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Milking Made Easy.- Cali at J. E. Harkins, No. 32 East Huron, and see his patent milk pail, strainer and stool combined. 1156-50 GRAND OPERA HOUSE! OSIE VII.IIT ONI.Y. Wednesday, September 12, '83. J The latest N. Y. success, A BUNCH OF KEYS! FRONT, Or.THE HOTEL Wita a record of over one hundred consecutivo nights at the Can Francisco Opera Heuse, N. ?., Introduci hu theunapproachablechanieter cometïieune, MISS FLORA MOORE, Supported by Xi. "W.A.XjTOÏT', And a great cast. The celebrated Grand View Hotel Set carrled In its entlrety. Original Muslo ; elegant Costuming. Dödley McAdow Manager E. E. Hume Associate Manager Harry A. Lee Business Manager Reserved seats,7öc; General admission,50c; allery, 25c. Reserved Seats at Bliss' Monday Morning. A SSIGNMENT SALE. il M. T. Woodruff and J. A. VanCleve having aseigned the YP8ILASTIAS Newspaper, job and printiog departments, type, flxtures, office furniture.etc, for the benefit of creditors without preference, the above is offered for immcdiate eale. Datcd, Tpellantl. Mich., Aug. 17, 1883. CHAS. W. McCORKLE, Aseignee. Daughters, Wives, aud Mothcrs. vVe emphatically guarantee Dr. Marchisi'8 Catholicon a Female Hemedy, to cure Fetnale Diseases,such as Ovarmn trouble?, Inflamination and ulceration, Falling and Displacements or bearing down feeling, Irregularities, Barrenness, ühangeof Life, Leucori hoea, besides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, Uloating, Spinal weakness, Sleeplessness, Nervous debility, Palpitation of tlie lieart, etc. No cure, No Pay. For sale by drugfiats. Prices $1.00 and $1,50 per Bottle. end to Dr. J. B. Marchisi, Utica. N. Y., for pamphlet, f ree. For sale by Eberbaoh & Son, Druggists. Slilíl -THE DETROIT JEWELERS iiiiiiili iicliiM tlicir ),nn Xf L N sTXTT 't} srfícer A rORT ST. WEST. VsTC J CONSKESS ST. g ff j 5 f Igl 1 1 I JEFFERSON AVENUE WOOOBfíIDGE ST. _ , Map of the ncw buines ccnler of thls city, honing the location of their elegant flvcstorj i.iiiiiiins, which they will occupy November lt, 183Visltors to Detroit are cordially Invited to look througli our new place, which will be found second to no house in thi country In all It appointment.


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