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B.&ÏL THÜRSDÁY-COLD AND WET. Lupins Cashmire. - Inquiry Is being made for them and we keep a large stock of everything Lupins makes. You may find everything liere that is elsewhere and soine beside, that others do not have. As to prices, surely we would not charge liigher than othera, only to have cut goods to take back. The fact is this store levéis prices. It is true now and then some one to stimulate trade cut prices, but the moment it is advertised, or we hear of it, that minute our prices must go down, nIiow us where our cashmere or any other goods are higher than elsewhere and we will thank you. We can show yon many goods that are lower than elsewhere and you can thank us. Bach & Abel. Fashion forecasters we are not. We wonld be unworthy our opportunities thongh, if we couldn't very often teil the drift of the currcnt. Our provisión for your anticipated calis have often proved the wisdom of our thought. The Jersey coiits have rnae a place of their own. Of conrse,now, everybody knew they would. We have about '20 doz. iu all, sized from 30 to 42, which we will sell it f'2.50. Former pi ice, $4.00. Have you seen them? Our Merino Underwear Counters are thronged these days. We siniply meution it to let you know that we have extra help tuere, and can give you prompt attention. Plaids are in greater request than last season, and are a deal more pronounced in style. Their use is by no means coniined to the young, and both in full suits for misses, and skirts combined with Jerseys and other waists for young married and middle aged ladies, there is scope for a wide range of taste. We are oepecially fortúnate in opening to-day a very desirable line at prices that can not be duplicated. Bach & Abel. Mere ment ion : A choice assortment in all the shades of Euglish Tricots 54 inches wide, opened last week. Bach & Abel. Cloak bnyers or visitors looking at our retnarkable stock (who are equally welcome), will flnd it more agreeable and receive bettei' attentiou in the morning. Our cloak trade is very large, and in mid-afternoon the throng of customers is quite piessing. We are constan tlyasked about our plush clouks and dolmans, especially about our $35.00 cloak. We have but a sniall assortment at this prlce and when they are gone can not be duplicated iigain this season at that price. Bach & Abel. Dr. JTeliac Lo Brun's C3OUJ&HE A Guaranteed Cure for Gonorrhcea and Gleet. Safe, pleaeaut and reliable. No bad effects frem its use; aoes not lnterfere witb bnsinees or diet. Price, $2 Ou per box. or three boxea for $5.00. Written guarantees issued by every dnly authorized agent to refond the money lf three boxea fail to cure. Sent postage prepaid on receipt of price. Addrese, J. H. BRUWN Si CO., Sole Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich. AYER'S Sarsaparilla nares BheumatUm, Neuralgia, Rheumatlc Gout, General Debllity, Catarrh, and all dteorders based by a iliin and inioverished, or oorrupted, conditton of the blood; expellhig ila Maed-peteons from the System, enriching and reneviug tlie bloud, und restoring its vital izing pwev. Iaring a long period of unparalloled uflefulnees, Ayi'jiN Sarsaparilla has proven itó perfect adtiptation to the cure of all díseases origiuating iu poor blood and a weakened vitality. It ís a IiikIiI.v concentrated extract of Saraparitla and otlier blood-purifylng roots, vomblned with Iodide of Potaagium and I ron, and is the safest, moBt reliable, and most economical blood-puriticr and blood-food that oan be usüd. Iiillaiunmtury Bheumatls Cured. ' Ayer'8 Sahsaparilla has ured me of the Infliinimatory Kheumatism, with which I have sutfered for many years. W. H. Moouk." DurUam, la., Slarch 'i, 1882. " Ktght years ago I bad an attnck of Rheumatifim so severe that 1 could not move from the bed, or dress, without help. I tried several remedies without much lf any relief, until 1 took Ayer'8 Saksaparilla, by the us of two bottles of which I was coinpletely cured. I have not been troubled with the Kheumatism siuce. llave sold large quantities of your Sahsapakii.i.a, and it still retaius its wonderf ul popularity. The majiy notable cures it has etfected iu tliis vicinity convince me that it the best blood medicine ever otfered to tlie public. K. F. Haruis." Hiver St., Bucklaud, Mass., May 13, lew. " Last March I was so weak from general debility that I could not walk without help. Kollowing the advice of a f rieud, I conimenced taking Ayki?8 Sarsapabili.a, and before I had useu three bottles I feit as well as I ever did in my life. I have been at work now for two montas, and tbink your sarsai-auilla the greatest blood medicine In the world. James Maynard." 5Ï0 West 42d St., New York, July 19, 18S2. Ayeb's Sarsaparili.a cures Scrofula and all Scrofuloun Coniplalnta, Krysipelas, Eczema, Ringworm, Blotches, Sores, Boil, Tumor, and Krliption if the Skin. lt ck-nra the btsod of all impurities, aids digestión, -lui. lates the action of the bowels, and thus resUireg vitality and strengthens the whole system. PREPARE BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lovvell, Mass. Sold by all Druggiats; price $1, aix bottles Si.


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