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An American Woman

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Rere n otir vicinity has heen Anna I Dickinson, of American Women one ot' I the greatest. A score ofyearsago, a quaker girl woikI ing in the United States mint at PhiladelI phia. She spoke lier thoughts at a public I meeting and was dismissed from the servI ice of the Government for saying what she believed to be true. In APPLKTON'S AMERICAN CYCLOPEDIA volume vi, page 90 you will tind tlie reason of this harsh action of the United States Government. The name of Anna Dickinson was honored in every household, and the huinhle Quaker girl waa famous throughout all the land. She acquired considerable money. Revenues come, she, pluck woinan, worked on, the sole support of an aged mother and inyalid sister, and finally resoWed to enter upon the stage as a ïneans of livelihood. "An American Girl1' is the name of lier first play ; this was followed by two that are destined to inimortaüty - "Aurelian " and Anna Boleyn"- and that same Cyclopaedia (Appleton's American) that records the lite of the Roman Emperor in the third century, and that of the mother of Elizabeth In the sixteenth, devotes as mucli space to this American girl in the nineteenth. People wishing to keep abreast of the times in the lives of the rising great men and women of the day, as well as thosé, who are studying the great characters of the past can tind no where else so concise and yet so full an account of them as can be found in Appleton's American Cvclopaedia. No name of ancient or modern great men has been omitted. The modern Biographical sketches are prepared with great care, generally from data furnished by thesubjects themselves, supplying information whicli the march of eyeuts has rendered an imperative necessity. Appleton's American Cyclopaedia isa well spring of delight in every liousehold. The time in wliich to secure this vast literary treasure on the very liberal and favorable terms now offered Is fast drawing to a close. Send a postal to the agent, J. H. Slipper, St. James hotel, Ann Arbor, and ask hini to cali and show you this great work. It will pay you. We have bought a set of the work and lind it invaluable.


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