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The Frost

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Careful inquiry with referenoe to tlie frost om Snnilay and Monday niglits enables ns to report the following concerning the injury done n Ann Arbor and vicinity : A farmer of Noithfiold says that in a ride several miles aftcr the frost he found but two or three pieces of corn badly hurt. I ii some parts of Northfield. though, corn, buckwheat, etc, seem to be considerably daniaged. More injury, however, was done In Superior, btit here as in other places tlie frosts carried ruin in streaks, some fields being badly injured and others not far away unliurf. Jas. Sage, of Lodi, says a dividing line of the frosts' ravages appeared to be west L bis place. F rom that point to Freedom mucli damage was done, but on the gravel road In tlie opposite direction little injury was eĆ­Feeted. He has two pieces of corn three-quarters of a mile apart - the west was badly hurt whlle that on the east was not injured at all. Jacob Hick?, of Lodi, says his corn is not daniaged. J. A. VanCleve, who liad severa', acres of tomatoes half a mile south of Ypsilanti, lost $2,000 by the frosts' injuries. On Mr. Poster's farm south of here, and" near Ypsilanti, nothing was daniaged. In Webster not mucli injury was done. In general, the frosts scem to have done mucli injury in some sections In otliers none, thecrops on low lands suft'ermg most.


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