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Efforts are being made to raise half a million dollars as an endowraent to Albion College. When that is done, its name will be changed to the Asbury Centenary University, and it will be made a University in the full meaning of the term. Dr. J. S. Smart was delegated to go about the State to obtain the ahove mentioned sum. It is a pity such instilutions as Albion, Olivet, Adrián, Hillsdale and Kalamazoo colleges coulil nothave been placedon the hills about Ann Albor. Then the innumerable advantages of a tiniversity town would have acerued to these institutions and to their students. There would be access to the library, the observatory and the laboratory ; opportunity of hearing thebestlecturersnotonlyintheclass-room but also upon the lyceum platform, and above all, contact with that braad university spirit everywhere prevalent among the Instructora and students of a large and universal school. As a student ourself we have had occasion to meet the students from the various state denominational schools and have noted not only the apparent but the real " freshness," or to use a gentier word, the boyishness, of t-hose undergraduates. They too frequently lack the manliness of action, of thought and of life characteristicof the boy thrown upon his own merits and intellectual resources among older and sharper men in university circles. Usually the new gradúate of oneof the denominational colleges has the appearance of a university sophoïnore. By no means would we disparage the work of these colleges, but on the contiary they have much to recommend themto those who do not feel able to obtafn the higher education or who wish tobe nearer lióme. The Work tliey do is B ffood one, but to our mind it could be made more substantial, more órnate and in all ways, inore satisfactory if it could have university methods as an example before it.


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