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M. S. SMITH & GO. THE- DETROIT JEWELERS, Publish Below their V7 oüiirAx T'CNiNEWl Sj4 DtTxorr Nv7J cm Dr optRMOUt y 1 K Vl raar sr. west. av?v' ONGRESS Sr Q i 131 1 51 - Yi 1 11 q LAR NEP CQ Sr Q l$roLDi ij ü "ORE JEFFERSON AVENUE WOODBRWOS Si. % -. A7WA re ff st " Map of the new business center of this city, showing the location of their elegant fivestory building, which they willoccupy November lst, 1883. Visitors to Detroit are cordially invited to look through our new place, which will be found second to no house in this country in all its appointments. Undoubtedly the most perfect blcycle now made is the 'Coluinbia.'"- 8antflc American. "Go forth upon your wheeled horse, and list to nature's teachings." THE COLUMBIA B1CYCLES Are made as strong and durable as the beet material and most skilied workmanship cao produce. They are used by Merchanti, CHerks, Ministers, Lawyers, Doctor, Messengers, Colectors and Carpenters. They furnlsh the cheapest and best means oí RAPID TRANSIT, give the rider the healthiest of out-door eiercise, and in a word are THE POPULAR.STEEDS OF TO-DAY. 'I shall rejoice to ee the time when this exerclse 6hall be as popular among girls and women as tennis and tho dance, for the more ully the physical life of our womankind is developed the better for men as well as women." - Dr. Richardtm, of London, on the TrioycU. ¦Slli "Now good digestión walt on appetite, and ealth on both." THE COL UM JU A TRICYCLE s a new raacblne íor general use by both sexes nfl all ages. By the addttion of the Columbla Tricyele he Pope Mf'o. Co. c-an claim to furnUb wheels íor THE WHOLE FAMILY. ¦or grandfather, grandinother, father, mother oung man, young lady, and even to llttle onnie and eissle. Send 3c. stamp for 3öpoge lllustrated Cataogue, with price-list and full Information. THE POPE MANUFACTUR1NU CO., 597 Washington St., Boston, Mass. Or to CHAS. W. WAONBB Agent. Aun Arbor, Mlch., 21 S. Main St. OKT WAYNE&JAC'KON R. K Jet'oit mul Iiirfhinttpoii.s Line By Michigan Centra! Ratlrond from Ann Arborto Jaokson. Train leave Ann Arbor as follow Indlanapolls Express g', Ft Wayne Aooomodatloa 5 22 d m C'lnctnnaU Kxpress u 7 d m All tralns lea va by L'hlcmro time Procure tickets ut Ann Arbor or Juckson M._DJVOQj)KORl, Qen'ISup Kvery Live ÏWiaift IN ANN ARBOK Should Advertise IN_THE COURIER. ASL -.HSWANTEdI j .ia Greai Schaff Herzog iEiicyGlopaBdia elioTous rl ft KNOWLEDGbl By PHILIP SCHAFF mosl vnlimblr Uork of Ihr kf„H í1 e ¦ Ad,lress. HORACE STACY I


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