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Arthur's Magazine. Frotn time immemorial Friday has een frowned upon as a day of ill-omen, iud though this prejudice is less prevaent now than it was of yore, when superstit'on had general sway, yet there aro many, even in this matter-of-fact age, who would hesitate on a day so inauspicious to begin an undertakiug of momentous import. And how many brave mariners, whose hearts unquailed could meet the wildest fury of their ocean home. would blanch to even bend their Baila on Friday. But to show wilh bovv much reasonfhisfeelingisindulged In, M us examine the following important faets in connection with our owii settlement and greatness as a nation, and we will se.e how great cause we Americana have to dread the fatal day. On Friday, August 3d, 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed on his great votage of discovery. On Friday, October 12th, 1492, he first discovered land. On Friday, January 4th, 1493, he sailed on his return to Spain, which, if he had not reached in safety, the happy resulta would never have been known whieh led to the settlement of this vast continent. On Friday, Mareh 15th, 1493, he arrived at Palos in safety. On Friday, November 22d, 1494, hfl arrived at Hispaniola, on his second voyage to America. On Friday, Mareh öth, 1495, Henry Til, of England, gave to John Cabot his commib-sion, which led to the discovery of North America. This is the first American State paper in England On Friday, September 7th, 1565. Melendez founded St. Augustine, the oldest settlement in the United States by more than forty years. On Friday, November lOth, 1620, the Mayflower with the Pilgrims, made the harbor of Providence town, and on the same day signcd that august compact, the forerunnerof our present Constitution. On Fiiday, December 22d, 1620, the Pilgrims made their final landing at Plymouth Rock. On Friday, February 22d, 1732, Geo. Washington, the father of American freedom, was bom. On Friday, June 19th, 1775, Bunker Hill was siesred and fortified. On Friday, October 7th, 1777, the surrender oí Saratoga was made, whioh had such power and influence in inducing France to declare tor our cause. On Friday, September 22d, 1780, the treason of Arnoid was laid bare, which saved us from destruction. On Friday. Outober lOth, 1781, the surrender of Yorktóvvn - the crowning glory of the American army. On Friday, June 7th, 1776, the moüon in Congress was made by John Adams, seconded by Richard Henry Lae, that the United Colonies were, and of right ought to be, free and independent. Thus, by numerous examples we see that however it may be with other nations, we Americans need never dread to oegin on Friday any undertakinsr, no matter how momentous it may be.


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