspeeJ soon movcs his shoe shop frora Hurón to Main Street next Winans & SUflbrd's. Mrs. O. R. Crozler will speak at tlie teinperance meeling Sunday at 3 p. m. at Cropsey's Hall. It 8 suid that two-flfths of the entire erop of peppermint, of the country, is prodiiced in Michigan. Court convened Monday morning and the Goodale divorce case was postponed until tlie first of August. It is estiuiated for Michigan that the apple crop will be 55 per cent, and peaches 60 per cent. This is probably a liberal estímate. _#_ The new firm of Fall and Hendricks have been taking: au inyoice this week and ate now ready to start out. They open. up to-niorrow. Jir. Kelsey, the old man injured last week by being struck by au engine at the railroad crossing, was able to be up and dressed the other day. Mr. Pulsifer the operator of the Western Union office has not struck, although he feels that the company should be more liberal with its employees. By invitation of the Saline Tent the Ann Arbor Maccabees went over Wednesday evening to assist at an initiation. Twelve went over in carriages. The property of Aaron Henion on William street, next to A. W. Ames, has been sqld to Jesse Booth for $2,100. He will erect a handsome dweiling there. -- The first of September a billiard hall is tobe opened in the vacant store on State street south of Sheehan's. It will be run by William Merithew who starts out with four tables. About a half a mile south of towu on the Pittstield road an unoccupied house was burned Tuesday night. William Burk and Peter Cook, who owned it had Itinsurcd for $1,100. A company of 32, consistiugof the Germau band and the Turnverein went to East Saginaw this weck to attend the Turnfest. The Turners of Ann Arbor, however, do not beloiig to the State association, so did not enter for prizes. The T. A. A. & G. T. Ry. will run a special excursión train from Toledo to Lansing, without change of cars, for those desiring to attend the Emancipation Celebration August lst, 1883. Fare for round trip from Ann Arbor only $1.25. During the storm on Monday William Jacobus was struck by lightning when near the Fourth ward school house. It knocked him down and cured him of a headache he had had for some time. A novel scheme; walk up and take a shock. The first $50. for wood-chuck scalps having been exhausted another $50. has been approprlated by Ann Arbor Township. There is a kind of a lull in the trade now owing to the boys being engaged in the harvest field but this will brighten it up. This morning at 3 o'clock the house of Cari Schulz, a carpenter living on Spring street, was discovered in flames. The building, part of which was new, burned soquickly that but little was saved, and the insurance on it was only $1,000. It was the work of an incendiary. Sorae burglars went into the house Prof. Pettee is building, Tuesday Qlght, nel after breaking open some tooi chests 'hey gathered together about $80. worth f carpenters' tools. But before takine tliem away they were fnghtened oft', 'eaving behind them their own tools. Where, oh where are the excursions to Detroit, or Lansing, or Put-in-Bay this year? Every year, hitherto some church orïanization or Co. A. have gotten up cheap excursions out of town and given e people a chance to get away with ¦W families for a holidiiy. Are there t0 be none this season? A L(ige of Knigh'ts of Pythias was in'!"uted Monday night by C. A. Hack, T'oe chancellor commaiuler of the order, ajMfiveotherofficersfrom Detroit. Their offleers are as follows : Past chancellor nunander, J. Wm. Hangsterfer; chancw'or commander, Dr. V. C."Vaughan; 'C chancellor, Dr. G. A. Hendricks; 'relate, William Merithewj master-ofrnis. J. Kelley; master of exchequer, C. Seal t r'ekSOn ; keeper of recorils and j ,' As delégate to the Grand j; uSe of the Knights held at Kalamazoo esda'. J. Wm. Hangsterfer was sent. drt AVashing'on judge has fined the ninr-L a buEgy $l for as3ault ior run" "'to a bicycle rider. The bicycle gron TSlled' and the "¦Merthrown to the a ca T'le C0Ult held that a bicycIe is carr,riage having equal rights with other T) ages to lle streeets and highways. la. Uri als aillenble to the same road e as other vehicles. A bicycle rider dssing anotlier vehicle coming from 'ÍhLPPT0Slte dlrecUo". mu8t turn to the ame V'minS a vehicle going in the oon h tlOn USage re(lulres u'm to do ""thatüdf" PrVidetl thc wa'is Pen Ypsilanti has good roads in and about it, yet strange cnough there is not a single birotary chariot owned in the city. VVhen the members of the Ann Arbor bicycle club ride down there they are at once snrrounded by a curious throng. Manchester bas machines, Saline lias a strong club of good riders; whynot Ypsi? Perhaps they are waiting for the "trycycle." In speaking of a sewing machine case of Mary Tubbs vs Grincll Bros. whlch was tried in Dexter last week the Leader affhmsthat: "A. J. Sawyer represen ted the plaiutiff, and Capt. Allen and D. Cramer, the defendants, and oh! such a reckless waste of wind, Dexter never before witnessed." However Sawyer got $22 damages for his cliënt in return for bis wind. Not so bad a waste of wind after all. The dapper racket is let loose all over town these days by the idle small boy. No boy nowaduys is happy if lie cannot be driving some one wild with the senseless and monotonous clatter of the bones or sticks. If they would put the time ¦ sumed in the practice of this accomplishment into practicing telegraphy they would soon be able to take the placs of some of the strikers at a salary. "A hint to the wise," etc. Sophie Lyons was taken before Judge Cooley Wednesday morning and after argument by Prosecuting Attorney Whitinan and Mr. Cowles, her attorney the bail was fixed at $1,500. It was thought that as she already had been in duress since February 1882 the original amount, which before she was unablo to obtain, was suffleient. Two Detroit parties, William Dinncn and George Wood are her sureties, so the county will be relieved of her keeping until the trial, which Mr. Whitman proposes to push as soon as possible. A bold bad housebreaker was all but captured at the T. A. A. & G. T. depot Tuesday evening. It seems he had been plying his trade at Pinckney and had cut his hands quite severely. By some means the railroad men recognized him wheu he carne down on the train and wlien it arrived here Sheriff Wallace was at once telephoned for, the train being delayed in the meantime under pretense of a hot box. Soon the sheriff came tearing up in his buggy jumped out, rushed into the car and looked around for Mr. Thief, but without seeing him. The train men had forgotten to watch him, and he havlng smelled a mousc, had evacuated. He had gone - "Over tho nelghbors fence Aud he iiint been seeu thero slnce." Michigan is not a good state - to emigrate froni, but it is a capital one to live in. The older sottlers who have had experience in new countries usually advise the boj's to stick to the surety here, rather than to take the chances in Dakota. One of the oíd úneles gives bis nephew these points: "Young man, Michigan is one of the best States in this great and glorious Union, and if you are comfortably fixed here, you will have to hunt a good while before flnding a good excuse for pulling up stakes. Listen to your kind oíd únele and be sensible. Stay right here, in the old Wolverine State, marry a Michigan girl, invest your earnings In Michigan property, and if any body tells you of a fairer clime than this, where wealth is gained with little or no labor, toss him a salute froni the hem of your ear, play him a tune from your nose, a la flute, and bid him begone before you pin him to a tree with a pitchfork. There, now, sonny, run down to the depot and meet the boys on their way back from Dakota."


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