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Tliis was originally a religious festival and was instituted as eariy as Ilie 7th century in Celebration of the conversión of the pantheon at Rome iuto a Cliristian palaoe of worahlp, which was dedieated to the virgin and the martyrs. Tlie lst dav of JNoveniber was called All Huilows, - lioly or saiiits' day. JUuch supentition caiue to be a8sociated with H. It WHB believed to be a time of supeniatiiral intiuences wben disenibodied spirits stalked abroad and with invisible forin coinmitted anlics at will. That Idea has been very generally exploded hovvever by the frequent mateïialization of the spirits that commit the depredations on Ilallovveen. It is also denouiinated as " JSTut crack niglH," in soine quarters. wheie mits are not only ciacked and eaten but are 111:1de the medium ol divinatlon in love affairs. Ia some parts of the United States great sport is enjoyed by buckinr or bobbing for apples s-et ifloat in a tub of water. In Western Pcnnsylvania the yóuth and fnn loVlnt; promenade the streets with poekets rail of som and shower it against the neiirhbors' windows, steal all ÚBgaroered cabbae and throvv it into the halls and against doors, and the more venturesoine and reckless overturn I out houses, blockade the streets bui ld fenees across the countrj' roads, carry olt' ffates, ehange Ihe wlieels 011 wagon?, put 1 eows 11 the hay mows, and college , els and all sueh manner of deviltry.


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