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bince I was sweet slileen, Wben all the glrls wore homespun írocks Andaprons nice and clean; Wltb bonnets mado of braided straw, Tied close beneatb the chin, And shawls lald neatly o'erthe neck And fastened with a pin. But now-a-days the ladies wear Such hlgh three-storled hats, Wltb Teathers running all around To cover up vLe flats, Then frocks tbat fall so very low And trail a yard beblnd. Tbey 'remade theglddy for to catcb, Yet sometlmes catch thebllnd. And then to think that some young gtrls Wlll almOBt faint away If they are lea to slt alone In wagon or Ín sleigh : And as for gcttingpa hls meáis, Orhelpingmato bakc, Ob '. that would spoll thelr 1 II y hands FroHi bakiug; "aDgelcake." When show would fall I was so pleased. And how n v beart did nutter, As each beau took nis sweetbeart out Sleigh-ridlng In hls cutter ; But wben the storm was bleak nnl cold The glrls and beaus together Would nu't't and have a good straw rd In splte of wind and weather. But now, Indeed, itgrteves memuch That I am forced to mcntUin, However klnd ayoung man's heart, Or bonest bis iutention, He daré not ask a glrl to ríde But such a war la waged ! Tbat if he soes her more than twlcc, Why ! they musí be engaged. Land sakes ! whftt are wc coming to ? ís wliut I want to k now How do the glrlsexpect to have A sensible young beau ? Whene'er they get a nice youug man They cut too great a dash, And tben thegrand resultsoon comes A universal crash !


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