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1883. ALWAYS 78 FIRST IS THE JURlifi, We are now offerm SPRING STYLES! The fashionable pubiic willbearmmindwea the only House beTweene Detroit and Chicago whï employ men to nK pants. rtKe Winans & Stafford ]VIrchant Tailor No. 19 Uflain St, P. FULL and SEMI255?.S?itsaBpecialty U1B Catarrh, Throat Disease Bronchitis and Asthnu ' Can be Curedl AIso illseascs of the EYE, EAR and HEART at tinDetroit Throat&Lune Instituto, M. IIILTON WILMAMS, M. D., M. C, P 8 O Proprietor. Over 4U.00O Cases Treated in tho Last Seventecn Detroit Throat Umg lasHtm 253 Woodward Ave.. Detruit .Micb. CiET TUK BKST Fire Insurance t&"$42,OOtíOO_L& ; "yi;y held for Hm irtectiün of Ut(vMlq bnMera. CHRISTIAN MACK 'iKCrrwiiits th toiiowiie Brit-cU? eomps .i , of which in, the L.-¦ ?, ha sSone pki ¦wo.'ÖOO.UOO firn Idssee iu nxi ion: .Km. of llenf ra 4 ?, oooOOHO Ü"rnklin. Phlladelphik 3.3 l'.niJO W iirillii Anifrlcan N. V ".Sl'OOOO 00 l.ondnu A"-ur.tnce C rp. irntion 15.8 .'".Ot Oft StttHtl, Hjirirord 1,2'JO,000 10 Nrth li-'iuinn. lla-nburti 2.(y-0,ilOO iii ¦'e'x. rnifclyn 2.S'-i,IXlO Uinlwrttr Affenoj N. Y 4,fiG8tll 00 L,"fs - ut ', d) iiitrd aii pr impily bH t . ie . -M.: il (. Ttiw lo1 '¦' r i;' b a" irtríium. IT3-! 2., CUK1ST1AX HACK. T!NSEY 4SËAB0Lr8 BAKERY, GEOCEEY AMD n,OTJR &. FEED STORE. Wi keep conBtsntlT OD htnd, IIKEAI), CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, fOK WHOI,SAlJt AND RïTAILTRADi. We ihati &1bo keep & supplr of BWIKr i DEUBElS BEST WHITE STH8AT. HTX)UB, DELHI FLOUR, RTK FLODB BÜCKWHBAT Fi-OOK, COB MBAU FEKD, 4c, Jto. At wh.ilesaie and retal. A general eio? OHOCÊRIE9 AMD PKOVISIOW oonstanüj on bnd, whlcbwtll be M on as rejioiable terms &s al any otber bouse In the city. Cash pald for Butter, Egía, ana üonnirj Proin reiiBrailj. BTOiodi dellrered to anr part of tne oitr noot extra o' are. TT. RIN8BT SBABOLT ¦ IBA pn peoplc are always ou the look ¦ËflV ITimt flir chaDces to increase W I h thiir earnings, and in time bc¦ ¦ 11 II emir wealthy; those ho do ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦¦not improve their opportuctties remain iu poverty. Weofferagrcatcliaiiw to make moncy. We want many men, ifomen, boys anti girls'to work for us rightintbeiroini local ities. Any oue can do the work properly from the first Ptart. The business wül Pi more than U-n times ortlÍDary ages. Eiptusive outüt furnished iree. No cue whoengages fails to make money rapldl;. You on devote jour time lo the work, oronlr your spare moments. Full informationaudau that is needed sint f ree. Address Stinsos Co., Portland, Mainc. A F.HANGSTERFER&Ca, 30 and 32 Main St. Ice Creain Parlors and Oyster Ocean Restaurant. The1 Celebrated Premium Ice Cream, "Water Ices, etc.,made to order on short notice. P1 ties supplied with Wedding Cakes, Fancy Pyramids.Cbarlotte de Russe, etc. Wa have in our eniploy the finest FaDcy Cake Bakers and Ornamentéis ia the state. Malaga G rapes, Oranges, Figs. Dates, Raisins, Nuts of all kinds kept constantly on hand. We also manufacture our own Candies. Also Propriator of the Hangsterfer Ice Compauy. ] 1 c 1 1 Connection. Ferdon Lumber Yard i MS TOL HERT, 'p., Minuficiur; bod Dealer te SAGINAW QASti-SAWEO'UIBBi Lath and Shingles. InTtt all i.i titt nu a mil, ni jntsuine o" ¦tock hefore purebnsing olaewher AI.'O AO' NT FOR JÍICKSON SEWER PIPE C, And sel Is fire briek. JAMKS TULUERT, PKOf' i. J. tltCH. Hupt. tïb. IJ. "'


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