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Washtenaw County Fairhere on Oetober 2, 3, 4 andj The corner stone of the Second Baptist thlscity, will be laid on the 23d inst. , , - just as we go to press we learn of the deatli of Jesse Hoyt, of the ttrrn of Ball & Hoyt. of Pexter. Mr. Tice feil from a scaftblding on a building on Washington Street yesterday and met with severe Injuries. Tomatoes lastSaturday could be had for 60centsabushel. Now they are worth $1.50. That is what the frost did. Rev. Daniel Shier will speakon temperanee at Jacob Hicks's grove, Lodi Platas, next Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Justice Brennan on Mondaj sent James Blythman, alias Blackburn, to Ionia for ninety days, on the charge of dronkenness. ____. Tbc Bastera Michigan Agricultural Society will hold their twelfth annual fair at Ypsilanti the 2öth, 27th, and 28th of September. Mr. Asuley's name figures conspicuously in some of our exchanges in connection with the extensión of the Toledo & Ann Albor railroad. The Conrt street M. E. Church, of Flint, celebrated tlie S5lb anniversary of the marriage of their pastor, Rev. W. H. Shier, August 30, 1SS3. Rev. D. K. Shier of Iludson, will adaress the temperance meeting at Cropsey's Hall, Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. The change in time is for this week only. A Christian Convention conducted by D. L. Moody will be held in Farwell Hall, Chicago, on September 18, 19 and 20th. Ira D. Sankey will have charge of the singing. Tickets to Detroit and return can be procured for $1.75 on Thursday of each week during September and October. An admission ticket to the Art Loan Exhibition is included in the above amount. S. B. Curtís, president of the school board, Monday, at Ann Arbor, negotiated a loan of $10,000 upon the bonds of this school district, at 5% per cent. interestMessrs. Philip Bach and Aretus Duim were the takers.- Dundee Reporter. We were shown recently a fine specimen of wheat f rom the f ar west, sent ly F. D. Wagner, of Napa City, California. Mr. Wagner, the. brother of one of our merchants, is in the fruit business, and reports a big erop of everything in his State. A stonecutterreceived the following epitaph from a Germán to cut upon the tonibstone of his wife : "Mine vife Susan is dead. If she had liyed till next Friday she'd been dead sluist two -weeks. As a tree fall so must it stand." - St. Jo. Co Kepublican. Withthe opening of the Art Loan exhibition Saturday the lst began the publication of the Detroit Evening Journal. What especially attracts us is the very elear, readable appearancc of the new venture. In politics the Journal will bc independent. A recent letter from J. A. Buss, postraaster at St. Lavrence, Dakota, reports fine weather and good crops there. He says, grain stacks are thlck on the prairie, and about two car loads of wheat are shipped daily from that section. It brings eighty cents per bushei from the machine. C. G. Bowen, book-keepcr for the Tittabawassee Boom Company, has had a large spider cáncer on his tongue, and last week a considerable portion of that organ was removed by an operation at Ann Arbor. The physicians say that it was undoubtlly caused by excessive smoking.- Sagi"aw Hcrald. The Huron County News of the 31st uit. reports some very daring robberics committed in that county last week by a man of the Jesse James type. Presenting & revolver he expected everybody to do liis bidding, and was very successful in accomplishing the same recently In the vicinity of Port Austin. Ann Arbor and vicinity had very hard frosts on Sunday and Monday nights cuttlnf? down things generally in field and Sarden. At 5:30 Sunday morning several 'hermometres stood at 80 here. We not!f:e it was the same at Hillsdalc. At the me time on the following morning 42 were registered here. The Proliibition club last week elected - R. L. Crozier, president; J. Q. A. Sessions, vice-president; James B. Saunders, secretary; S. T. Speechly, treasurer. The ward committees, elected at the caucuses ast sPring, were reindorsed. Ladies are to e a(lmitted hereafter as members of the club. The club decided to take no part in the coming fair, if liquors are sold on the ttrounds. George Keek, T.ouis Taylor and Charles "agner at 5:30 p. m. last Wednesday swted for a run to Ypsilanti golngby the south road. Their return over the middle i' ia e evening, they found some hazardous, not being familiar with ne exact location of the sraall stones, etc. n thla route. Ann Arbor was reached at i. ' the run down having been made in 1 an1 the return in 55 minutes. Twenty-one ycars ago W. II. Holmes, now editor of the Rcpublican, Waupaca, Wisconsin, informs us lie was foreman of tlie Coumer when C. G. Clark was proprietor. In 1881 Mr. Holmes' brother and Mr.Wüstie were associated with Mr. Clark as proprietors. The two fonner were killed in the 20th. Mr. Holmes writes us that he has a wife and five children, nis oldest girl, who is nineteen, working in the office with him. It is doubtful if there are many notes of the Hungarian fund of 1852 now existing in this part of the country. Tlie other day we were shown one by Mr. Jacobs. It is to the amount of $1.00, and it says : " One year after the establishment in fact of the Independent Hungarian Government the holder is entitled to one dollar,'' signed, L. Kossuth. There is (.langer that this dollar is fated merely to be a memento of a struggle for liberty. Two runaways occurred this week so far as reported : One near the Ann Arbor depot, the brewery team, throwingout of the wagon the driver and a little girl. No serious injuries were received by either. On Wednesday afternoon we noticed a runaway horse delivering lumber with more dispatch than necessary, in the vicinity of the M. C. frelght depot. One man in attempting to stop the horse succeeded- in stripping the fly net nicely, to the amusement of lookers-on. Didn't some one teil us that E. B. nall had a new suit of clothes, or an old one rejuvenated ? It mnstbe, for one evening recontly when hecame home he was informed that his stock needed some looking after, and on his return to the house he saw just ahead of him what he took to be a black and white caf It was, but not of the kind he supposed, and on attempting to jump over cat number one, he struck cat number two. The condition of E. B. need not be told, but it took a dollar's worth of perfume to make him presentable. Further deponent saith not. Tlie issue of the new postal notes began Monday, 3d inst., and Q. A. Turner secured No. I, from Assistant Postmaster Lathrop, for 11.00 to be sent to Cincinnati. Nos. 2 and 3 for 14 cents and $1.28 respectively were issued to Rev. R. B. Pope, the fonner Roing to Paul Pope at Petoskey, and No. 3 to the Chicago office. Such is the history of the first three postal notes issued at Ann Arbor. These notes may be had for any amount from 1 cent tb $4.99 at a uniform cost of three cents. For amounts of $5.00 and upwards the postal order will be used as heretofore. i There is notliiDg like it Take three rustic sticks or poles of small dlmensions, the uglier the better, and about six or seven feet long, fasten them together at the smaller ends five or six Inchea Iroin the top, and stand them up tripod fashion in your lawn. From the intersection of the poles at the top suspend by a diminutive chain any old kettle yon can lind, the more antique the better of course, place therein a flower of some sort, anj'thing that has a red blossom will harmonize best perhaps, paint poles, kettle and all a deep red, and you have our recipe for decorating your lawn according to the latest style adopted in this city. Dr. Wilson received last week, and has on exhibition at his office now, a fine specimen of a mastodon skull found several years ago in Crawford county, Pennsylvania. It was sent to him with a view to placing it in the museum, if satisfactory arrangements could be made for the same with the university autliorities. The skull probably measures three feet in both width and length. There were probably six monstrous teeth on the upper and lower jaw each, three on a side. Four of them are preserved with the specimen, two each side, the crown of the teeth measuring from four to six inches in length and three in width. At one point on the skull may be seen a very smooth semicircular indentation, evidently the location once of an enormous tusk. We are nformed that the specimen ander consideration represents a thousand dollar venture of two persons who secured it for use in connection with a lecture upon his mastodonic majesty. It is evident that our mastodon possessed a very small brain, but it proved expensive enough to break up the parties referred to. The better to represent the comparative size of the skull, a horse's skuli is placed along side of it, and shows the mastodon to be at least four time as large. It is said the remainder of this huge animal is in the Brltish Museum. The skull weiglis perhaps two hundred pounds, and will bea valuable acquisition to the museum if secured.