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A CLU3 %pfO fA,CE ' The abore dffpicts a very pleasant feature of bicyclfng aa a sport. Tho club havoriddcn from 'their headquarters Ín tho ci(y, to a subürbati villago sonio twenty miles away, wliere thoy a watt ¦tho arrival of the racing meinbera who woro to Vtarijuít J.hirty minutes later. ' ' Flve mhvutéii more and the two foremost of the raclrig Friton liis " Harvard," nüd Yonson ton Jii "Yule," appèar iiï fllght.' The pace is Jrememloiis : Üic mcn are neek and 'neot, 'hnd Koáges, tho captain of tho club, wliom you olíL Serve is'k'áúíng on hiö "Shadow'Might roadstct', ín t)je furcgroiínd, declares ihf; race a titj. ' H Wíjere are tlic other pjao?" lie áks. '' Oh, bpïiftid, sunifwhere," ís tfao reply. 4re there any 'Jíaryard'e' pr 'TTttJe'e' or 'Sljadow'e ' npioug thciiy " fl Ñot onc," 11 Ah 1 thut neconrtts for it" saya tho cáptala. Amei'Iciin bleyelers asa body wlll realiïo the forcé of the captain's last remark, but the thouuands of new riders whieh the coming year will produce, ahould oach oue of thcra realize that ' jije only trut1 MOnomy In choosing a bieyele is to ise eontont wiih notlnng Iets than the very best that raonoy wlll procuro. Kach ehould iïnd out all ho can abuut bicycles beforo making his cholee, and in order to aesiat enquirer in thelr Bearch for information, we wil!, on receipt of n a three-cent etiimp, eend to any addreas, a copy of our large illuat"uted catalogue by return mail. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, Thö Pioneer Bieyele House of America. f ¦ i [Estalillshtxl 1877.] Importlng Martufaclm-s of Bicyclc & Trlcycle Obd Fellows' Itktj,,' Bostoní Mass. ¦ CftAS. W. WAGNEB, o ¦21 South Main tjt., ' A-nn Artoor, Mich.


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