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Had His Curiosity Gratified

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A well-known citizen of Hartford, }onn., had taken his seat in the train or Providence, when a sinall weazenaced man, carne into the car. The gentleman good-natureclly made room or him by his side, and tha oíd man ooked Lim over from head to foot. "Going to Providence?" he said at ength. "No, sir," the stranger answered poítely; "I stop at Andover.1. "1 belong outthat way myself. Exect to stay long?" "Only over night, sir." "Did you calc'late to put up at tbe tavern?" "No, sir; I expect to stop with Mr. Skinner. " "What. Job Skinner's? Or maybe t's his brother'sP Was it Tim Skinnér's - SquireTim's - vvhere youaregoing?" "Yes," said the gentleman, smillinsr; 'It was Squire Tini's." "Dew teil, if you are goin1 to stop over night! Any connection of his'n?" "No, sir." "Well, now that's curus! The old nanain'tgotinto troublenornothin,has ïeP lowenng his voice; "ain't going to serve a writ onto him be ye?" "O, no, nothingof the kind." "Glad on't. ivo harm in askin', I 'pose? I reckon Squire Skinner's soine oonnection of yourn?" "No," said the gentleman. Then, eemg the amusod expression on the aces of two or threo acquaiatances in he neighboring seats, he added, in a onQdential tone, "I au going to see Squire Skinner's daughter." "Law sakes!" said 'the old man, his 'ace quivering with curiosity. "That's t, in it? I want to know, Going to see Hirandy Skinner, be ye? Well, Mirandj s a nice girl; kinderhombly and longavored but smart to work, they say, and I guess yu're about the right age or hev too. Kept company together OHg?" "I never saw her in my life?" sir. "How you talk! Somebody's gin he a recommendation, I suppose, an rou're going clear out thero to take a squint at her. Wa-al, Imust say there's ts likely gals in Andover as Mirandy Skinner. I've got a family of grown up daughters myself. Never was married afore, was ver ? Don 't see no weed on yoar hat." "I havo been marricd about 15 jears, sir. I have a wife and five children." And then, as the long-straiLed mirth of the listoners to the dialoguo burst orth at the old man's open-mouthed astonishment, he hastened to expiain: "I'am a doctor, myfriend, and Squire jkinner called at my office this mornng to reqeust my professional services or his sick dauhter." "Wa'al, nowl" and the bore waddled off into the next car.


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