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-óersóñstook advantage of the cheap ] nte9 to Detroit Saturday. ( The Supervisors prooeeáinga will be printeu at the Coükieb office tliis year. Eainv mnddy, Rloomy weather, but wirlml not bad for the cattle and the grain plan (¦! m . Tlie appcal of JOhri CVllani from the Probate Court was settled imicably 011 Saturday. _____„ The leaves will soon be off the trees, then the yards ought to be eleared up for the winter. ____ Four lawyers occupied two days in a anti over a sewing machine In the Circuit Court this week. The teleplione wire to Howell was opened up Monday, and ye editor had a hand in the flrst Howeling. ?- At 3 p. m. Sunday afternoon Mif. Laura G. Fixen lectnrcs on tempcrance at the Baptist church. Friday Mrs. U. V. Noyes feil down cellar. She was badly bruised but eacuped fracture or dislocation. 472 persons have been convieted of beiiig disorderly persons since the flrst of January, in the county. We are glad 10 cbronicle Üiat Mr. Lorenzo Davis has bee:i reelecto! one of the overseers of the poor. At Lowell last Suuday a memorial service was held in the Methodist church for the late Nelly Whedon Webb. A man in our town has had a wateh ten years which has run continually for all that time, It must need some oil before long. ______ The High Scliool Index again makes its appearance this week. It has an attrao. tjye air about it and occupies á good field of usefulness. Monthly meeting of the Pomologlcal Society will be iiekl Satnrday, November 3rd. Topics: The lessons of the seasou. Work among trees in November. After sixteen years of steady fuithful service as sexton of the M. E. Cluirch, Steven Adams has resigned so as to give his ittentiou more completely tohis farmCatharine Burng has commenced suit againstthe city for injuries sustained by falling oft' an elevated sidewalk on West Huron street, and lays her danwges at sio.Ortn. Mr. Charles Adama oL Litchlield.Conn., a brother of Mrs. Henry Wade Itogers, died suddenly oí apoplexy Tuesday. Hte remains were taken yesterday to his former home. A blue ribbon wave ia sweepiug over t the city. Mr. Conway is a live and ener getic worker, and has adopted an effectual plan of eampaign by sending the children right into tlieir own homes to woik with i their own folk?. i There is a house in town where five families dweil. That, in itself, is not particularly gtrange, but the straiu on human credulity is great when it is affirmed that tbey never have any quarrels, and none of them want any of the others to move out. , As John Taylor of Whitmore Lake was returning home f rom the city last Saturlay night, his wagon collided with a buggy and he was throwii into a ditcb and recelved some severe cuts about the head. He was able, however, to ride home after a few hours. This board of Supervisors is 11 kei y ta adjourn without doing; anything in connection with the much needed new jail Then it will be another wbole j-ear beforo anything farther can be done. And tlie chances are, that even then the old shell will not only be tolerated but venerated for its age and weakness. Deputy Sheriff, John Shemekl of Ypsilanti resisted a deputy Uaited States Marshal in the sale of the Worden property, last week, at Ypsilanti, blaltnlng that there wa9 a mortgage upon a part of the chattels levied upon. Mr. Shemeld was examined ly the United States Commissioner on Monday, the decisión was withhehl. The tnedals olVered by the Rugby Association for to-morrow's Field Day were (lonated by the mcrchants, who liberally showed their friendship and interest in college athletics. In Detroit Mabley. Hudson and the proprietors of the Hussel House presented medals. These are to be shown Saturday in Osius & Co's winUow. There are 414 students now cnrolled. in the High School, 219 of whom are residents of Ann Arbor, :ind the remaindeare distributed as follows; Micbisan 122; Illinois, 14; Indiana, 18; Ohio, 8; Iowa, 4; Minnesota, 1; Oregon, 1, Pennsylvanin, 2;Tennessee, 2; Missouri,;;; Arkansas,2; Texas, 5; Mississippi, 1; Colorado, 1; Montana, 7; Ontario, 3; District of Coliimbia,!.- H. S. Index. The " Tall Sycamore of the Wabash," s his colleagucs in the United States Senate cali theHon. D. W. Voorhees.tias the reputationof beingan eloquent speakr,and as this is a lccture on Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the Democracy, the modern exponentof Democratie ideas and theories will be at home ia his. ubject. The students have tried many times to get Mr. Vooihees to speak here, bnt -we believe this is to be his iirst appearance befoie an Ann Atbor audience. Mr. Dcnisou J. liigtey, fbrmerly ati assistant in thc museum, also a gradúate in the class of '79, was niarriod last week Wednesday at Oakwood, Lakc Genova Scininary, Wis. to Miss Sarah T. Warner, Tuesday Mr. Pebblcs went to Clielsea, and removed from the cemetery there to the one liere the body of liis daaghter, buriecl twenty yeais ago, and the body of an infunt daugiiter of Mr. W. W. Whedon, buried twenty-three years a{0. They were both in excellent pretarvatlon oonsidering the lengtli of time enterred. Trof. I. N. Demnion lectured on Cfaaucer Wednesday cveninjrbefore the Y.M.C. A. in Detroit. Yesterdiiy's Post and Tribune annoiinces that the nudience room was filled to overüowing, and concludes by saying : " No more appreciative diseourse on tlie 'well of English undefiled' lias ever been heard in Detroit." Anothcr one of our oldest citizens has gone to rest. "William Morton died Wednesday at 12:20 p. m , being 72 years o!d. In 1M2 he was born in Armagh county, lieland, and canie to this country threc years later. In 1865 lie canie to Ann Arbor iïoni Whltewater, AVisconsin, and resided iu tlie Sixth Ward until four years ago, when lie moved to tlie old Ctiase place out on tlie south Ypsilanti road. There he died of general debiüty. The family remaiuing consists of liis wite and the children : Dr. W. J. Morton, E. J. Morton, Miss Maggie Morton, W. H. Morton and Mrs. Daniel Emerson of Wiseonsin. The funeral is to be at the house Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. An active tempera nee campalgn under Dr. J. II. Conway, of Philadelphia, began in this city Sunday afternoon last. The work seems to be after the order of the moral suasion luoremcnt of six and seven years ago. Dr. Conway is a disciple of Francis Murphy, and introduces the blue ribbon as his badge. His aim is to draw away the drinkers froin their cups and induce young men and boj's never to begin the use of intoxicants. He seems to be a Christian man, and claims to expect no success without the help of God through prayer. He claims to be a gospel temperance worker and eniphasizes tlie necessity of drinkers seeking earnestly the help and grace of God to insure tlieir fwm Standing against the power of appetitc. In connection with his work cverywhere a mid-day prayer meeting is established. Aceordingly such a meeting is held in Firemens Hall each afternoon at 3 o'clock. On Sunday afternoon the hall was lillod to overflowing. Several of the elergymen were pïesent. io.v. R. B. Pope opened with reading of the sciiptures and prayer. Dr. Conway probably disappolnted some of his auditors by not giving one of his formal aldresses, but earnestly threw hirnself into the active work of his cimpaign by securing the signatures of nearly all who were present. Blue ribbons were flutteriug from most all tlie coats and dresses as the large audience dispersed. 334 sigaatures to the pledge were seeured. In tlve evening another fnll house, of those who do not ordinarily attend churcli, greeted Dr. C, and 00 more signatures were added. Monday, Tuesday and Wcdnesday niglrts have witnessed a full liouse, and the results of fourdaysis 1,157 signatuies. Dr. Conway has the power of tremendous work himself, and the faculty of setting others at work. He visits drinking men during the day and sees them at hi3 room. llis kindly manner and nobleness of lieart wins all with whom he comes in contact. One of the distinguishing features of nis work is the semling forth of an army of canvassers who go everywhere solicitIng signatures to the pledge and extending invitations to the meetings. It is hoped all good citizens will ericourage the good work by their presence and cooperation. Money also is needed to defray necessary expenses. Friday morning, as we go to press, wc are informed that the numberof signers to the pledge this week, thus far, is l,350,among whom are many of those who have hitherto been classed with the hardest drinkers of the city. Last evening, although stormy.was one of the best for the cause of temperance ever known to this city.