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Classified_ad: Swaynes Pills, Scrofula, Ayer's Sarsaparilla

Classified_ad: Swaynes Pills, Scrofula, Ayer's Sarsaparilla image
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sfüt ' Known to Men df Fame nd Science for Removins ' ALL IMPURITIES OF THE BLQQD. cksowUdgil Gris!, FlMiut, ind Ifflclent Cmí for lUHOl IrAI IUH, duu face, heavinesi. nYPFPIA known by irregular appels IOrlrOiMT tite, sour belchlng, weight and tenderness at pit of stomach, despondency. 1 IVFR gompi&int, Biliouíneai, Malaria, Chilla and -' ¦ H Fevcr, oauiinj goreuesa in baok and fide, also bottom ofr ribs; weariness, ixritability, tongue coated, skin yellow, hot and cold sensationa.eyesdull.drycough.stifledandobstruct- ed feeling, irregular pulse, bad colored stools. APOPL FXY Epilepy,Paralysi,dim " r -- i jgfhf, sound in eare, giddiness, confusión in head, nervousness, flashes of light beforo ye, loaa of momorr. Distases of Bladder and lmUCYC urine dark or light, red deposit; lxluntlJ) buraing.stinging.bearingdown lenaationa, frequent delire to unnate, uneaiineit. nflamed yea, dark oirelea, thirst. Dlteiuei f HFART levere paim, ttuttering or weight near rldnil I y heart, more so on moving quiokly aul when ly ing on left sido ; nut of breath on exertion. UpAflApUP duI1 or aar? rins in tcmplei, n LflUnuil Lj tjei or head; faintaeas, nausea. DropiT is oaused bj watery fluid. Rheiimntlim, ékc9 by urio acid ia blood. Bowel Disorder br corrupt m&tter. Worm by the peiU within. Colds br choking of the ecretiong. IWATHE'S PIIíIjS, bj gentl actton, remoTea th canH, makiog a permanent oure. Sent by mail fof 26 cnW box of 30 Filia; 5 boxei, $100. (In postage¦tamni.) Addreu. DB. NW1YNK A OUT, rhlllt-Ipbta, P. Sold ly Uruggista. 1129-1180 SCROFULA and all scrofulous di9eases, Sores, Eryslpelag, Eczema, Blotches, Ringworm, Tumors, Carbunclo, Buil, and Eruptions of the Skin, are the direct result of au impure state of the blood. To cure these diseascs the blood must be pnrifled, and restored to a healthy and natural condition. Aviat's S.i)tsA i'Aiiii.i.A bas for over forty years been recognlzed by eminent medical authorities as the most powerful blood purifier in existence. It frees the system from all foul humors, enriches and strengthens the blood, removes all traces of mercurial treatment, and proves itself a complete niaster of all scrofulous diseases. A Recent Cure of Scrofulous Sores " Som month8 ago I was troubled with scrofuloos sores (ulcers) on my legs. The limbs were badly swollen and inflamed, and the sores discharged large quantities of oöensive matter. Erery remedy I tried failed, until I used Ayek'9 Saksaparilla, of which I have noiv taken threo boules, with the result that the sores are healed, and my general health greatly imcroved. I feel Tery gratef ui for the good your medicine has done me. Yours respectfully, Mrs. As O'Bkian." 148 Sullivan St., New York, June 24, 1882. E fr All persons interested are invited to cali on Mrs. O'Brian ; also upon the : Z. P. Wllil of 78 East 54th Street, New York City, who will take pleasure in t ¦-! if.vim; to the wonderful efflcacy of Ayer' Saraaparllla, not only in the cure of thts lady, but in his own case and many others witlilu hls knowledge. The well-known icriteron the Boston líerald, B. W. Ball, of Eochester, N.H.tvritei, June 7, 1882: " Haring suffered sererely for ome years with Eczema, and having failed to tind relief from other remedies, I have made use, during the pat three months, of Ayer' Saksapakilla, whieh has effected a complete cure. 1 consider it a uiagiiiíicent remedy for all blood diseaaes." Ayer's Sarsaparilla stimulates and regulates the action of the digestive and assimilative organs, renews and strengthens the vital forccs, and speedily cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Rheumatic Gout, Catarrh, General Debllity, and all diseases arising from an impoverished or corrupted condition of the blood, and a weakened vitality. It is incomparably the cheapest blood medicina, on account of its concentrated strength , and great power over disease. ) 1'KEPARED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. SoM ly U DraggUM; price f 1, lx boules for ís.


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