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ftft ForíJyspepaia, atjjiwikvkL;,i IIeadache; rangcincnt of Ijver, Howels and Kidncys. SYMPTOMS OF A DISEASED HVUR. Bad Breath ; Pain in the Side, sometimes the min is telt under the Shoulder-blade, mistaken for Rhcumatism ; general loss of appetite ; Bowels generally costivc, sometimes altcrnating with lax; the head is troubled with pain, is dull and heavy, with considerable loss of memory, accompanied with a painful scnsation of leaving undone something which ought to have been done; a slight, dry cough and flushed face is scnietimes au attendant, often mistaken for consumption; the patiënt complains of weariness and debility ; nervous, easily startled; fect cold or burning, sometimes a prickly scnsation of the skin exists; spirits are low and despondent, and, although satisfied that exercisc would bc beneficia], yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to try it - in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several of the above symptoms attend the disease, but cases have occurred when but few of them existed, yet examination after death has shown the Liver lo have been extensively deranged. It shoulil be used by all persons, old and young, whenevcr any of the above symptoms appear. Persons Trayeling or Uring in ünIiealthy Localities, by taking a dose occasion, ally to keep the Liver in healthy action, will avoid all Malaria, Bilious attacks, Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It will nvigorate like a glass of ine, but is lio intoxicating beverage. If Tou havo eaten anylbing hard ol digestión, or'feel heavy after mtals, or 'sleeplcss at night, take a dose and you wil) be relieved. Timo and Doctors' Bills will be savcd by always keeping the Regulator in the House ! For, whatever the ailment may be, a ihoroughlj safe purgatlve, alterativo and tonto can never be out of place. The remedy is hurmless and does not interfere with business or pieasure. IT IS PURELY VEGETABLE, And has all the power and efficacy of Calomel ot Quinine, without any of the injurious after efiects. A GovernoV's Testimony. Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my family for some time, and I am satisfied t is a valuable addition to the medical science. J. Gill SiiOBrKB, Governor of Ala. Hon. Alexander II. Stepbeus, of Ga., says : Have derived some benefit from the use of Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it a further trial. "The only Thing that never fails to Relieve." - I have used maiiy remedies for Dyspepsia, ' Liver Affection and Debility, but never have found anythi.ig to benefit me to the extent Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Minnesota to Georgia for t, and would send further for such a medicine, and would advise all who are similarly affected to give it a trial as it seems the only thing that never fails to relieve. P. M. Janney, Minr-.eapoüs, Minn. Dr. T. W. Mason says : From actual expenence in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator in my practice I have been and am saíisfied to use and prescribe it as a purgativo medicine. JRöy-Take only the Genuinp, which always has on the Wrappcr the red Z Trade-Mark and Signature of J. II. ZEILIN & CO. _ FOR SALE CY ALL DRUGGISTS. The only known speclüc for Epileptic Fits. 3 Also for Spasms and Slckness. Nervoua TVeakness it instantly relieves and cures. Cleanscs blood and qulckcns sluggish circalatlon. Keutrallzes germa of diseaee and saTes slckncBS. Cures [A SKEPTIC SAIDJ ugly blotclies and stubborn blood sores. Xliminates Boils, Carbunclos and Scalds. ["Permancntly and promptly cures paralysjs. Tes, it is a charming ana healthful Apcrient. Kills Scrofula and Klngs Evil, twin brothers. Changes bal brcato to good, remov Ing tlie cause. Routs bllions tendencies and makes clear complexion: Equallcd by none in the delirium of fevcr. A charming resolvent and a matchlcss laxativo. It drives Sick Headache like the wind. LFC'ontaiuR no drastlc cathartic or opiates. Eelleve (THE GREflT) the brain of roorbid fancles. Promptly cures Kheuinatism by rontlng it. Eestores lif e-giving proporties to the blood. I guaranteed to cure all nervous disorders. c-i:cliable -when all oplates f ai], Ec. fresbes the mind and invlgorates the body. Cuies dyspepsla or money ref nnded. ClHlElVlElRÏFlAlÜLlsD Diseases of the blood ownitaconqueror. Endorscd in writinKby over flfty thousand leadlng citlzeus, clcrgymen and .liysiclans in U. ü. and Jiurope. tyFor sale by all leadlngdrufrgists. J1Í0. (13) For Testimoniáis and circulara send stamp. The Dr.Si. Richmond Mad Go. St. Joseph, Ho. a S (h g èo O aa ' ' I IIt-W- Is Recoynmorided by Physleians! SrJLy idaWflfty failstocorb j Wo manufaeture and sellitwitba poSit've guáranteO that lï wlll cure any case, and. wowiü forfeit the abovuimouut uuraifsin a singlo nsíance. ltis unhko iny othcr Catarrh romcö "'stken nternaüy. actina upon thO If you nrB troib!(d vill) this distressiüg diea25,ask yourDruggistforit,and ACCEPT NO IHITATIO OU Kt'UCTITUTE. If t6 hss notgot it, send to us and we will forwaid Inimediatcly. Price, 75 eonts per bottlo. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tcloiin. Ohi ÍI3J-1185 For sale by Kb erbaoh AYER'S Agup Cure conUii in aiitidrtStforah n:il:n:l iliü order whicli, so t:i(%g knuii, is useil in n iihcr remedy. II i-orSafeiü no Qulninr, nor any mineral nor i1'!hcehsi BubBtance v.h.-.tever, and oonscqiHiiilArqtliicrs i.o ïijuriu; ffect upon the tólilík l:n! Icmvcs 11. !-;. -t iii :is liCHllhy ;in ifïi,i !Skii' the nltack. WE WARRANT #EK'S A%I CUKE to cure every case jEVever anuHkt'ie. luier mitleut or Chili ifcvcr. liciniiKj l'ivcr. Duinb Agite, l'.ilijfia Fever, mul plainl (¦.¦ui-el by ti.-ui.!. In easo 'L& ür.iv. after ducj trial, lUphcis are uulluM'izrrT&v "íi circular duted Jfl'y ;-t. lifö, u rci'i: :!; in ïnoiicv. Dr.J.C.AJfCo.,LovcJJ Ms% ,


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