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DARBYS PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A Household Article for Universal Family Use. HMiB3HM55Sg For Scarlct and araaicaies ¦ Di,)htherla) Sall. MAT APTA Bvation, Ulceratcd MALAGA. SoreThroat Smali eB9HHHH Pox, Measles, and all Contagious Diseases. Persons vaiting on the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fevcr has never been known to spread where the Fluid was used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after black vomit had taken place. The worst cases of Diphthcria yield to it. SMAIX-POX sons rcfreshed and I and Bed Sores f PITTING of Small cd by bathing with Pox PREVENTED Darbys Fluid. Impute Air made Amanber ofmy famharnilcss and purificd ''y was "a11 wllh For Soro Throat It is a I 1 used the sure cure. j Fluld ¦ thc patiënt was Contagión destroyed. , n?' delirioiis, was not For Frosted Feet, : P'tted and was about Chilblaius, Pilos, lhc house aSain in tllrei; Chafings, etc. i weeks, ad no others Kheumatism cured. I had " - Pak"SoftWhito 'NSON. Philadclphia. _ ions secured by its use. DHHiBBIDH Ship Fever prevented ¦ To purify the Breath, ¦ TJinTi+VlPria Cleanse the Teethl I PlWieria it can't be surpassed. B ¦ I Catarrb relievcd and ¦ PreVÖHteCl. cured. B_ B Erysipelas cui ' B9R9E3BH9Bl4 I5urnsrelievcdinstantlv tu t. ¦ i ?en?e-;.ed sÖKS Stings, etc. Tetter dried up. I used the Fluid during Cholera prevented. our present aflliction with ! Ulcera purificd and Scarlet Fever with hcaled. eided advantage. It is In cases of Death it indispensable to the j should be used about room. - Wm. F. ; the corpse - it wHl ford, Eyrie, Ala. prevent any unpleas 9SBB9HHSB9nS ' imc" TB The eminent Pliy. ¦ Rfiarlot PoworB sicia" J. MAKION ¦ öoanei a ever ¦ suis, m. d., New I York, says: "I am Cnred. ¦ ! cnvin:ed Prof. Darbys I I Propliylactic Fluid is a Bgggggggj i valuable disinfectant." Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 1 testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof Darbys Propliylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and detergent it is both theoretically and practically superior to any preparation with which I am acquamted.- Ï.. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Recommended by Hon. Alexander H. Stepuf.ns. of Georgia Rev. Chas F. Deems, D.U., Church of t'he Strangers, N. Y.; Jos. LeConte, Columbia, Prof., University, S.C. Rcv. A. J. Battle, Prof". , McrcerUnlvcAity. Rcv. Geo. F. Pierck, Bishop M. E. Church HTDISPENSABLE TO EVJEBY HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used internally or „. „ cxternally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has beeu thoroughly tested, and we nave abundant evidence thrtt it has done evcrything here claimed. For fullcr information get of yom Druggist a pamphlet or send to Ihe proprietors, J. H. ZEILXN A CO., Manufacturing Chemists, I'HILADELPHIA (?íe1rvejCc1qíníque!r1o1r) The onl y 1;novi-ii zpecific for Epilcptic Fits.töl TS-Also for Spasms ana Falling Sickneas.- Nor-ous Wcakncss qnickly relieved and cureü. Equallod by nonc In delirinm of fever.S JK-NentraiizP6 germs of disease and eickness. Cares ngly blotchcs and f tnbborn blood soreB. Cleanscs blood, quickens sluggish circulation. Eliminatcs Boils, Carbunclos and Scalds.S yPcrmanontly and proraptly cures paralysis. Yes, It is a charming and healtnful Aperient. Kills Scrofula and Kings Evil, twin brothers. Changos liad breath to good, removiug cause. f-Rout3 bilionsness and oleare complexión. Charming resolvent and matrhU laxative.-ÍES It drives Sick Hcadachc likc lbo wind.- fS7Contaius no drastic catlinrtic or opiatos. Promptly cures Rhenmatis:a by routing it.-ca Itcstorcs llfoglvlng proporties to theblood.-. ¦ Is guarantced to curo all nervou disorder.. a" fS'-Eeliablc whcu all opiatos fail.tíS Rofroshes the mind and InrlgoMici tho body. Cures dyspcpsaormoncyrcfnnt!cd."Síl ¦ - Endorsed in writing by over fifty thousand Le,ading physicians in U. S. and Furope.- Leading clergymcnln I". S. nr.d Europo.-g Diseases of the blood oír it a co:iqi!cror.-tr For sale by alllcading druggists. gl.50.-4 For testimoniáis and circulara ser.d starap. Tíjb Dr. S. i. Richmond M:,i Co., Props., HALUS Catarrh faro Is Recommonded by Physicians! S100RÉWARDIilLtToAM We manufacture and scll itwitha positiva guarantee that ít wi!l cure any case, and wowill forfeit tbo abcïe imouiit iíitfaiísin a single insiance. Itia un'iko any otlu-r Catarrh remedy, al Histaken internaüy, acting upop tho blood. If you arS'troubk-d'witb. this distresslDg diaease.ast yourDruggistforit.anl ACCEPT NO IMITATIO OB SÜBCTITÜTE. If DO has not got it, send to us and wo wlll forwara Immediateiy. Price, 75 cení s per bottlo. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. Ohio. llSJ-1183 For sale by Eberba h AYER'S Agüe Cure CMilahis an antidoto for all malarlal disorders Mliich, so tai as known, is used in no otlior roinedy. It contains no Quiniue, nor any mineral nor deleterious substance wliatovor, and consequently produces no injurions effect upon the constitution, but leaves tlio systeni as hoaltliy as it was befóle the attack. WE WARRANT AYER'S AGÜE CURE to cure every case of Fevcr and Age, ínterinittent or Chill Fevcr, Ecmittent Fever, Dumb Aguo, Bilious Fever, nnd Liver Coniplaint caused by malaria. In case of failure, after due trial, dealers are authorized, byout circular dated July lst, 1882, to refund the money. Dr. J.C. Ayer&Co., LoweIJ, Mass. SoldbyallDruggists.


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