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From the Herald. Dr. R. B. Gates lias sold his fine team of Clydesdale mares to Detroit partles for $500. They wil be used for draying purpose. Chelsea leads all villages of ts size and a great many cities on the quantity of wool inarketed. We have heard of no larjrer clip either than tliat of Baekus Brothers, 3,988 pounds. DEXTER. From the Leader. One day last week Dan McLaren cut eigbteen acres of wheat with a McCormick binder. Wlio can beat it ? They say that lightning never strikes wice in the same place; but t does once in a while. Fred Warner's barn was struck the second time last Tnesday, and in the same place it was demoralized a week ago. Daniel Lyons, near Honey Creek, has jeen making extensive repairs on his house - in tact almost making a new one of it. 'X is now the handsomest farm house betvveen Dexter and Ann Arbor, on that road. .loseph Reese is painting it, and dong a mee job. MANCHESTER. From th Enterprise. The huckleberry and snake crops are ial(J to be flourishing, and one cannot go n search of the former without tinding the latter, It is rumored that the locatine; committee are opposed to placing the town hall n the site opposite the postoiHce or on the east side of the river where Fausel's clothing house stands, consequently the most favorable site remaining isthe DeWolf lot, where Michael Dealy lives. By referring to D. W. Palmer's journal t was seeu that duririg the montli of May here were sixteen rainy days, in June eigliteen, and thirteen during the tirst wenty-four days of July. It wen s to us that the foiests of this state must have grown amazingly fast of late or else soieutists are greatly at fault in regard to their influence upon the rain fall. It isa f act not generally known that the itniosplieric conditioiis fbr teleplionic comnunication are more favorable in the noruing than in the afteiDOon. - Evening iews. This is true, and we heartily wish hat all who have occasion to use the telephone, especially with Toledo or Detroit, would come in the morning, as inessages are more easily tracsmitted at that time and tlins give Setter satisfaction. SALINE. From the Observer. The wool market is a little quiet just it present on account f harvest work. J. V. Huil has purchased 50,000 pounds hus far, many of the flnest clips being in he lot botight. Not more than one half of the wool hereaway is sold yet. Prices he saine, 28 to 30 cents per pound. Mr. David Brown, one of the first setlers of this town, died in the northern part of Minnesota a few days since at an oíd age. Mr, Brown was very wealttay, and used to be a member of the Metholist church here. He was the father of Mrs. Morton Valentine, living two miles east of here. Ashley Parks, an old resident of Sharon, Washtenaw County, died on Friday afternoon, aged 81 years. Mr. Parks carne to Sharon in 1835, where he continued to reide until his death. He was engaged In blacksmithing until a few weeks since, naking sixty-five years that he had been ngagud in that employment. YPSILANTI. From the Sentinel. A well-defined ghost promenades the ower mill-pond, and frightens bathers. t is supposed to be the spirit of one of he many drowned there. The course of study in St. John's Parohial School, to be opened on the First klonday in September, will be diviiled in bree departments : The primary departnent. The intermedíate department. 'he senior department. From the Ypsilantlan. Ben. Joslyn proposes to makt: a balloon scension from the Fair grounds, in this ty, on Satuaday, August 14th. The baloon used last season has been thorougliy repaired, and put in first class coiuliion. He bought a harvester, and it was the ' boss " machine. It miglit have been of ne make or another- that does not mater. Mounted upon the seat, he drove round and around the field, independent f help, proudly watching the golden grain all down upon the apron and in a slream f yellowsunshine mount above the wheel. All worked as perfectly as one could wish nd he blessed the invention of man, by vhicli a farmer's work was so lightened. ut even a twine binder will not do everything, andacloud, "no largor than a man's hand," as it cleared the horizon warned him that the sheaves must be " set up." But half this work was flnished when he found a bundie not bouud. Another, and auother- horror upon horror!- all the rest were found the saine! Then was it lucky that the agent was afar off, for he was vexed- and vexed he remained until he learned that the fuult was his. The twine-box had been empty half au hour or more. An association has been organized here under the name of the Vpsilanti Rod and Gun Club, for the proteclion of game and birds of value to the agiiculturist. The organization has a membership of nearly 50, including many of our prominent business and professional men. Any violations of the game laws will be promptly prodecuted, and the clubdesiies the aid and co-operation of farmers and others in maintaining the law. In return the club will be glad to do anything in its power : It is unlawful to shoot or take any game up to the tirst of August, or any insectivorous or song blrd at any time. The law on woodoock expires August! on duck, partridgü and suipe, September 1 ; ontnrkeys, Uctober 1 ; qniiil, November 1. The law is ngain in forcc on and after January lat of eacli yeirr. The dub will alsoencourage the destriiction if liawkR, crows, blackbirds, chipniimks, woodchucka, aixl other veriniii Injurioua lo the farmer and dcstructive to gamo. It is to be hoped that moreof our ncigliboriuj; farmers will join tliis associatiou and tlius en.ible it to carry out, its aims more. efl'ectually. A niembership fee of one dollar and niinual dues of oue dollar are chorged. 'J'lie club is also oontemplutlng the stocking of eertain small streams in tliis vtclliTty with speckled trout and other valuablc frame lish. The business meetings of tliis club are held on the first Tuesday evening of each month. Tne club will meet for wring practice on baila and clay plpeons, eicli Friday afternoon at 3:30, on the Fair Grounds. " Outsideis vill be allowed to particípate in these shoots at Ihc follouiiigrates: baila 2c per shot, clay pigeooe 3c per shot." - (Extract frotn By-Lwg,) Guiis inay be reu tod and louiled sliclls ni:iy be purchaseil at icasonable ralea on tlii' grounds. Por f urther iu tor matton apply toF. A. Todd, Chulriuaii Bxecutlve. Commitlee, Prof. J. H. Shepard, President, or D. P. Shuler, Öecrctary. From the Coinniurcial. The Peninsular Paper Co. takes the bid for fuiuishing the State paper lor the year to come. Capt. Allen lelt Monday evening for Beaver Island and Beveral other points in the northern part of the State. During his absence he will settle some disputes between white men and Indiana In regard to ownership of lahds. There is at present a lack of cooperation on the part of teniperance men and women of Ypsilanti. There are enoujrh teniperance men and women iu thls city to cause every saloon-keeper to obey the law as it now exists, and to give a large majority at the polls in favor of making laws more to the point. What is lacking is organization.