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William Hope, bookkeeper for Hobbs, Osborne & Hjbhs, hardware merchants of fondón, Ont., has abeconded to the United States. The cxtent of his peculations is not known as the books are falsified. He served five years in the peuitentiary for a similar crime in 1S77, the amount in that instance being Í59.000. Samuel Beihl, a young tramp, committed suicide at Kent, Ohio, by jumping head flrst tnto a glass retort at the glass works of Day, Williams & Co. The furnaee was heated to a high degree of intensity in order to melt sand, soda ash and other substances usfd in the eomposition of window glass. Death must have been instantaneous, as a single b'rcath drawn in the flery furnaee would shrivel the lungs. Albert Frizcn, a farmer whose place was 10 miles frora New Comeretown.Ohlo, com mittfid a horrible crime and Uien killed himself. Particulars of hisbloody work eannot be glven, as none are left to teH the tale. Ou going to Frizen's house a neighbor was unable to gain admission in the ordinary manner, and flnally suspecting eomething wrong, as the family were known to have been at home, forced an entrance, when a horrible slght met his geze. Weltering in their gore lay the bodies of Mrs. Frissen and their three children, while in another room was the dead body of the husband and father. It was plain that Frizen had slaughtered his family and then 6uicided. The cause of the dreadful crime is unknown. It bas sent a thrill of horror turough the community. Rev. E. K. Bishop, rector of St. Paul's chuvch at Marquette, has resigned and is about to go to Europe. The rector's work has evidently been appreciated at Marquette as his parishon er's put a purse of $1,400 in his hands before he atarted. Six years ago when he went Marquette he found the hurch discourage d and hoavily in debt. He leaves it Hear of debt and in a Üourishing condition The idea that lightning is not so de structivc as it used to be in the United States, because the net work of railrords and telegraph wires lessens the number of accidents, is met by the record of the summer. Fatal thunderbolts have neverbeen more common.


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