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PATENTS Sbtalned, and all other business in the U. S. Patent fflce attended to for MODBRAJ E FBfiS. Our office is opposite the U. S. Patent Office, ard we can obtain Patenta in lees time than tho:c re mote from WASHINGTON. Send MODEL or DKAWING. We advisca., i paientability free of ctHree; and we mak.' Ml CHARGE ÜNLKSS WE OBTAIN PATENT. We refer here, to the Postmaster, the Sopt. o MoncyOrd? Div., and to officials of the V. S. Patent Office. For circular, advice, term?. anl references to actual cliënt in yonr owd State or connty, address C. A. MXOW A CO., 1119 tf Opposite PatentOfflce.Washinïton, D.( . AYER'S PILLS. A largo proportlon of the düseases which cauee human sufferiiig result from derangcment of the stoiuaoh, bowels, and liver. Aveb's Cathartic Pills act directly upon these organs, and are especially deslgned to cure the diseases imi by thoir deraagenieut, including Constipalion, Indigestión, Dyspepsia, Headache, Dysentery, ami a host of other ailments, for all of whivh they are a safe, sure, prompt, and nleaaut remedy. The eiteusive use of these Pills by eminent physicians In regular practice, shows unmistakably the estimation iu hlch they are held by the medical profession. These Pillo are compouniled of vegetable su!tances only, and are absolutely free f rom calowel any other injurious ingrediënt. A SufTerer from Ileiulaohe writes : "Ayer's Pills are invaluable to me. aml are my constant conipanion. I have been a sevi re sutferer from Headache, anil your Pills ut the only thing I could look to fdr relief, One iloe yiU quickly move niy bowels and free my liewl Irom pain. Tbuy are the most etfeoüve aiul :he easiest physic 1 have ever fouiul. It is piensan o me to speak in their pralse, and 1 klwayt iloM when occasion otfers. W. L. Paok, of W. T.. 1',-lgo & B:o." Frauklin St., Hiohmond, Va., June 3, 1882. "I have used Aykr's Pills in nuioberlex Instanoes as roconimeuiled by you and have uover koown them to fail to accoiiiplish the desirad realt. We oonstantly keep theui on hand at .ur homo. and prizo Uiêm as a pleasaiit s:ife. mi reliable faniily medicine. FOK DYSPBPS14 they are invaluable. J. T. 11avi. " Mexla, Texas, June 17, 18S2. The Rev. Fraxcis B. Harlowf. wiitin;.' frran Atlanta, Ga., says: ' Kor some years past 1 h:ive been subject to constlpation, from which. In spite of the use of medicines of rarlona kimls. I suttered increasing inconvenienee. nntil KHH months ago 1 began úting A YBK'8 Pills. Tm liave ontirely corrected the costlve habit, uní have vastly imiiroved my general heiüth." Aykr's Cathartic Pills correct Irregiilaft ties of the bowels, stimulate the appetlta ¦ ¦"'' digestión, and by their prompt and thorougli actlon give toue and vigor to thewhole pbyt'cal eoonomy. rui:i'ARED ny Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Sold by all Druggfsts. YOUNG A1' experience tho wonderful bencflOLD, AND A , J .„ Ayer s Sarsaparilla. ARFI1 ' ChHdrcn wlth Sore Eyes Sorw Kars, fiuLu. or auy scrofulous or sypbllltiv tuint, ay be made healtliy auil stroiig by its ns (jold by all Drugglsts ; 51, 9I1 bottles for 5.


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