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THE AMERICAN nniñiii! INDEX AND AMÜALS, COMPLETE IN 24 VOLUMES, IS THE OST COMPREHEKSIVE. THE MOST SYSTEKATXC. THE KOST SYMMETR1CAL. THE HOST PRACTICAL Work of the kind ever publlshed. Read what Professors Fricze and Winchell say or Appleton's Auierlcan Cyclopcdia. Univkrsiïy of Michigan, ) August 29, 1883. ) The American Cyclopedia published by the Messrs. Appleton is fully deserving of lts name; the articles tliat make up its contenta being in general peculiarly adapted to the wants of American readers and as compreheusive and complete as could possibly be expected in a work of this kind. Conetant use of this admirable work for several monthspast has convinced me that it is decidedly superior to any other hitherco published in this country ; and that it slioukl have a place in every private as well as public library. Henry S. Frieze. University op Michigan, ) Chairof Geology and Paleontology, Ann Aubou, Aug. 31, 1883. ) I have owned a copy of Appleton's New Cyclopcdia ever since its lirst publication, and have used it daily. In my scientiric pursuits it has afforded me niuch aid especially in the line of biograpliy and history. But it seems to me specially suited for the more general uses of an intelligent family. I have found my wife and daughters very frequently resorting to the Oyclopedia for precise Information about some personage in literature or history or art, and have often done the same inyselt. Whatever other sources of information may be aecessible, the Cyclopedia is always most accessible, for every subject stands in a fixed alpliabctical position, found in an instant. Without failing to apprcciate the value of Appleton's Cyclopedia to one engnged in scientilic pursuits, I think it especially adapted to family use; and I believe no more efficiënt impulse could be given to the education of a family and to the promotion of its general intelligence, than to place the volumes of this Cyclopedia where they can be constantly and conveniently consulted. My convictions on this point are so strong and so clear that I venture to say that a set of this C3XI0pedia would, if used as it might be, quite doublé the value of every year's instruction at school. I speak expressly of Appleton's Cyclopedia because it is full enougli to give satisfaction on every subject and not too profound for average good intelligence; while the same cannot be said of any other Cyclopedic publication wbich I know in the English language. Alexander Winchell, Prof. of Geology and Paleontology. J. H. Slipper is the general manager for this and adjoining county. He will furnish you the work complete In 24 volumes within a few days after giving the order, and will only ask you to pay for two volumes. Once a month somebody will ask you to pay for one, thus giving you two whole yeara to pay for the work which is in your posscssion all the time. You can never get the work in the book stores; it is sold only by agents. The time to get it is now - the drain upon your purse is so small and the intervals so long that you will hardly be conscious of having parteil with any money. If Mr. Slipper should fail to cali and see you, you will please send him postal expressive of your wishes and he will gladly wait upon you. His address is St. James Hotel, Ann Arbor, Mich. Read what Prof. Putnam of the State Normal School has to say about Appleton's Great Cyclopedia. He has had it in his family for years. He knows what a book is, and you known the man, therefore we say read: State Normal School, ) Ypsilanti, Aug. 14, 18S3. ) I have had in my library for several years Appleton's American Cyclopedia. For Americans and American students it is, in my judgment, better than any other wolk of the kind. It is in a very wide use of the term, a complete library in itself and supplies a most convenient and complete introduction to the whole field of geography, history, biograpliy, literature, science and art. For the purpose of reference it is of more value than hundreds of volumes of individual books. Every family and every student and reader ought to have this work, Daniel Putnam. A. M., Professor of Principies of Teaching, State Normal School, Ypsilanti. I fully concur in the above. J A. Watlinq, D.D. S., Professor of Dental Surgery in Michigan University. A SSIGNMENT SALE. JX M. T. Woodruff ana J. A. VanCleve having assigned the YPSIIiAMTIASf Newspaper, Job and printing departments, type, flxtures, office furniture.etc, for the benefit of creditors without preference, the above is offered for immediate sale. Datud, Ypsilantl, Mich., Aug. 17, 1883. CHAS. W. McCORKLE, Assignee. I telling Piles- Syinptoins and Cure. The symptoms are moisture like perspiration, intense itehing, increased by scratching, very distressing, particularly at night, seems as if pin-worms were crawling in and about the rectum; the private parts are sometimos affected. If allowed to continue serious results may follow. "Swayne's Ointmentf' is a pleasant, sure cure. Also for tetter, itch, salt rkeum, scald head, erysipelas, barbers' itch, blotcbes, all scaly, crusty skin diseases. Sent by mail for 50 cents; 3 boxes for $1.25, (in stamps). Address, Dr. Swayne & Son, Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by Druggists JH. SLIPPER, MANAGER FOR lIJfliilUÏJ. Is a short time quartered at the St. James Hotel, this city. He has in charge APPLETON'S CYCLOPCDIA for this and adjoining counties. It is a work, by the confession of aluiost every scholar in the land, unparallelled for excellence. In it you have the thought of live hundred of the best scholars In the land, boiled down and crystalized ready for use. The work is sold ONLY BY SUBSCRIPTIONncver In the book stores. The most favorable time to get it is now. THE TERMS ARE SO EASY that you will hardly be conscious that you have parted with any money- the payments are so small, the intervals so long. YOU HAVE THE ENTIRR WORK- 24 VOLUMES -WITHIN FIVE DAYS AFTER GIVING THE ORDER, AND TWO LONG YEARS TO MAKE THE PAYMENTS.


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