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The Cat-hole Again

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Mi!. Editor: It is an encouraging indication, when any one responsible for the long standing nuisance of the cat hole, shows hlmselt' so farsensitive toan aroused, and healthful public senliment, as to attempt a reply in your issue of August 3d, to the article you pubüshed the week previou?, calling the attention of our city authorities to the same subject. -'Another Tax-payer " while properly commending your arlicle upor. sanitary measures in general, and the cat-hole in particular says: "The general tenor of tax payer's commun catión on the same subject, however, is misleading as to the facts of the situation. But he has not disproved a single fact stated by Tax payer, and cannot. It is proper to state that some four or five years since, the owners of tliecat-hole at the request of the Board of Health.well awaie of their legal obligations, commenced to drain it. It was then destitute of water. They dug a hole near its center, some ten feet deep, and about as many square, About four or five feet at the top was seum, and heavy clay. Then they came to a bed of sand. Soon after the fall rains set In, the water from the streets rushed in, and the hole being small, and nnprotected, the scum a-nd clay was washed back. The amount expended was $5. The lirst recorded action of the city in relution to tliis matter is as follows: " Sept. 5, '81." " By Alderman Keech : Resolved, That the sum of flfty ($50) dollars be appropriated from the contingent fund for the puipose of draining what is known as the cat-hole, situated iu the 6th ward." " Furtber resolved, That the same be done lltlder the direction of the l'arkcommittee." " Carried." The above period was a very dry season, and there was little or no water to interfere with the woik. ïet the pleasant days, and weeks were permitted to pass, and nothlng was done. At last it was thought best to pass over the direction of the drainage to Dr. Smith, a fornier mayor of tliis city, and Uien having a personal interest, and liabijity in the matter. About tlmt time the late autumnal raing set in, and the cat-hole was flooded with water. Dr. Smith has repeitedly told the writer that had he been furnished with the funds, and authority in season, he was willing, and able to drain the cat-hole. The next action of our city is onder date of " Xov. 6, 1883," rather late m the season as your readers will naturally say to begin a woik of this nature. The last action of the city reads as follows: "By perinission Dr. Breukey, on hehalf of the Board of Health, presented tlie needs of dralnlng the cat-hole (so called) and requested the Council to aid in aceomplishing the work, which was needed as a health measure. By Aid. Henderson, as ameuded by Aid. Keech : " That the Park Coinmittee be authoiïzed to act in concert with the Board of Health, in doing the work required and the expenses paid out of the contingent fuud." " On motion, wascarried." "Another Taxpayer" after conveying the Information that "the city did not make the cat-hole," saya " the city" "at the request of the President and Secretary of the Board of Health appropriated $50 to test the question of draining the place, on the condition, that owners of land and residents near the cat-hole shculd subscribe an additional amount." The words " on the condition'' were put forth as so true, and important as to be prlnted in talies, yet the record has no condition whatever. This article wouhj be much too long in exposing all the otlier errors of "Another Taxpayer," and perhaps it is best for the


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