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Feats Under Water

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Those who have not tallen in love ivith the water and learned to trust it is a farmer boy trusls the bay-mow in tiis father's barn, into which he fearlessly jurnps, will be astonished to hear of ill the many things thatthe accomplishid swimmer, the variety artist of the wave, can do benpath the surface of the water. For instance smoking a cigar under water is a common pastime with the aequa'ic expert. Men can and have eaten undcr water, and women kissing each othcr, and no doubt a man and a woman could do it, too, if they clared. Men can write under water, and women sew, and both writing and sewing have actually been done when the entire body of the operator has been under water. Hut the strangest thing of all that can be done beneath tne waves is talking, and the words spoken can be heard and undci-stood. For instance, if two persons are at the bottom of a pond they can converse togetheï. At the sanie time, however, a person speaking bclow the surface of the water eannot be heard by a person out ot the water, though as close together as the persons who hear each other when standing at the bottom o ftho pond. And yet a means has been contrived, and a very simple ne, for a person out of the water holding converse with a person considerbly below the surface of the water. The help of a stick or a pie ce of board is all that is needed. Each one takes hold of this stick and t forms a conductor for the voice, so that the words spoken by the persons in the water can be heard by those above the water. All these ihree feats eating, smoking, and talking below the surface of the water are accomplished by simply beanng in mind the fact that getting the mouth full of water does not necessarily mean swallowing water, and conseqently be chokec by it Just as a person out of the water can fill his mouth with liquid without swallowing it, so can a person in the water allow his mouth to fill with liquic without swallowing it.


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