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M.S.SMITH&CO. THE- DETROIT JEWELERS, Publisb Below their )nnr I iGH tgSC (081. l N STA Tí !J STREE "A a pÉBr ''c [NEW] iy DCTBorr . 1 íx r FORT ST. WEST. SíyV CONGRËSS ST C) i - i3nm? - i liLJOl LAFiNED CQ C3 SI OLD I 1 1 I O 5T0R è JEFFERSON AVENUE WOOpaPipGE ST. Hap of the new bUBines3 center of this city, showing the losation of thoir elegant flve story b.iilding, which they willoceupy Novembsr lst, 1883. Visitors to ])etroit are cordially invited to look through our new place, which will be found second to no house in thjs pouijliy in all its app ointmeuts. Undoubtedly the nost potfoct bi};.vc)e noy "Pt0 forth upon your whecled horsc, and list t,o nature's teachings." THE CQLJJWBfA filcyCLES Are made as Strppg afld d(jra()le as the best material and most sUillcd vorkmaoship can produce. They are used by Mercuants, Clerks, ifinisters, Lawjers, Doctors, Messungers, Coliectors and Carjienters. They furalsh the eheapest and heat ffleans of HA PID TKAPfÏT, give the rider the healthiest of out-door ejcercise, und n a word are THE POPÜLAB STKEDS OF TO-DAÏ. ':I 6hall rejoice to see the time when tbi exercise shall be as popular among girls and women as tennis and the dance, for the more iully the physical life of our womaukind is developed the better for men as well as women." - Dr. Richardson, of Loifloii, on the Tricyde. "Now ood jjigflptioB walt on appetite, and health on both.'1 THE (JOLUMBTA TRICYCLK Is a new machine for general use by both sexes and all ages By the addition of the Columbia Tricyclc, The Pope Mf'g. Co. can claim to furnish .,.:¦'¦'¦ ior THE W59&9 FAMILY. For grandfather, granuojjher, father, mother, young man, young lady, and dven to ittle Jonnle au4 sissie. Send 3c Btanip for 3ö-paite illustratcd Catalogue, with price-li6t and full iníormaflon. THE POPE MAiiUFACTURlNU CO., 597 Washington St., Boston, Mass. Or to OHAS. WAGNER Agent. Ann Arbor, Mich., 31 S. Main St.


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