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BUSINESS CARDS. WILLIAM BI66S, BÜILDER. SHOP: COKNERCHUKCH AXD ORLEAJïSST. Aan Arbor. W. H. JACKSOX, DENriNT, OFFICE: Over Bach & Abel's fcntrance by fc'irst National .ank. 732tf WILLIAM HLRZ, üoase, Sifn, Ornamental and FRESCO PA1NTER. Paperinj, Glaïlnfr, Gilding, and C!e'.mlDlnir ;;n woti et Tery desciiptlon done In th bPit ¦¦ %né warrantcd to gire f&tlsfnct on. SHOP, NO. 4 WEST WASHINGTON ST. Ann Arbr. HlcbKan. "! C. SCHAEBERLE, Resiclenee, S7 Soutli Main Street. TEACHER OF Piaiic, K aaJ Ihq cf M Instructlons given on plan of the Royal Conlervatory of Music at Leipsic, Saxony. FBED BAHFORD & CO., FRESCO ARTISTS. Dealers in Fine Wall Papers, Leather Papers, INCRUSTA, Paper Celling, Decoratlons, Store Shades, Decorativu Picture Mouldings and Centres. Estiiuates given and designs submitted for Frescoing and Paper Decorations. 255 Jefferson Ato., DETROIT, Mich. ¦tctillTam w.nicuols" DENTIST! lías KeujüTCiI To HU NEW DENTAL ROOMS Orr Jo T. JtcobJ' itttt ALL KINDS GFBLANKS PRIMED OJÍ SHORT NOTICE AT THE COURIER JOB BOOMS. Book-biit!ing ii;kly done na nllroemni, (n vital iti, nuil cars CKtefully priüiril. "jTberr?, The Practical TAILOR & CUTTER, Of the late lm of WINKANS ft BEURY, has lo cated hls pla-e of business at JVo. 7 HURÓN S Til JE ET, Wlth a full lino of SCtrnroS AXD TROUSERINGS, knd would say to hls old trlends and new ones tliit lf tbey want a (Jood Fit and n Nobby Mt at Reaaonable I'rlces, onll on hlm and they will be Vre to et one. DEAN, GODFREY & C0., -AND - DECORATORS, IOT fe 1 il Grlutvold 8t., Detroit. Ine Paper IlaDglngs. Klcg;uit Celling Decoratlons. Fine Frieies in all Width. House Anadee and Uollers. A large varlety of room moulding and hooks. rRESCO PAIUTIITG. We make a speclalty of 9tore Shades and we will furntsh estímales and samples of colora on appllcaUon. Shades atted to roll irom top or bottom of the Tlndow on Statloncry or Travellng rollers. Will íratah Opaque shadlng to the trade cut to mea s Winans&Staiford -FINE- Cusid Tailors. 1TO. 19 Main St, - OUR- Fall and Winter Stock 18 very elegant and complete. Prices as reasonaable as consistent with the high grade oí workEQanship. llft"W(;l)1;'ari' alwayson the look UU I V L '""¦. for chancea to Increase ff I ¦ 1 F earnings, and in time bc¦¦ IWV1 wealtEy; those who do M remain in povert'w Ve.rthe1r rtmiÍ0 m&ke monev wi w ttcT a great chanee Ws and eiriR tn i . nt man)" meD' women. loiities Anv fr US riShtln 'eir own frffl the ÏÏeZt "Í.Ürorkproperly wto3 -ne h-en"


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