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ÜACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. Our great Reranant and Clearing Sale comniencestliisweek. Remnantsof Silks, Black and Colored Dress Goods, Gingliams, Cámbricos and Ribbons at about lialf price. Great Bargains this week in ladies full regular made Hose, unbleached. 50 dozen at the remarkably low price of 14 cents per pair. We have too ïnany Lisie Tliread Gloves for this time of the year; in order to reduce our stock, we will place on sale this week 15 dozen Lisie Gloves at 15 cents per pair. reduced froni 25 cents per pair. ThisGlove is long and fine quality. We have succeeded in reclucing our parasol stocks about one-half, and still we are not satisfleil. Too many parasols yet. We will continue our one-quarter o ft' sale. until August lst. You can buy parasols cheaper thun you will ever have an opportunity again. Come and see what we are doing. No tiouble to show tliem. We find we have too inauy Linen Lawns for tlie middle of July, and as wc can use the money better than we can the Lawns, we will dispose of tliem if we can at cost. If you want a thiu dress we think it a very good opportunity for you to buy one cheap. Satins have taken a drop. We will sell the best American Satins at 15c. Former prioe, 28c. One case of the best shlrtings at 12}L cents per yard. Former price, 15 cents. One case crochet quüts at $1.25 cents; reduced from $1.75. Cali and examine them. We consider tuem a great bsrgaln, One case bleached cotton, 7 cents a yard, reduced from 9 cents. This cotton at 7 cents is a great bargain. It will please us to have you examine it. We will sell for a short Mme all linen towels at the following prices : 20 doz. large size towels, all lineu, at 8 cents; 15 doz. large size towels, all linen, at 10 ets.; 20 doz. extra large towels at 20 cents, former price 25 cents ; 50 doz. toweis at 25 cents, reduced from 3 cents. These towels cannot be duplicated In this market or in any other. Parasols are goiug very cheap. We don't propose to carry over a single one. BACH & ABEL.


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