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"íyngíit tile Supervisará finished their biisinessancl adjourned sinedie. Frank Hangsterfer has opened a bakery „oiiiiecüon withhisconfectionery store. Tlio junior class of the High School faitea social SaturÜHj evening at Mis. Kicliardson's. New glitters on the east side of Main Street íouth of Liberty reiolee property hoklers thereabouts. If present expectations develop, the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Railroad will be 226 miles in leugth. Ground was broten this week for the new house of O. M. Martin on the corner of Fifth and Liberty streets. On dit that Miss Kuth Kerr, formerly a teacher in the First ward school, wasuiarried this week to Mr. Kent. The good teniplars of this place are making arrangements for au entertain-. ment to take place Tuesday evening Nov. aoth. _____ Sheehau fc Co. have sold out to B. J. Conrad who will run the store until he cun close out the stock. Mr. Sheehan goes to Mei ominee. As a bit of enterurUe tho new firm of Osius & O. issued a raonthly bulletin of the latest publications on sale at their store. These are circulated f reely. Four boys were caught at Fostei'a Friday night whlle throwing stones through the Windows of William Blaisdell's house, One of the rocks knocked Mrs. Blaisdell down, but did not seriously injure her. Some sneak thieves are plyíng their low trade about the halls and rooms of houses where students are. They pretended to be book-canvassers. It would be wise for them to lay low as they are spotted. _ Conrt was oecupied Monda}' in a foreclosure of mortgage suit of Fletcher vs Wheeler, au Ypsilanti case. It adjourned Tuesdav, and yesterday took up the case of J. J. Robison against John W. Cowan of Manchester. The demoralization of side and crosswalks the moruiog after Halloween was greater than usual. Several huudi'ed students were out on a lark, and merited the rebuke Pres. Angelí gave them at chapel the next morning. A new house is huikiing on South University Avenue opposite the Dental college. Ilev. N. Eastwood is the owner and the Louick brotuers are the builders. It is being pushed rapidly and will be enclosed bef'orc cold weather. Kev. Mr. Suuderland will speak uext Sunday evening on "Students Christian Associations: tlieir Pr ssibilit'es, and their Dangers." All students but especially members of the University and High School Christiau Associalions, aie iuvited. Of late, Miss H. J. Chapia of Ann Arbor has been active as a uniyersallst preacher speaking in vanous parts of the state. For some time she has been at Hillsdale and now having been chosen pastor of the church there she accepts the charge and will preach regularilly. The YoungPeoples' Missionary Society of the Congregational churcli. togcther with a similar society fiom Jackson will give an entertainment in the basement of the church this evening, entitled " Decorative Sisters.'1 An oyster supper will be 8erved atterwanls. The admission is 15 cents. A feature of city lile durlng the long evening? tliia time of the year is the inHiation of the various secret societies. There is a large number of societies here and nearly every night some "victim" has an experience. Tuesday evening the Kniht Templars celebrated, and last "glit the Maccabees. On Saturday Evening, Nov. 3d. at half past seven o'clock Judge Harriman will delirer a lecture for the benefit of the Ladies Library at the residnce of Judge Cooley. Subject: Prehistorie Races of the United States. It is lioped a large uumber will avail themselves of this opportunity to hear Judge Harrimün as e!l as to akl the Library. The admission will be fifteen cents. The second public recital by the class in dramatic elocution will be given in High School Hall this evening, at 8 o'clock The doors will be closed during each recitation. The following program will be Kiven : 1. '"Light House May,' Faxton. Hattie E. Strlcklaiid, St. Johus. 'The Death of the Old Squire," Anon. Frank E. Beeman, .Southington, O. "McLaln'sChild," Anon. Clement H. Btickney, Ann Arbor. "The Engineer's Story ,". Harte. Elsle Jones, Aun Arbor. ¦ "Arnolds Soliloquy,"..?. Kossetter C. Cole, Anu Arbor. The Supervisors have acted wisely, and at last decided to allow the people of tlie county to vote for a new jail. They proPose the raising of $20,001) for the building. If the city chooses to add $0,000 to this niount, room will be allotted for a lockUP- Hitherto the county has furiiished ll'is room and the turnkey, but with ew building they wish to have a cliange in Uiat arransieinent, so the above ofter is made. The opportunity is now given, and the unfitness of the old Jail being so generally understood there Probably will be but little opposition. It will come to a general vote at the election next spring. The old Uott house ou William street next to A. W. Ames was moved away last week and work will be commenced at once on the new house for Jesse Booth. As Mr. Booth is occupied in the banking business in Missouri he has for his agent Selick Wood. The plans of the house are in a new style of building. Hon. D. W. Voorhees, after his lectura Friday night was tendered a banquct at Hangsterfer's by the Beta Theta Pi ehapter, of which society he is a member. He made some felicitous remarks concerning liis college and fraternity experiences and expressed his picasure at renewing thetn at the U. of M. Early the next morning he luftfor Washington where this week he is occupied with a snit. Under the auspices of the Baptist Sunday school, in their church, there will be next week a series of popular scienee entertainments, conducted by Prof. W, C. Richards, lie has a complete set of instruments for the experimenta wlth which he illustrates his remarks. Wcduesday eveniug the subject is the Matter King, sliowing the wonders of oxygen; Thurdday evening the Forces and Phenomena of the atmosphcre; Friday evening, Franklin's Kite, or electrical story, while a matinee Friday afternoon tells of the Wonder World. The tickets are 35 cents, or for the course $1.00. Thelectures will aftbrd amuseineiit as well as a deal of scientiflc knowledge. The temporalice revival has continued this week, and now the supporters of the work claim over 2,900 siguatures. Wednesday evening tlie meeting was held in Lower town and last evening the re was a large attendancc in the town hall. R. E. Frazer, Prof. Dickie, of Albion, Rev.Dan Sliier of Hudsou and Mr. Mosher of Mo3heiville addressed those assembled. Dr. Conway has done powerfui work, hut has labored under a cloud of distrust thrown np by liis enemies as to his antecedent?. He has shown a reticence on that poiut puzzling even to h's friendo, and many of tliem, on that "account, have been at a loss as to whether or notthey could continue in li is support. It is but just to say that he has good recommendations frora Lowell, Massachusetts, were lie worked last winter and spring, and that his conduct wliile liere has been exemplary. It is good news to the many who have not yet seen tlie Detroit Art Loan that the time for its closing has been postponed until the lOtli instant. Although for the two months in which it has been open over 100.000 visitors have indulged tliemselves in the treat of viewing the rare treasures of art, very many yet remain who have not seen it and ought to. It is a c )llection seldoni equalled in this country and tlie contemplation of tlie rare paintings elévate the soul, cultívate the inind and leave pleasant, ennobling remir.iscences. We were fortúnate enough ba being able to visit it Tuesday, and regard it as anead of many of tlie permanent art galleries of Europe. Though it bas few of the ohl masters, the new schools are developing much strength and are by nomeans unworthy of close inspectiou and study even f rom connoisseurs. The renaissance of art occasioned by this exhibition reaches iar and wide in the homes of the state, and its good iufluence can not but be feit for a long time.