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Plyniouth willsoon ereot a new unión school house. Mu3kegon is agitating thequestion o a new hospital. Caro's last census gives that burg 1,03 inhabitante. matcli factory is nearly ready for business. Alex. Orden has been 4 resident of Branch eounty 93 year3. The Muskegon salt weil has greatly increased its flow oí brine. Dr. Henry Baker, a prominent pbysieian of Coldwater is dead. The Detroit Evcning Journal made its appearance September 1. Teacher's institutos is the order of the day in nearly every town in Michigan. Joseph Grifiin was run over bv the cars at Kalamazoo, and inttantly killed. The button factory at Ionia, destroyed by lire a íew weeks ago, will not be rubuilt. P. McFadden, a Tekonsha farmer, raised 1,135 bushels of wheat f rom 45 acres. Over $5,000 were taken for i-ostage stamps at the Grand Rapids office in August. Wni. Luite, a pioneer of Washtenaw eounty, died in Dexter the other day, aged 84. The people of Hart village are discussiug a proposition to construct water works A. C. Colé has been convicted of horse-steating in the circuit caurt of Oakland eounty. Huntors are flockiug to the nortli woods in large numbers The deer seasou bas opencd. A new town is to be locitted in Kingston township, Tuseola eounty, lij the railroad company. Mrs. Martin McKo?ky, of Saginaw City, overturned a lamp, which exploded, and burned the house. Michigan depends almost entirely on Kentucky for lier waternullons- and her vhiskey too, for that matter. The Baptist churoh of Lawrenne was struck by lightning and considerab!y damaged inside. Defective lightning rod. Chas. Ulrich, one of Mt. Clemens' wealthiest and most prominent citlzens, was founddead in bed the othcr morning. Frank Smith, who attempted to rape a Miss Wheeler in Battle Creek recently, has boen held for trial in the sum of $2,000. Corn is beeoming very scarce in niany localities in the state, and some of the farmers are makini Importations from the West. It is estimaied that there will be 300,000,000 feet of logs lef t over in the Tittabawasse booms at the close of operations thls fall. The family of Moshers in Michigan, (and their name is legión) are af ter a large estáte leít in Eagland by llugh Miller In 1660. Mallard, gray duck, teal and wool duck, together with all kinds of water fowl, can be killed from September 1 to January 1. Loss of property, followed by desertlcn of her lover, has eent a Kont eounty dam3el of the tender age of 40, to tho insane asylum. David D. Jack, an aged citizon of Grand Rapids, suicidedthe other day by severingan artery in hls arm. No reason is a6igned for the deed. Mu-ikegon becanie f rightenod at what the doctors told them at the recent sanitary convenlion and has organjzed u loca! sanitary assoclation. Elmer H. Crotty of Muskegon has been arrested, charged by his mother with attemptlng to burn her barn. He seems tobe süghtly demented. A young boy named Fred Garland, employed in a miïl in South Bay City, had one of his arms torn to shred& in the machinery, so it had to be amputated. A woman and two children, whose husbsnd and father was reeently killled by a cyelone. recently arrived at Benton Harbor, where they have relatires. Another pastor has fallen- but not from grace, this time. ReT. B. F. Sargent. of 3rand Rapids, feil from a tree, dislocatins a a wrist and breakiDg bis thiph. Michigan farmers coruplain of a new kind of potato bue that enters the staik from the hill. After the insect reaches the heart, the vine soon withers and dies. On Sunday morning Sept. 2, about day-break the tooi shop of the Flint A Tere Marquette Rallroad at Mtnistce was burned together with about $100 worth of tools. Got. Begole has pardoned Aluxander Frazier, a murderer írom Wayne eounty, ani commuted the sentence of A. B. Heminitisway, (one of the Coldwater flre-buLs) to one year. The skeleton of a little child was found n the beach at ForettTille, a few days ago. It is supposed to be that of little Charley Markel, who was drowned there about three months ago. The Moshers of Michigan are so anxoustogetthe fortune waiting for them in Englaüd, that they are going to send a lawyer over to sec about it. That lawyer has a good thing. The body found a few days ago near Marshall has been idcntlned as that of John Sixt, a Germán, who for some time has been employed bv a farmer named Hobb, near Dexter. The harbor of refuge at Sand Beach is nearly completed. About $901,000 and ten seasons' work have already been apent on it, and about $75,000 more will be required to complete it. John T. McUurdy, son of Hugh Mccurdy, of Corunna, it ia reportel, has a warrant out for his arrest on a charge oí makine a criminal assault on Miss Nora Reed of Durand, daughter of ex-Representative Reed. A Grand Rapids man has met a long feit want by inventing a veneered base bal bat. The veueering Is of bireh, and it is claimed the bits can be better balanced, and do not sting the batsman's hands as do the solid bats Frank Wilkey, arrested at Petoskey, charged with counterWtlne, has been held for trial in the United States court at Grand Rapids, with bail llxed at $300, not being ablc to furnish which he was lodged in jail. The Saginaw Beef corapany is tho name of a new enterprlse in East Satinaw.with a new building and a refrigerator capable of holding 100 eattleand as many sheepand hogi, whieh wil] wfcolesale to local dealers and others. The Shackleton house, a large boarding house situated near the Avery house, Mt. Clemens has been dcstroyed by fi re together with an aajolning resldence. Origin of tha Ure uuknown. Loss about $3,000 and partially insured. W. H. Thompson, late manager of llio Detroit Post and Tribune, has stepped down and out, and Col. Fred Moorley succeeds Col. Moorley Is a thorugh journalist, and very popular with the Republiean party of Michigan. Company I, Second regiment, M. S. T., of Grand Rapids, ha9 completed an excellent armory and taken possession of it. The drill room is 49x56 feet and 30 f eet high. There are also excellen; rooms foi social and business purpjsce. Gov. Begole has appointed Bishop Harris and Hon. O. V. N. Lothrop, of Detroit and Hou. W. L. Webber, of East Saginaw, dclegates to the lOtb natlonal conference of eharities and corrtctions to be held at Louiáville, Ky., Scpt. 24. Soine of the Indians at Cheboyganing and in Isabella county are complalning regarding E. P. Allen, the Itdian agent, relative to lands on the reservation, claiinina that he has been giviug Canada Indians a choice in the selection of lands. H. H. Thomas' nitro glycerine factory, situated about five milCR from Bay City, wae blown up betiveen 12 and 1 o'elock on the 4th iust, No lives lost; $0,000 dauiages. Thts is : the seeond explosión at this factory. Causa of explosión unknown. Prof. E. H. Crane the well known ; archaBologist of Petoskey, has been digging iu the bluffs on the Lake Michigan beach at , Charelvoix, and has made seme yery interestIng discoveries, bearing evidence of the naudiwork of pre-histof lc man. Peter Haok, aged 75, of Adrián, while on a train uear Sprlngfleld, Ohio, told ' the conductor that he feil. ill and illdn't believe 1 lie would reach Springfleld alive. A moment later he feil over in his seat and died. He had before been troubled with heart disease. ( Application has been made to the ; judge of probate in Jackson for an order to ; send Wm. Stevens, a convict, to the insane a6ylum at Kalamazoo. Stevens Is from Ionia, wa6 in for two years, and has shown siena of insanlty for some time. Hi time attbe prison has expired , Alexander Hamilton Wanght of South Bay City Is said to be 103 vears old is hale and strong, does a full day's work every day, and walks over a mile morning and_ evening to aud from his work. He Is employed as a flreman in a mili and his eraployers say hc is n good one. The Scandinavië (Jongregational Society at Manistee bas lts building completed, and will soon be ready to worship in. The Scandinavian Hall, cosüng $15,000, and the hall beiDg built by Mrs. R. G. Peters for the W. C. T. U., at an expense of $28,000 will bo completed during September. An old man from the "rural deestricts" was in Charlotte the other day, and while watching the men put up the telephone wire ani wondering how they could talk with it, flnally asked one of the men if toe wire was "holler." On being informed that the '-holler' was at cach end, he feit better. The miners of the great western min, Crystal Fall. etruek a few days ago because the old superintendent had been discharged. Riot ran high for a number of hours, and the sheriff of Marqaette county was telegraphed to bring on a possee of men to prevent bloodshed and protect property. Frank Phillips, a Bay City bookkeeper employed by a lumbering flrm up the Mackinac división of the Michigan Central Road. has been missing for some time. His employers sent a large force of men into the swamp8 searching for him but failed to flnd him. His books show a shortage of over $1,000 Miss Fannie Strickland an estimable young lady of Adrián dled a few days ago. A post mortem examination was held and the entire abdominal cavity was found to be filled with puss, the difflculty being caused by a piece of grape stem which had lodged low down in the intestinal canal, and causing fatal ulccration. The dry goods and grocery store of E. J. Olde & Co. in Mt. Clemens, was entered by burglars the other nigtit, who blew open the safe and obtained $25. They then broko open a barn and stole the delivery wagon and the norse of the flrm, and loaded the wagon with the choicest goods they could select and drove off with thcir plunder. The loss is estimated at $1,000. The annual report of the school board of Grand Rapids shows receipts to the amount of $163,235 57 for the year ending September 1 ; expenditures. $133,583 40; balance on hand, $ 9,642 11. A new six-room building is ordered in the Ffth ward. The city has 17 sohool buildines, valued at $500,000; butther is still a lack oí suffieient school room. Damon Stewart, a prominent citizen of Flint, and a known temperance advocate, was assaulted by two etrangers in that place the other day, and cruelly blaten. After beating him, the roughs drew revolvers,and ordered back the crowd that had congregated. and eseaped. Stewart was very obnoxious to the liquor men, and threats of violenco against him have been repetedly made. George M. Beyerlein, a young man well known in East Saginaw was arranged before Justice Nolan the other day on a chargof embezzlement. The complaint was made bv James I. Robinson, "Tho claims that Beyer lein, while employed as a clerk In his vegetable market, received and conrerted to hi own use sums of money belonging to raid Robinenn ag gregating $500. Girls listen to the following from the Muekcgon News: Twenty-five years ugo a young lady of this city had a singular dream 8he consulted a dream-book, and learned tha shc would have four husbands bef ore she reach ed the age of thlrty. This made her rather in dependent, and she is now an old maid of 42 and has never had a beau. Some dream books are not as reliable as they rnight be. The whiskey war at East Tawas ha taken a new turn. The schooncr J. HanJy, Capt. H. Stall, bas oc board 90 gallons of whiaky, and is making short excursiojs from the doek out into the bay and sclling to those on board, thus evading bonds and state licences. Hugh MeDonsld, customs offleer, caused tbe arrest of James Faulkner, charglng him with illegally selling liquor in that village. Battle Creek has an important lawsuit. Mrs. Emily L. King, daughter of GenConvis, is trying to regain large traets of land in Calhoun, Kalamazoo, and Van Buren counties. Three thousand, eight hundred and forty acres in Calhoun county aro involved. H. T. Sevorns, of Kalamazoo, and Hon. G. V N. Lothrop, of Detroit, for complainant, and W. H. Joy, of Battle Crcek, for defend-nt. While Everett Whitney, a boy 9 years old, was riding horseback on hls way to the Indian camp metting near Mt. Pleasant, bis horse became uninanaeeable and threw h!m off, bis foot being entangled in the etirrups. In this posiUon the horce ran over logs with him, kicking the boy during the time until the saddle girth broke, freeing the boy from the horse. The boy now Hes in a critical condition, and no hopes are entertaind of hls recovery. The large farm barn of the Perrin Brothers, in the Township of Marengo, Calhoun County, wan destroyed by flre, together with 400 bushels of wheat. The total loss is estimated at $3,000 to $4,000. On the building there was a lifcht iDsurance in the Calhoun County Mutual. The deflnite amount cannot at present be ascertained, by reason of the property being in the hands of a receiver, who resides al, Battle Creek. The flre is attributed to incendiarism. Tho mysterious and sudden death of Heury Cuteher at Perry, Shiawassee eonnty, lias created intense excitement. It is suspectsd he was poisoned by one John Wolver, who has been arrested and lodged ia jail at Corunna. Cutcher is a married man, and Wblyer bad boarded with him for some time, and had ronned a stroni? attaebment for Cutcher's wife, which led him to polson the husband. The stomach of the dead man has been taken to Aan Arbor for analysis. Warden Waters offers $75 reward for the capture of Henry Tompkinson, who es:aped froin the Ionla house of correctioii September lst. Tompkinson was sent to prison Trom Manistee in Fbruary, 1877, for 10 years. He Is 28 jears old 5 feet eight lnches high, weifhs 135 ponnds. Light complexion, light brown halr, haeel eyes, scar on left ey, long nose, mcdlam mout'u. ecar on right thumb, one front tooth out and one decayed. Had on a heavy blue shirt and straw hat, grey paute, oat and yest. William Stone, for many years pñor o his death post.master at Five Lakes, Lapeer county, was of very savlng habits, and at times his trait in hls nature was so-marked that his neighbors often spoke of him as a mlser. A short time slnee hls son-in law purchased from the widow Stone an antiquated cupboard, payng for it a nominal sum. While overhaullng he ancient piece of furniture a secret drawer bearing the numbers 494 was discovered, which upon being foresd open was found to contain 494 in gold coin, The lucky man made known lis flnd, but some of the late administrators of tho estáte - the estáte having been elosed some time since- were in Lapeer county seekng counsel which may lead to the recovery of he money. Some excitement prevails at Farwell over the attempt to burn the Register printing office. The flre was discovered about 3 o'clock Monday morning, Sept. 3, and by prompt acton was extingulshed. The lire was set on the out6lde of the bnilding, evldently by the aid of kerosene oil, and the cork of a bottle saturated with it was picked np. There is but one sentiment there as to the author of this dastardlj deed. Tracks in stocking feet wero found eading to the building and traced to the gate of the accu6ed party by several prominent clti zens. Tracks were also found leadtn? from the gate. The postoffice is Iocated in the front part of the building and the Farwell Register office occupies the remainder. There was no nsurance on the building. Quite a smash-up oceurred on the Jetroit, Lanslng and Northern railroad ncar Green Üak, but fortunately it was not attended with loss of llfe. A constructton train standing partlally on a slde track, was struck by a frelght train resulting in the wrecking of the freight engine, the demolltlon of a number of cars and the derallment of uearly every car of the freight train. The englneer and flreman of the freight train jumped frem thelr cnetne and escaped with severe bruises. The wreek rendered the track impassable for trains, and baggage and passengers were transferred at the scène of the accident. One car contalning three horses and two men, toppled over and rolled down a high embankment, resulting in the killing of one of the horse, the other occupants of the car escaplng with bad bruises. Tbe 11.. rn a ii i Oio lic Dlocee of Grand Kapld. Bishop Richter of the Roman Cathollc dlocee f Grand Rupids, has made his first diocesan report. The statlstics are as f ollows : Nnmber of priests in actual service in the diocese, 88; ecclesiastical sfudents, 0; parochial churche, 33; authorized debts, $59,541 88; total amonnt of pew rent of churches, $46,880 93; total Cath olie population, 65,000; parochial schools, 17; teachers. 06; average attendence ,3.716; erdl nary revenues of schools, $6,249 34: ordinary expenses of school, $15,493 05; total amount of collectlons for seminary f and, $2,708 40: expenditures, $1,299 50; balance of credit to new ant, $1,803 90. D8TBOIT '1 VItK Isl S. Det rolt, Sept. 4, 1888. Wheat - The market Is rather brisk, an( with omewhat bearlsh tendency. Bot] white and red wheat are in jood rlrmand. Tt hlghett and lowest priorn paid are as follows No. 1 white, $1 0S@10ÍJí; No. 2 white, $1 00 @1 02; Ne. 8 white, 1082; Ne. 3 red, $1 0@ Flüe- There is an activo demand forflour In local clrcle, and also tor shipment to lake shoreports, but the eastward mrrement con tinue dull. Jobbing prices are qnoted as fol lows : Mich white wheat, loir gradee. . . .$ 3 504 00 Mich white wheat, common 4 90@5 00 Mich white wheat, choice 5 00@5 35 Mich white wheat, roller process. . 3 505 75 Mich white wheat, patente 0 50@6 75 Minnesotas, bakers' 00@6 25 Minnesotas, patenta 7 50(8 00 Rje 3 90@4 00 Corn- Market unusuallv easy. Price6 raDze from to 5Sc. per bashèl. Oats- Market very qniet, 31 V @ 31% being the Mghest and lowest price Daid. Provisions- Detroit mees pork, $13 75ffl 14 25; family pork, $17@1750; clear 60 @18; lard in tes, 8%t39}c; in half bble. 91(5) 9c ; in paila, 10Jí@ lüc ; hams, 14c ; shonld'ers, S@SLb; dried beef, 16@17c; bacon, llk'fll ll%c ; extra mess beef, $11 7513. Clover Seed, % ba 7 00 @ 9 83 Apples, B bbl 3 00 @ 8 00 Jutter, $ ft 15 @ je 2ege 16 'otatoes, new, f bbl 1 50 @ 1 65 loney ]g 20 Jeans, picked 2 10 @ 2 15 Jeans, unpicked 100@150 iay 0 00 @14 00 Straw 7 @ 7 50 LIVE STOCK. The eattle market is fairly active. The reeipts were almoet entirely Western eattle. Prices are 15S0c higher than last week's ates on butcheritig eattle, while other grades re about the same, ranging as follows : Extra teers, $4 50@5; good to cholee, $4 15@4 25; medium, $3 75@4 15; good butchera', $8 75@ 25; common, 13 253 50; feederi, $3 75@4; tockers, $3 253 75. Hogs are moderately active atd prices about he same as last week, ranging at $4 50@5 25. The offerines of sheep are very light. Prices re 3 50@4 75.