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The Necessity Of Sunlight

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Instead of excluding the sunlight froru our bouses, lest it fade carpots, draw flies and bring freckles, we should open Bvery door and window and bid it enter. .t brings lifo and health and joy; there s healing in its beams, it drives away iisease, dampness, mould and niegrinis. nstead of doing this, however, many iarefal housewires close the blinds, Jraw doivn thoshades, lock the door, shut out tho glorifying rays and rejoiee n the dim and musty coolness and twiorht of their apartrnont3. It is pleasant ind not unwholesome during the glare jf the noontide to subdue tho light and jxclude the airquivering with heat; but n the raorning and in the evfining we uay freely indulgo in the sun-bath and et it ilood all our rooms: and if at its rflry fiercest and brightest it has f uil ntranco to our sleepiDg rooms so rmeh the botter for us.


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