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AÜS8 Emma Bower, Homoeopathic, '83, goes to Detroit, Saturday, In the office of Dr. Phll. Porter. Mr. H. C. Adams, lecturer on Political Economy at the University was on the rain which was wrecked at Carlyon, Friday niglrt, but he was uninjured. Don A. Garwood, '81 is the department superintendent of Music Hall for the 12th annual Fair of the Northeastern Indiana Agncultural Association held at Waterloo n October. E. L. Cole of "82, has been offered and accepted the chair of mathematica and science in a Presbyteiian Academy at Plaerville, California. He left last night for his new field of work. Dan Carpenter, of Manslield, Ohio, a student in the university two years ago, waa in Ann Arbor, Tuesday. He is engaged in the lumber business, and hnd ïeen to Duluth and Mackinac for bis health. S. W. Beakes a law student graduated his year, bas formed a partnership with '. P. üardner, who was in the law department one year, to publish the "Review" f Websterville, Ohio. The paper bas a good bealtby appecrance. The Music School has secured for next ear the services of Mr. Luderer, the vioinist of Detroit. This wil! be good news or the lovers of violin music for he is cally an artist on that instrument and during the winter he will give several mblic violin recitals. Hon A. II. Pettibone, of Greenville, East Tennessee, of the class of 1859, and now member of Congress, was in the city n Tuesday and Wednesday. He was the guest of J. Q. A. Sessions. Mr. Pettibone is one of the best lawyers and stump orators in Tennesssee, and though a radial Republican and protectionist, bas been twice elected to Congress, after meetng his opponent in joint discussion in very part of bis Congressional D.srict. ('onauning one of the tnembers of the class of '82 a prominent of St. Clai writes us: "Mr.Wm. Galpin, who ha been for the past year superintendent o: the St. Clair city schools, has provecí hiin self an excellent man for the place, and has been retatned by the board al an advanee of salary.'1 The Board of Uegents have elected Dr Chas. E. Walton, Professor of Surgery ii the Ilonioïopatliiu Department, vice Dr E. C. Franklin resigned. Dr. Walton is a gentleman about thirty-üve years oíd, a literary gradúate of Marietta College o Ohio. He has for scveral years oecuplei the chair of Anatomy in Pulte Medica College of Cincinnati, and for the pas two years has been Professor of Sargety in that school. The doctor is a pleasing speaker, a popular teacher and a skillfu operator. His reputatton is already well established in the medical profession and he will bring to the University and the Honueopathic department abilities and experience of a high order. HEGENTS MEETING All the regents save Ex-Gov. lilaii assembled Monday evening for the adjourned meeting. The session was mainly au cxecutive one although but littlt was executed. Dr. Cowpertliwalte, havng been appointed Professor of Obstetrics, declined, and the tïlling of the place was left to the medical comniittee. Dr Charles E. Walton of CiaclonatI was appointed professor of Clinical Surgery of the Ilomoeopathic department in Dr. Franklin's place. Drs. Wilson, Sawyer and McGuire appeared befora the board and discussed HomoBopathic matters. Nothing was done towards fllling the chair of Speculative Philosophy- Dr. Cocker's place- nor to the changing of the salaries of the faculty. The board adjourned late in the evening subject to cali of the President.