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New York World. Closo following on the death of the ate Montgomery Blair comes the death )f one of his contemporánea and felow workers. the lawyer, the politician, the thinker, Jere Black. He reached the summit of his political greatness a quarter of a century ago. In the mad rush of modern politics ho was left behind, and achieved a ame as a lawyer, which showed that the vigor and energy of his intellect had suffered no loss aor diminution. He did not belong to the later school of politicians. He never dickered with ;he primaries, never stifled a convention, never bought a nomination. He never put up the money of milliouaries against the votes of venal bummers, never made a fortune out of a legislativa position. never sold himself to a corporation, never allied himself with the torces of monopoly, of bribery, of plutocracy, of blind pools and deals and trades, and all the rottenness of politics. So it was well, perhaps that he should die. But when one looks around at some of those who are left, it is impossible not to ask the question: "Why wae he taken when these wereapared?1 A gentleman who is no longeryonng. and who wa8 nerer handsome, said to a youngster the other day, before his parents, "Well, baby, really, what do you think of me?" As the child did not reply, the geutleman contiDued, "You do no"t wish to tell me. WhyP" "Because I know that f I should tell vou I should


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