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Classified_ad: Itching Piles--Symptoms and Cure.

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Itching Piles- Symptoms and Cure. The symptoms are moisture like perspiration, intense ítching, increaseu by scratcbing, very distre3sing, particularly at nifjlit, seems as if piu-worms were crawling in and abont the rectum; the private parte are sometimes aft'ected. If allovved to continue serious resulte may follovv. "Swayne's Ointment'1 is a pleasant, stire Gure. Also for tetter, itcli, salt rkeum, scald head, erysipelas, barbera' itcli, blotches, all scaly, crusty skin diseases. Sent by mail for 50 cents ; 3 boxes for $1.25, (in stamps). Address, Dr. Swayne & Sou, Philudelphia, Pa. Sold by Druggists. _. Not a partiële of calomel or any other deleterious substanee enters into the composition of Ayer's Cathartic Pilis. On the contrary, they prove of special service to those who have used calomel and otlier mineral poisons as medicines, and feel theirinjuriouseffects. In such cases Ayer's Pilis are invaluable. Positive cure for Piles. To the people of this County we would say we have been given the Agency of Dr. Marchisi's Italian Pile Ointment - emphatically guaranteed to Cure or money refunded- Internal, External, Blind, Bleeding or Itching Piles. Prlce 50c. a box. No cure, No pay. For sale by Eberbach & Son, Druggists. Daughters, Wives, anti Mothers. vVe emphatically guaranteeDr. Marchisi's Catholicon a Female Kemedy, to cure Feraale Diseases,such as Ovarían troubles, Inflammation and ulceration, Falling and Displacements or bearing down feeling, Irreeularities, Barrenness, Change of Life, Leucorrhcea, besides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, llloating, Spinal weakness, Sleeplessness, Nervous debility, Palpitation of the heart, etc No cure, No Pay. For sale by drugeists. Prices $1.00 and $1,50 per Bottle. Send to Dr. J. B. Marchisi, Utica, N. Y., for pamphlet, f ree. For sale by Eberbaeh & Son, Druggists. Swayne's Pilis- Comforting to the Sick. Thousands die fi'oru negleet to properly treat impure blood, constipation, dyspepBia, malaria, apoplexy, liver, kidney, heart diseases, dropsy, and rheumatism. But to the debilitated burdened with such serious sickness, we conscientiously recommend "Swayne's Pilis," whicli contain medicinal properties possessed by no other remedy. Sent by mail for 25 cente, box of 30 puls; 5 boxes, $1, (in stamps). Address Dr. Swayne & Son, Phlladelphia, Pa. Sold by Druggists.


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