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Classified_ad: Central Flouring Mills, Bromley's, Patents, Magnetic Medicine

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rpHE PROPRIETOKS OF THE CENTRAL FLOURING MILLS having flnished the equipment of their milis are now ready for all kinds of work in their line. Graham, fine meal and all kinds of feed are kept constantly on hand, warranted of good quality and at the lowest rates. Farmers will find facilities for havlng all kinds of custom work promptly done. We cali especial attention to our "White Loaf " brand of flour as superior to any flour heretofore made in Washtenaw County, being maniiifactured by the latest roller proces. If your grocer does not keep it for sale order direct from the milis on First Street. 1150-62 It. K. Mits & CO. I " I RROMI FY'S I 3IL7 ELECTRO PLATE WORKS. I 48 Woodward Ayenue, DETBOIT, MICH. I I (Established J7years.) ijhi i i j ii a in pj GOLDj SILVERAND NICKEL E Largest Plating establishment n the State. I ALL WORK FIRST CLASS. RBFERBNCBS : M. S. Smith & Co. , Detroi t Safe Company or I ïTJÏÏlany prominent citizenIT?!J?"M KICIEL p ' o f Detroit. I PLATISa. f 1129-1154 PATENTS ObUined, and all other bnsiness In the U. S. Pateut Office attended to for MODERA'! E FKE8. Our offlee ia opposite the U. S. Patent Office, and we can obtain Patente In lese time than those remote from WASHINGTON. Send MODBLor DBAWING. Weadviseaaij paientability free of chwge; and we make NO CHARGE UNLKSS WK OBTAIN PATENT. We refer here, to the Postmaster, the Snjt. o MoneyOrd? Div., and to offletals of the U. S. Patent Office. For circular, advice, terms, and references to actual cllents in yoar own State or county, addresa C. A. S" V A CO.. 1119 tl Opposite Patent Office, Washington, D.C. MA6NETIC]y[JDICIiq. bÏTBRAIN &NERVE FOODi A cure Gaaranteed in all Cases For OM and Vouog, and Female. üa::;zti M IDICIE ; a Brain ui ;;o:to rood ; UsfaillBj ui FoiitiTt Curo. Tones up the debilitated sygtem, arrests all involuntary diechare, removes mental gloom and despondency, and restores wonderful power to the weakened organs. y With each order for twelve packages, accompanied with flve dollars, we will end our Guarantee to refund the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. It te the Cheapeat and Beat Medicine in the niarket. Full particular in Pamphlet, which we mail free to any addresa. Sold by all DruLgists, one package 50 cents; Six for f2.60, or sent by mail on receipt of price, by addreselng the VA3HETIC KZIICIHE CO., Detroit, Mlch. Guarantees issued in Ann Arbor by C. E. HOLMES, Cook Hotel Block. 1135-85


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