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The Public Lands

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Commissioner McFarland, of the general land offtcc, in bis annual report states that the disoosal of public lands during the yeur erubraced 19,030,769 acres, and indian lands 399,235 acres, an increasc over 1882 of about 5,000,000 acres, and over 1881 of about 8,000,000 acres. The receipts froin public lands were $11,088,479; sales of Indiau lands, $625,404; total 11,713,833. The preemption entries aggregatcd 2,285,710 acres, and the homestead entries 18,71914 acres. The commissioner renews his recommendation for the repeal of the pre-emption law on account of abuses, and urges tho repeal of the tiniber-culture act as detective. The desert land act and timber and stcne land act are also sources of fraud. Congress might look af ter railroads whoso land grants havo lapsed, and ought lo fino and imprison for false returns of public lands, and preventiDg legal settlement bv force should be punishcd. The comnïissioner considers that the fact that tho business of his office bas inereaseU. 82 per centsinco 1881, together with its character and responsibility, warrants him in asking an increase of salary to $5,000 and a moderate increase in the salaries of tho principal officers and clerks.


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