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l niilirul cloud'ot, iloiiting in mist, II. rn hen the sr.nlight with dewdropa bavs. kisscti, Whcro dost thou roam.and whero is thy homo? Wliere haiifis tliy mant iclnhenven's blue dome? Brij hl (o'.tlcn chnrlots, drnwn by winged sleeáa, Pi : u'sof piea.sure, irlidinfrvrltli spced, Km: fonus hoverinsr o'er glittering seas. And rrikcii i;i hüinmocks thnt swing wltUtne lie :'.'. ( Idlug in sballopsof cnnninc antl pearl, Cu i la ave scikIíiik tbelr urrowi nwhirl, Trumpets nnd bftcners, ineignla oí war, Uürluiling brllliant foreos afar. lie :ids anrl riilors, with beaeons nblaze, AH luivo their home in tbc ciouds' winding maze. Suminnr c'.cuds s'.owing with blushes and Fmile?, Ham' in the heavena ilo love-palnted isies; Gi (1 ti edaocl, silver edood, Beeey and white, Bli fing tho day and Ttdllng thc niglit. Aulumn clouds, brlgbtephemeralglow, I.Hiiuh with Míe brooks when the water is low; Haiy nucí soft, with a beauteous gleam, Klooded througli rifts by tho eun's mellow beam. Winter eloud?, frigid, limpid and far, Dim as the lightof a lusterlcss star, Phnriow and darken, with palé iey ray. The siiirit's fond home, ficd with thc day. Urip-ht in thc heavens, they break with the And Ecáttorlng Ín fragmenta the ether divide, 'ïill the Bhimmerlnif wavee, in rapturous emües, Eucircle and meet 'inid thc heavcn blessed islos As the rainbow of hope, when shining thro tears, Tlirows tho strongcst of lights o'er the darkest of fcars.


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