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GET THE BEST, IEAD ALL BHffli EveryStyle&Price, Guaranteed UneqUaled FOE OPERATION ECONOmy DüRABILITY anrt ' WORKMAN8HID ImprovenWsand Conveniencia ími' ¦ fio ethers. AlwaystReiïablp -TOÍÍJürR-EVERYWHM" rOrSSoESaCÍtr " And by Johu Pfls(erer, [Ann Arbor. U5T-75 GENERAL Insurance Agencj ornea íver Casper Rinsey's Groeery Ston COR. HDEOH Alf D FODBTH 8T. Nortk British Insnrance Ck)mp'i (Of London and Edinburg) Capital tlX,00O,0OO, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marine Ing. Co CaihAMeU WO0.000 Springfleld Ins. Comp'y of Mass., (.sh AjBeU....l,800M Howard Ins. Co., of New York, Cash AisoU.... 5 1,000,000. Agricultura Insurance Comp'v. WATEBTOWN, - - NEW YO&E, CuhAtoets ÏU200,000. Loigat liberally adjoitd and pramptlf ptid TiNSEY 8EABÖLinT BAKERY, GROCERT AD FLOTTR & FEED STORE, W keep oonstantlr on hand, BKEAD, CKACKEBS, CAKES, ETC, KOR WH0U3ALE AND RBTA1LTRAD1. We shall aUo kcp A anpply of WIFT & DBUBKL'S BK8T WHITE WHBi! riKDÜR, DBLHI FLOUR, RTB FLODB BÜCK.WHBAT F1.OUR, CORM MBAU, FKKD, 4o„ a At whulesala and retsll. A eenerl Btockof GKOCEKIES A ï PROVISIÓN' oonstnntly od hand, whlcb wil! he old on as re -ion able trms at at xny t her bous tn tbe cltj. Caso pld for Butter, Etg, an Country Prodnei feneralT PfOod delivered to aar prt of the c ly wltfc out extra eTana. TT. RINXET t 8ICAB01.T NEW BREAD & CAKE BAKERY. at A. F. Haugsterfer & Co's., for Fresh Bread, Cakes Pies. Tarts, Boston CreamPuiTs, DoughNuts. Macaroons etc , cali at 4 F. HAUGSTERFER & COS 3O & 32 Maia St. Ferdon LumberYard JAMES TOLBERT, Prop., Maniuraeturar and Dealer la SAOINAW GANG-SAWED LUHBER, Lath and Shingles. W tnrlU all to xIto ui a cali, and xamlM o"1 stock befure purchnBinf etaewhtr A.LSO AOENT roa JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO, And sells fire brick. JAMES TOLBERT, PBOP Ti J: KHBCH. Supt. (b, .'?_ THE ANN ABBOB Savings Bank, Transacts. General Banking Business. CAPITAL, S50.000. Org&nliod ander the Ueneral Banking Lw of tbU State, the stockholder are lndlvidnally Hable f an addlUonal nmuunt equal to the stook held br them, therebr creaMnn a Uuarantea Fund lof the benefit of Deposito of $100,000.00. Three per cent. interest Is ailowed on iU Sarlrgi Depor'.u of one dollar and iipwsrdl. acordlng to the rules or the Hank and Interest oompoundeJ eeml annuuDr y to Loan on ud Incnmbered rea: estáte and o her goud securlir. DlRECTons -l'hrlstian Mack, V. V. VTines, K iBal. Wllllnm ] nri .1 Wl l;.ira l Hrrlm". Daniel lllSOOOk, nn.1 ITIllM tl raih Of'í'IC ! KS. Obhuti n M ve, ('ren ! W. w Wis, Vlce-Pres, VtAt U incoo Cashlw. [I16MI


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