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Ever since Dr. William J. Calvert came to Ann Arbor several years ago, his movements have been a frequent source of comment with man}', even among those who did not have his acquaintance. It will be remembered that after the burning of the Mineral Springs house, which he was managing, he went to Dakota. Little was then heard of him hereabouts for some time, but just a year ago the house in which his wife and daughter were living was fired and burned to the ground, Mrs. Calvert and Miss Aggie narrowly escaping with their lives. Almost coincident with this second incendiary fire carne a summons to Mis. C. ordering her to appear at a session of the court in Bismarck, Dakota, to show cause why a divorce should not be granted on the grounds of cruelty upon the application of the Doctor. In all probability it was considerably to the surprise of the latter party that she appeared there. She says that he offered her $3,000 if she would not appear to 'contest it, but on her daughter's account she declined the proposition. The suit was accordingly withdrawn fioni the Bismarck court, February 12th, of this year, and t has subsequently transpired that two days later he made another application for divorce at Sioux Falls, a place several hundred miles distant. The notice was published in an obscure county paper even distant from Sioux Falls, and the time having expired, the Doctor appeared and obtained a decree exparte, May 1, 1883. Too late to stay proceedings Mis. Calvert received a hint of this from a friend in the west, and a few days since she received a letter from Dr. Calvert himself which reads as follows: Eckklson, D. T., Jane 17, 1883. Miss M. J. Birch : I drop a line to iiv forin you that you are at liberty to many or not ad hhitum. our marriage was dissolved on the first day of May 1883. W are Free ! ! I hope our lives henceforth will be happier. Mine is already. I desire "peace" and will preserve it if you will. When I can retrieve some of my losses I will remember the children. You can address me here. Love to the children. WM. J. Calvekt. Mis. C, has been advised by lawyers at the place the bill of divorce was granted that if it was obtained fraudulently she can have it set aside and retain her alimony. So Saturday night she and her daughter started for Sioux Falls, Dakota, again to thwart the wily schemes of her husband upon whom matrimonial bonds seem to rest somewhat heavily. Although it is rumored that he has his eye on another woman with whom he would like to go into joint convention. Apropos the discussion of his aftairs it may be said that he found a little lake in the Territory, at which he löcated a " sanitarium " and attempted to start a town. The " Bismarck Alert showed up the scheme, and he now wants $10,000 from it to sooth his lacerated feelings for the libel. Probably when be gets that, he will " remember the children." Mrs. C. may be a witness not at all pleasant for the Dr. in this libel suit when it comes on if he succeeds in getting clear ot the Sioux Falls scrape and decides to push it.


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