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¦ Supcrvising Architect Hill wants te reslgn. The lirst installruent of the new postal note6 has been lesucd. Ex-chief Justice George F. Moore of Texas, clied in Washington a few day6 ago. For the week ending Sept. 1, 327,497 standard silver dollars were isned from the United States mtnts. Hon. John C. New, assistant secretary of the treasury, will 6hortly resign, in order to ook af ter private (i) business. Our public debt was reduced about 15,300,000 daring August During the same month $11,500,000 were raid out for pensions. The .question of the next speaker orms an 'interesting topic lor discussion, not nly in Washington, bnt throughout the ountry. A circular has been issufid from the reasury department, glving emphasit to the reater need of more thoroughness on the part f steamboat inspectora. During the last fiscal year 91,000 pplications for pensions were disposed of by ie pension bureau. Couimissioner Dudley ays the office has handled everv case broaght efore it. All applications were passed upon, cjected, or additional eTidence required, so no case wa9 left untouched. Application has several times been made to the Marine hospital service for aid for ie de8titute citizeus on the naval reservations t Pen6acola, Fla. Acting Secretary of the 'reasury New, has deeided that tbere are no nnd8 on hand whieh eouk' be used for tBat urpose, ar.d that the state of Florida must are for its own poor. Ia the case of the Louisana Lotterv .'ompany vs. the Postmaster General, for $100, XX) damages, in issuing an order to prevent the elivery of letters to said eompany, tho postmaíter eeneral cas put in a broad and bluDt efense. He pleads not guilty to the entire inlctment, nd riisclaims any motive of maliec r desire to injure the rtputation of the comlainant, and inpists Ihat he was but performm% his duty . The consul general of the United tates at Rome, under dste of July 81, has furi8hed the department of state with an intersting account of a anrlpq of contests between combinsd reaping and binding machir es manuactured in several countriee, tn which those f the United States were suceessful. The rials were severe, the ground being in man; lacee marshy or etony. The lesult riearly howed the superiority of American machines, 'here were but twoprizes offered for eombined e&pers and binders and both of these were on by Americana. The consul general in th:s onnectlon calis attention to the benefits rcsultng froin American representaron at such exititions and to the promislng field in Italy ior he tntroduction of agricultural implements of American manufacture. There is reason to believe that the Militia Bill, which was before the committee f the Senate last winter, will be brought up again next winter for Congressional action. 'he bill proyiöed for the arming and equipment of a mllitia organizatious, the namber of men to be 500 to each member of Congress. This wouid give a total of over 200,000. They were to bc armed and equipped in a thorough manner, drlllcd both in and out of camp, and he general organization made thorough nd complete. They were to be inspected by Jnited States inspecting officers, and the oranizution made Tery thorough. The bill was avorably considered by the Senate Committee, nd doubtless wouldhave passed last winter il lermitted. Geueral Dram is understood to bc horoughly in favor of the bill, as it embodies is views in regard to the militia. Collections of internal rorenuo for be flrst month of the fiscal year ending June 30 1883 and 1S83 were as fellows : From spirts, July, 1883, $4,750,961, July, 1883, $5,263,096, and increase of $512,135, from tobáceo, 883, $3,816,254, 1883, $,929,415, a decrease of 886,839; from f ermented liquors, 1883, $1,21,510, 1883, $1,869,151, an incTease of $147,641; from banks and bankers, 1882, $1,007,594, nl8S3, $400, a decrease of $1,007,594; from rom miscellancous sources 1883, $578,858, in 883, $99,886, a decrease of $478,972: aggregate eceipts 1882, $11,875,577; in 1883, $9,161, 948,a decrease of $2,713,629. The principal items of ecrea:e were manufactured tobáceo, $1,064,635, and banks and bankers $1,007,594. The irincipal items of increase were spirits Ji-tilld fröm materia! other than apples, peaches or frapes, $490,915, and fermented liquors $149,73. _ GHC.1N EIK. AL, 1TEM8. ¦ ïen of the cadets at Indianapolis, on , rial ior liazinjr, were acquitted. Three Cliinamenof Philadelphia hare pplled for naturalization papers. A New York policeman has been arrested for clubbing a man to death. The extra session of the Pennsylvania egtslature bas cost the state $708,000. Frank James, on trial at Gallatin, io. , for robbery and murder, testified In hls own defense the other day. Jason Downer, assooiate justice of ,he Wisconiïin supremo court Is dcad, at the aae oí 70 years. He has been a resident of Milwauke pince 1842. Great drought has prevailed in Eastern New England for five or 6ix weeks. Farmers have been compeüed to take their stock 'rom pasture and feed them on winter hay. Four men wero instantly killed and Teral othera serlously injdred by the eiplo elon of a steam engine attached to a threshlng machine, few milee f rom Frankfort, D. T. Lieut. Kobinson, of the First United States Cavalry, who wMcharged with dupllcating hls pay accounts, pleads gullty, but denles fraudulent Intentions. He wül b oourt martlaled. A fire in Cincinnati deslroyed the office of the Cinclnnati The publi catión oí that Journal was not delayed, however, owlng to the frlendly ald of the Yolksblatt and Enquirer. While services wero being held in the principal church in the town of Lagos, Mexleo, the other day, a severe storm aro6c durlng which lightning struck the building, killing the prleat, four women and a llttlc girl. Two spans of the railroad bridge over the Miesissippi at Mlnneapolls, Minn., were burnedafew days ago. The fire caught from the gpark of a passing engine. Loss about $30,000. Dr. Mulford L. Hunter, íornierly of Detroit, committed suicide in New York a few days ago The doctor s wife died several weeks ago, and hls grief was so excesslve as to affect hlsmind, andthisactis attributable to that fact. Hob3r , Bliszert, a witness beforc the senatortal sub-commlttee on education and labor, insisted that lf a blow was not struck at monopoly before ten years, this country would witness the bloodiest rerolntion that ever occuried. A new line of postal cars has been established on the Pcnnsylvania railroad beNew York, Pittsburg, Indianapolis acd 8t. Louis. The car will leave New York at 6 p m. and arrive at St. Louis at 7:30 on the morning of the seeoud day. A new telegraph and cable compa with a capital of $5,000,000, has been organized in Boston, the object of which is to puicha6e or constrnct and opérate independent telegraph and cable Unes in the United States and Canada and acroes the Atlantic. The pubhshers of ' Farm, Field and Flreside" are meeting witU great sueeesH Ín 8ecurine subscribers to their publleations. In addition to furnishiug an excellent paper at the low price of 50 cents for six months, they propose to distribute $40,000 iu presents to their readers. The deaf mulos' convention at New York decided to raise a fund for a memorial to the Kev. Thos. II. Gallaudet, founder of the first deaf mute school iu America. Prof. Weeks, of Hartford, Conn., was appointed treasurer. It was decidmi to hold the next conventiem at Washington iu August, 1S8S. A tailless comet has been discovered by a Mr. Brooks, an astronomer of Phelps, N. Y. and the disovery k verlfied by Prof. Swift of Rochester, N. Y. This dlscovery entitles Mr. Brooks to tne Warner prizeof $200 iu gold making the second prize he has won this year -oue special of $250 and this regular award. The ffa-e that destroyed the office of the Times-Star in Cincinnati, was more serious than at first reported. The loss of the Times - Star company Is about $10,000. The rag and paper warehouse of Bremer ifc Co., was totaily destroyed, involvlng a loss of $35,000. Nine giris employed in the rag and paper warebouse were burned to death. September 8 was a grand gala day in Minncapolls. The occasion wa the visit of President Villard of the Nofthern Pacific with his party of foreign guests, and by a coincldence President Arthcr and hls paity from the Yellowstone arrived at the same time. The city was decorated lavishly throughout and an emblematic procession requlring four hours to paes a given polnt marched through the streets In the evenlng Mr. Villard nnd hls party were given a banquet by the St. Paul city council at the Hotel Latayette. The President has been apprisod from Wood Rlver, Idaho, of the plan of saty-flve roBghs organteed there for the purpose of kidnaping him. He was killing trout in the lakc at the time, and talkiug with Gen. Sheridan about the matter. The warrior replied by dispatching a courier to the nearest fort orderIng the troops to prepare to intercept any such party. There are 150 soldiers encamped there, and the President has as many more with hun. There are some 2,000 soldicrs at hls disposal at the park, and lt is naturally supposed they will have a hand in any kidnaping business. While a wild Texan steer vas being transferrcd from the pier to a steamer, in Bos ton, the animal broke a-vay and ran at full speed througu the streets. Oue litt'.e boy was caught on the horns of the enraged animal, and {.horribly gord, the hom tearing it way up through the throat, and the tongue torn entirely out. He was thrown high up in the air nd then plunged to the ground. Several other persons were more or less injured. The steer nwhed out on the pier and Jumped mto the water, but was finally lassoed and drawn to shore by the aid of a derick, and killed. Afterthe death of Hon. G. S. Lafayette, Ind, In December, 18S2, it was found that he had mde a will dated November 29, 1879, In which he bequeaf.hed all his property to hls wlfc, she todo with lt as she pleased. For some time past lt has been rumored that Dr. Wm. M. Orth, a son by a former wife, In tended to contest the will, on the "round that undue influence had been used, and that the .testator, at the time of making sa!d will, was not competent. A few days ago Dr. Orth ad dressed a letter to Mrs. Orth, asking what disposition she intended to make of the property. The answer was not satisfaetory, and the doctor at once proceeded to emplo attorneys to draw up the necessary papers to contest the will. Ex-Gov. Baker has been employed by Mrs. Orth, and the context bids fair to be very warm. The estáte Is estimated to be worth about $55,000. Debts and payment of surety money will greatly reduce this amount. OTHKR JL.AN1JS. The Gerrnan reichstag is in session. The epidemie in Egypt is almost extinct. Since the outbreak of cholera in Egypt 27,318 deaths have occurred. There is considerable question a,3 to tho validlty of the Franco Annamese trealy Royalists of Trance formally recognize the Count de Paris as De Chambord's sueCC86Or. There is great opposition at Stratfordupon-Avon to the removal of Shake6peare's remains Engliih fishermen have asked to be taught the American rnethod of catchlng mackerel. Zululancl is in a state of anarchy, and Cetewayo has made anothcr appeal for Brltish proteclion. Despite the establishment of martial law at EqerszeB, Hungary, asti-JevkU dieorders contlnne.


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