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w ¦ ÜHI- t " Opening or Mali. Mails leavlng An.iÁ7bor, h.ast and West, Jfl close as ïollows: W GOINU WBST. -hroaah and Way Mail 8:35 and 10:5() a. in. SaübetweeuAuuArborand P " OOINQ KAST. h and Way Mali, Nlght Llne,8:0C p. m. TZoS ïïd W Maii!..10: a. m., 4:30 p. m. i;,n-.i SOUTH. Toieüo pom&j" :-vz::z:::::i:4o S: Toledo and w ay " GOING NOKTH. i, Ivon and Northern 10.00a. m. wülsn liltmore Late & Hamburg 9.30 a. m. MAILS DI8TKIBDTKD Eastern MallB dlstrlbuted at 8 a. m., 9.30 a. mLL Maïfdmtrïbutedat 8 a. m. and 6:30 "wkson Mail aud Way Mali between JackJngM Arbor dUtributed at 11:15 a. m. jTiEiidKe Xo. F. & A. JU. „niar oommunlcatlons held lu Masoulc Hall on WeclneMlay evenlugs uu or beforethe f u'! "fBrotliers cordlally welcome. Viiiiu„ii c. 1). UAVWüiN, W. M. ' T'M8UN'Sec"irfiaTof The Courler, who have k . at the ITobate Court, will " . reuufHt Judxe Harriman to '¦, heir l'rintina to thi ottlee.


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